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This allowed me to easily check my final material at any moment, and then, when all four were done, compare the quality of each one from within my mixing session. I didn’t have to download additional files. Magic AB plugin sits on your masterbus, or any other track after all of your processing. It is immune to any compression or effects that may be applied to your master output.

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This time, I used it to refer to four commercials that I had previously produced. After I was done with a mix, I would transfer the bounced file to Magic AB and then move on to the next one.This will not allow you to sync a section of your mix to a particular section of a reference. This is something you might do if your goal was to record a cover or arrange a new song that is structurally similar to the one you have.

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Our ears tell us louder is better. To make a fair comparison, match the volume of your reference tracks with your mix. Magic AB’s level matching functionality is therefore one of its key selling points. Magic AB’s concept is simple. It is an easy-to-use, yet powerful utility plugin that lets you switch between audio in your DAW and up to nine reference tracks. Rob Talbott, a producer, shows Magic AB in action. This highly optimized audio reference plugin is designed to assist with mixing and mastering. Magic AB’s timeline can be set independently from the host DAW. Instead of running every reference track from start to finish, it allows you to loop a section that you choose with the aid of a zoomable display waveform. Although my muscle memory from the DAW zoom key-commands tripped up a few times I soon became accustomed to dragging loop points within this plug-in interface. DJ software’s quarter, half, and 2x buttons make it easy to change the length of a loop once it is set.

The plug-in features Peak and RMS meters, as well as a crest factor indicator that measures the difference between these two values. It’s easy to judge dynamic processing by having both the reference and working audio streams metered simultaneously. Magic AB can be used with a spectrum analyzer and other meters to provide more detail. Magic AB comes with two +-12dB faders. One for your material and one for references on the B’ channel. Each track has its own +-12dB level controls. There will likely be differences in the level of commercial tracks that are loaded into Magic AB. The extra 12dB boost is especially useful if any of your references include unmastered audio files. It is easy to level-match multiple audio files without too much effort thanks to the well-thought-out implementation.

Magic Ab

I found the nine slots for reference tracks sufficiently. However, it is possible to save unlimited amounts of presets. Presets save loop points and levels, making it easy to recall playlists and save them for specific tasks. This could include adjusting to a new environment or checking your mix against extremes such as piercing bass or excessive sibilance. These are great for creating genre playlists and adjusting track levels to make them fit together on an album. Your reference material is likely to be louder than your mix if you are mixing modern music. This is because it was maximized and restricted during mastering.

This can be done before mixing to “tune” your ears to your environment. However, it is also useful to do during the mix so you know you are hitting the mark of clarity and energy. With a mouse click, this powerful utility plugin lets you switch between the sound you are working on in your DAW as well as up to nine reference monitors.

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The plug-in for Windows can convert uncompressed WAV or AIFF files up to 24-bit/96kHz quality. MP3 files can also be converted with additional support for AAC on Macs. FLAC is the most popular lossless audio file format. I was shocked to discover that it wasn’t natively supported by Macs.

It’s not a problem, since there are freeware programs that can convert FLAC files into WAV. You don’t have to worry about it – simply import the reference tracks you want into Magic AB, and then switch between them and your in-progress track with a single mouse click. It’s loaded with tons of new features, and extremely strong workflow enhancements, and includes two new partitioning modes: Loop points per track, RAM skip mode, and up to four programmable cues. Non-necessary Cookies are cookies that are not essential for the website’s operation and which are used to collect personal data through analytics, ads, or other embedded content. Before you allow these cookies to be installed on your website, it is necessary to obtain user consent. The website must function properly if it is to use the necessary cookies. This category includes only cookies that provide basic functionality and security features for the website.
One tactic that will speed up your mastering and mixing skills is comparing your work in progress to great-sounding references tracks. This is a powerful and very useful reference tool that lets you quickly switch between the audio you are currently working on and nine different tracks. The plug-in has a large A/B toggle switch that allows you to flip back and forth between audio streams. Additionally, the plug-in can map MIDI CC messages onto a controller so switching can be done without having to open the plug-in window. You can set a crossfade duration between 0 to 2000 ms if you don’t like fast switching. Engineers are used to referencing songs that they love and using them in new mixes.

This can be frustrating because you have to deal with multiple song configurations, level inconsistencies, and file formats. You can quickly switch between your current job and the reference substance in transparent quality by sitting on the mix bus. The current version has a few limitations. To loop, for example, a chorus or a verse from the track, you will need to open two instances with different loop points. This feature would be very useful, as it frees up track slots and RAM. This tool is highly recommended for serious mix engineers who need to refer between mixes in their DAW and the material they are creating.

Magic AB loads the entire file even if you are only referencing a few loops. However, it is possible to reduce its RAM footprint by editing loops before loading them. This is however more work and makes it impossible to make any changes within the plug-in. There are a few dedicated referencing plugins that have appeared in recent years.

They offer a variety of features, including simple back-and-forth switching, advanced analysis, signal tapping, and blind testing. It allows you to quickly, easily, and accurately compare multiple audio streams with those available in digital audio recorders. This simple and powerful tool allows you to quickly switch between audio tracks, up to nine tracks at once, and can even be used as a reference tool. Samplemagic’s new pluginMagic AB makes it easy to compare your mix with reference tracks while you are mixing.

Magic Ab System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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