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MONyog is an extremely secure and reliable monitoring tool for your database. It’s small and lonely, and it can observe the database at all times. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL perfectly was able to monitor Our MariaDB Galera Cluster and indicated the reason for the problems by monitoring deadlocks.

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The application doesn’t need the installation on a server host SQL server, however, you must ensure that the machine that it is running on is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server to be capable of establishing the connection. The new columns are for slow Query logs like full_scan complete_join, etc. These values are recorded into the Slow query log once the ‘log_slow_verbosity’ setting has been set to “Query_plan”. Monitor long-running and locked questions in real-time. Receive notifications via email or SNMP traps Syslog, Slack, and Pagerduty for queries that require more than the specified amount of time to complete. You can also choose to set SQL DM in MySQL to shut down the query, notify or notify and end these queries.

This version was reviewed by one user of our website and has an average score of 4.0. SQL Diagnostic Manager is a SQL diagnostic tool for MySQL is a reasonable choice It was simple to install and highly effective for monitoring. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL was a great help in optimizing MySQL Server performance. Check the performance of instances that use MySQL that are running in cloud-based virtual machines like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. Use SQL Diagnostic Manager to run MySQL using cloud virtual machines that run Microsoft Windows and Linux – like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines.

MONyog Features

So Monyog is a powerful monitoring tool to monitor various SQL servers. Monyog continuously monitors corporate databases and offers experts’ advice on how users who are not familiar with MySQL can improve security, improve performance and minimize downtime for your MySQL running systems. Server configuration commands are issued, along with a comprehensive collection of predefined options to aid users. Notifications are sent in real-time either via the interface or through email. Data is displayed in a huge quantity, and the majority of sections can be expanded on mouseover to provide an explanation of the functionality. The MONyog application is powerful that can help MySQL database administrators manage multiple MySQL servers, modify the settings and resolve numerous issues that arise with MySQL databases. The company responsible for developing MONyog is Webyog Softworks, Pvt.


The MONyog application requires the MySQL Server connection and can be installed and used on all Microsoft Windows operating systems, including 64-bit and 32-bit versions. MONyog will also monitor your server for attacks and attempts to hack. It also has the power replication Manager function and provides multi-user support. It is possible to add multiple servers. The settings have to be configured for every new entry. Side panelists all items added and the option of selecting particular ones to be monitored. This can reduce conflicts with migration by upgrading Monyog a lot.

You’ll be able to test an unlimited amount of queries and determine those that are slowing down the process. Monyog lets you keep track of the performance of your servers throughout the day. of the day. You can review their performance in the form of a summary or more in-depth through stunning charts and graphs. This application is efficient and can aid users in reducing downtime for their MySQL-powered systems, increase the security of their databases or enhance the performance of their databases and servers. Naturally, one of the initial tasks is setting up the server to monitor. This powerful tool is suitable to monitor various databases like MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon web service, Percona, and more.

How to get MONyog Free

Although it is pretty organized by default, the range of values and tools that you can use are modified. These settings pertain to email settings, SNMP the LDAP setting ports, users, reports, passwords, maintenance or information fields to be displayed on monitors, charts, and other charts, and also how to deal with changes. In the end, MONyog is sure to offer the tools needed to maintain several SQL servers in order. Setting up the server is easy and the notifications can be received in several different ways.

Post Monyog-8.6.0 A conflict could be raised only if the counter definition has changed in the most recent version and the user has modified the counter. MONyog assists you better to monitor MySQL servers and resolving issues. Monitoring in real-time of MySQL servers as well as other advanced capabilities is provided by the MONyog. Keep track of all changes on MySQL Global variables. MySQL Global variables using configuration management. You can monitor and evaluate changes with the settings file to find the root of the problems with performance. It will initiate the download from the site for the company that developed it. MONyog is a trial version of the software that is included within the Databases & Tools list of software, which is part of Business.

MONyog assists database administrators with the knowledge that it’s possible to diagnose database issues prior to they arise and find the appropriate solutions. Through this software, you can evaluate the performance, security, and overall condition of your database. It can implement steps to improve the performance of MONyog in accordance with the smart suggestions MONyog offers users. With a wide range of features that includes live monitors, query analyzers, and an industry-leading topology view of replication, Monyog helps DBAs stay ahead of their MySQL servers. Monyog appears compact and unassuming and lets you observe what’s happening within your database in real-time. Monitoring begins immediately if the server you want to monitor is chosen in the drop-down menu. A lot of data is available and organized in tabs such as monitors real-time, query analyzers chart, process list data, replication, disk info, or events.

The interface online can be personalized, and the amount of information provided is separated into specific sections. The Internet rapidly gained popularity and is now accessible all over the globe, greatly improving communication and data transfer. The information is typically stored in servers that must be continuously monitored to guard against unauthorized access and other problems.

MONyog System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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