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You can store and organize all your media on this site including music, video films, podcasts images, as well as GIFs. View videos on hundreds of video streaming platforms with online videos. Skins and plugins are completely and seamlessly implemented into MediaPortal.

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It would be great to have some additional explanations of what this means in relation to what is available on the Linux OS USB stick media center OS and the apps … The web content and images on this page are quite sparse. It will be installed, but warn users of its unsupported status when installing.

It is equipped with the latest technology to give you the most enjoyable HTPC experience. Enjoy all your movies films, television shows, and movies Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and DVDs.

MediaPortal can be used in a variety of configurations. You just need to connect your sound system and TV to your PC, and get it up and running in a flash. You just need to configure MediaPortal to show your TV’s screen. Modern client/server technology together and the central database simplifies the management and use for the entire system. New clients are easily added to the system and connect with the MediaPortal Server immediately for use. Open-source media center software that can transform your computer into an advanced multi-media center or a Home Theater PC.

You can stream TV and films with subtitles at no cost. There are hundreds of fantastic plugins to accomplish almost everything you can think of. Menus, as well as Context Menus, are accessible throughout MediaPortal that allows you to select and configure options for the particular window you’re watching. If you’d prefer to set up an additional Home Theatre PC to run MediaPortal and connect it to your network. Make use of your mouse, keyboard, touch screen, or remote. MediaPortal is operated using any input device which is supported by Windows. Windows Operating System. Please contribute to improving this article by citing credible sources.

Mediaportal Features

This transforms your computer or mobile device into an underlying hub at the heart of all offline and online files and broadcasts. IR Server Suite expands support to 28 additional remotes, including iMON and iMON to Wii along with MacMini. Through IRSS you can build layers on your remote so that the same key can be used to perform multiple tasks. If you’d like to hit the “Green Button” to start MP then make use of the built-in Tray Launcher software. Also, you can utilize Translator to develop macros for controlling other devices, for example, the Blu-Ray player. Freevo is an open-source HTPC media center that combines DVR and PVR functions with video, music gaming as well as home automation.

MediaPortal is an open-source media player software and digital video recording program, frequently regarded as an alternative for Windows Media Center. It is able to be used with plugins to accomplish additional functions, including watching videos online or listening to music via websites like Last. FM and also launching other applications, such as games. It is able to interface with components commonly found in HTPCs like Infrared and TV receivers and LCD display. MediaPortal utilizes its own TV-Server to create a central server that includes several TV-related cards.


The .nfo images and files provide a seamless and fast transfer of all your media information to MediaPortal 2. Read the appropriate forum thread for more information. MP-TVSeries is an extremely popular TV Series plug-in for MediaPortal. Its focus is on managing the users’ TV Series library.

The BASS Engine MediaPortal allows visualizations derived from Windows Media Visualizations, Winamp Visualizations that include MilkDrop, Sonic, and Soundspectrum G-Force. The TV-Server allows watching and recording TV simultaneously using only one DVB/ATSC TV Card, connected to one transponder. Broadcast Driver Architecture is employed to allow as numerous TV cards as is feasible. The most popular card brands, such as Digital-Everywhere Hauppauge, Pinnacle, TechnoTrend, and TechniSat, and analog cards, have BDA drivers to their cards. The portal plays DVDs, or look up the weather and make your choices with the remote control.

How to get Mediaportal Free

The MP-TVSeries plugin scans HDD for files with video. It then analyzes them based on their path structure to determine if they’re TV shows. If the files are identified it will be able to connect and get details about the files. Then, you can browse and manage your media files from MediaPortal in a stunning graphic layout. You can enjoy your media instead of trying to find it. When you upgrade your digital media, the interface will be updated to reflect these changes.

Enjoy the convenience of your living room, with the big-screen LCD, Plasma Television or Projector. You can manage your HTPC from your sofa. It’s simple, yet highly flexible the integration with social media platforms such as,, MusicBrainz and The principal objective for MediaPortal 2 will be to offer the most effective media center software in terms of accessibility, flexibility, and usability. It will test your system and notify you of any components that are not present or require upgrading. MediaPortal has a wide range of options for users to modify the interface to suit their needs.

XBMC is it’s the GPL free software MediaPortal was initially based on.

Mediaportal System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel P4 with 2.5 GHz
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB
  • RAM: 512 MB
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