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By monitoring this.QueryCancelToken, your query can respond to the Cancel button, and elect to end early without the underlying process being killed. Outlining is now available in statements mode also, if you’ve got the #regions or methods set. When you make a selection using “C# Program” mode, the text you select is now able to call different methods of the query.

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It also includes the necessary references along with a runner, as well as an example test method to help you get going. You can also use the query menu, Alt+Shift+T which lets you run every test. When you type in an unresolved character, LINQPad instantly scans all .NET assemblies and displays the option of a smart tag to include the assembly’s namespace and assembly reference. So, if you type protected data, LINQPad’s smart tag will import the System.Security.Cryptography namespace, add a reference to System.Security.dll if required, and correct the case.

The new license will activate the entire version of the LINQPad on your device. The new Collapse All option is available however this option is available in the context menu for the connection treeview. Namespace declaration support as well as a brand updated execution Selection engine that allows access to different methods and types within the query. Fully supported of C# 9, VB 16, .NET Core 3, and .NET 5 Desktop with the capability to refer to .NET Core assemblies and net core NuGet packages. This LINQPad driver is a first-class driver for eXpress Persistent objects. You need to have XPO assemblies available for this driver. Click here for a thorough explanation of driver configuration and use.

The “Open in SSMS feature has been upgraded and is compatible with the latest SSMS versions. LINQPad 5 now lets you search for prerelease versions of packages using customized ProGet feeds.

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It is now possible to connect directly to Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL databases using a new driver built-in to the software that uses Entity Framework Core. The new driver can create data contexts that have properties and tables that are identical to the LINQ-to-SQL driver built into the application (as in LINQPad 5.5.0’s IQ driver) which means that queries are easily converted. It also can be used with SQL Server, so for SQL Server, you can now select between LINQ-to SQL as well as Entity Framework Core. It is also possible to refer to other .linq files, using the directive #load.


Stored Procedures using table-type parameters are now being supported by the default LINQ-to SQL driver of LINQPad. An incompletely installed 3.0 version of .NET Core will no longer disrupt the data context generation. If the dump is 2D arrays that have complex element types, LINQPad now renders each element in a recursive fashion instead of using ToString() for the element. LINQPad is now able to recognize ‘wait using statements’ in queries that are based on statements.

This driver allows you to directly ask DevForce models with complete schema compatibility. Every version that is part of DevForce is supported. Click to learn more about the driver. Mindscape LightSpeed is a top-performance .NET object/relational mapper that has Visual Studio integration.

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LINQ within Action is a highly practical book that ties every new concept with code that is running, showing you how to develop LINQ applications using Visual Studio, and addressing the new best practices. Other assembly references could create problems if they are not linked connected to .NET Standard libraries.

The examples come taken from the 3rd edition that has been completely updated to include the latest capabilities that are available in C#5. With just a click, you can import all the examples into LINQPad and interact with them when you read Jon’s concise descriptions about “behind what happens behind” problems. If you require traditional grids for data or a debugger’s watch window you can find it, too. LINQPad is also compatible with all LINQ APIs of the .NET Framework, including LINQ to XML, PLINQ, Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL. LINQPad isn’t just designed for LINQ questions, however, you can use it for any expression in C#/F#/VB, statement block, or program. Stop the hundreds of Visual Studio Console projects cluttering your source folder, and join this revolution with LINQPad writers and incremental developers.

It’s now possible to make reference to any other .linq files by using the new directive #load. LINQPad is now compatible with the Framework for Core 5. x previews of SQL Server as well as SQLite. To activate, click on the Version dropdown box within the connection dialog, and select the 5. x option. Be aware that as of now the EF Core 5. x can be run on simultaneously .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 – meaning that you don’t need order to run the .NET 5. x preview. LINQPad now tracks asynchronous operation and worker threads and also principal threads. You can disable or enable live execution tracking by selecting an option in the menu Query.

An issue with expanding LINQ-to SQL connections that involve multiple databases with stored procedure parameters that are table-valued was corrected. An issue with the autocompletion listing for using an indexer following with an invoke has been corrected. It is now possible to permanently remove that “// you may include additional types and methods” comment when you switch in C# Program mode, through the smart-tag. My Extensions is a separate application from LINQPad 5 and 6, and each one can have its own versions and dependencies.

It is now possible to reference NuGet assemblies and packages that have filenames ending in .resources regardless of whether it is a satellite assembly. An unidentified bug that could hinder the user from accessing an associated SQL Server that has a lesser number of features than the main server has been resolved. It is now possible to use the EF Core driver for Oracle can now translate NUMBER into Int32 rather than bool by enabling a new checkbox in the dialog for connecting. LinQPad’s EF Core driver now supports EF Core 5 with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, as well as an EF Core 6 preview with SQL Server and SQLite. A bug that would result in the “Add Namespace and Implement Interface fixings to code to fail was fixed. There’s a brand new Util.WithHeading method allows you to dump objects that are not top-level with headings. LINQPad is now able to dump objects that have exception-throwing properties or types.

linqpad System requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
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