Memorex CD Labeler Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Print your labels onto a blank piece of paper for a trial before printing the labels onto template templates. Steele is also an IT Help Desk analyst, specializing in business and consumer tech support for the user. She holds degrees in English as well as journalism at Roger Williams University. If you print using an inkjet printer, give your labels for a couple of minutes to dry and longer if the label has graphically intensive. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Memorex CD Labeler 

Choose “Print calibration sheet.” Then follow the steps on the sheet, and then adjust your offset settings and “Expand/Shrink” settings to match the ones indicated and print a new calibration sheet once you’ve finished. It is possible to repeat this several times before you ensure that the alignment is perfect So be patient. It’s not a 100% guarantee because no computer will be exactly the same. Good luck downloading this software and hoping it will work for you. Print with any printer, not just direct-to-disc printer (200plus as of now).

Memorex CD Labeler Features

Although the interface of exPressit’s gray color appears boring, it’s incredibly easy to utilize. The program comes with several templates for designing disc labels for CDs, Floppy Disks traditional and slimline jewel inserts for cases, and much more. While the program has an assortment of ready-to-use images and designs, however, it’s easy to upload your personal designs.

You don’t have to drag the graphics you’ve chosen to make them fit perfectly on labels as the program can automatically adjust the size of images for you. It allows you to insert text and alter font size as well as style, color, and alignment. Additionally, there is a printer calibration tool to ensure that graphics align properly with the labels when printing.


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Its Memorex expressed Label Design Studio lets you design custom labels that you can personalize for your discs, storage cases, and iPod. The program will assist you to design these labels with a professional appearance and limit your design options by your own imagination. It is possible to install the program quickly by inserting a disc upon purchase of the program. You can download your Memorex Template for the CD Label that is corresponding with the template for paper labels you’ve selected. Make use of a site like to obtain the template software for the Memorex CD label.

Choose”Print” or the “Print” selection on the File menu in the label or graphic design software you’re using. Utilize your “Page Setup” menu or the “Preferences” menu in the program to alter the printing settings to guarantee high-quality print as well as color brightness and orientation. If possible, select the options for printing photos when using high gloss Memorex labels. Check the user’s manual for your particular printer for specific instructions for adjusting printing parameters. Are you looking to print your label directly onto a disc, and not use the paper label?

You can design a brand new label with their CD Label Wizard. More than fifteen labels templates are available within this CD Label Wizard. Don’t worry about jagged edges anymore, SVG images look perfect regardless of whether you’re watching them on your monitor, or printing them to a high-resolution printer. Express is an easy and efficient tool in Windows software that allows you to apply labels to your tapes, discs, and everything else you can think of. Easy Cover Design Pro creates custom labels for CDs and DVDs and covers.

How to Get Memorex CD Labeler for Free

Don’t be able to touch the labels of your CDs for at least 3 minutes following printing to prevent getting smudged. Download your no-cost, no-commitment trial of SureThing Disk Labeler 7 Deluxe. When you’ve finished your trial, and if think it’s the most effective CD label maker you’ve ever used, purchase it now. The circular Text tool allows you to easily create text that is based on the contours of DVD and CD edges.

Compatible with any font of any size. It lets you change the size, position, and rotate text simply with a click. Select from hundreds to thousands of images that are vibrant to establish the tone of your design. Pictures can function for backgrounds, clipart, or CD/DVD icons included.

A number of popular printers inkjet permit you to do this. Labeler Disc Labeler offers unbeatable support for the most popular models, and we’re adding new models frequently. There’s no need to mess around with numerous driver settings. Just choose the template that works for your printer, and we’ll handle everything the rest. Deluxe, as well as Gold editions, are the only ones available. ExPressit Label Design Studio is a simple to use the tool. express it label design studio is a breeze to use by anyone.

Colors might appear darker and brighter, or more intense on a computer monitor as a contrast to when printed on labels made of paper. RonyaSoft CD Label Maker is doable that can make more than CD labels, but CD and DVD box covers as well as Blu-Ray/CD/DVD inserts that range from pre-designed designs that can be used from scratch.

The use of third-party software isn’t as secure as a SureThing however if you’re familiar with Photoshop Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar programs it gives you to have a simple method to ensure that the labels are in the right place. Click here to download the free templates today. SureThing is well-known for its user-friendly, intuitive software, but we don’t stop there. There are videos built into the software that is available to watch directly within the program to show you tricks and techniques to make the most from the labeling process on your disc. You can add and scan directly onto your labels.

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Abbott is graduated from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. I’ve been using this program for several years, and have been able to create labels for CD/DVD for music and film recordings. It has performed everything I’ve requested it to do. You can also download additional professionally created Project Gallery templates from the cloud.

Import artists, song titles, and information via the cloud. You can import your iTunes, Media Player, and audio CDs onto your DVD or CD label designs in just one click! Playlist Manager makes it easy to organize playlists to reuse for future designs. Manage and create your projects in a single mouse click, watch training tutorials and browse professional-designed projects.

Memorex CD Labeler System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 64MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 4MB of Free Disc Space
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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