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Insight spectrum analyzers are often included in DAW EQ plugins these days. There are many configuration options available to display the response, including a linear FFT mode or bar-charts showing critical bands or 1/3 or full octave. A traditional Lissajous or goniometer is the third option. This plots the audio image in a frame that’s shaped like a diamond. There are several configuration options available to adjust the information displayed in the vectorscopes. The loudness History graph, a separate display option, is related to this one. It plots all or any of the momentary, short-term, and integrated loudness values relative to the target value over a continuously condensing timeline. To highlight the problem, the graph will be colored red if the integrated value exceeds that target. Although the display looks very chaotic, it does give an idea of the dynamic range. It is better to show only the short-term and integrated value.

Izotope Insight

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The interface is subdued in green and ‘techy’. It can be customized to include or hide any element, and the tabs at the bottom of each section are minimized. There are many pre-defined configurations that can be used to display data. A Presets button is located at the bottom of the screen. An adjacent Options button opens a multi-tabbed window with options for configuring how various meters and analysis displays work. You can set up the spectrum analysis and sound field. There are also pages to configure level meters, I/O, and other system aspects.

Izotope Insight Feauters

Insight is a complete metering suite that can be used for broadcast and post-production applications. Insight offers a wide range of audio analysis tools and metering tools that can be used to visualize changes in mixing, mastering, and troubleshooting issues. It also ensures compliance with broadcast loudness standards. Insight is fully customizable and scalable. It allows you to visually monitor all information from your surround, mono, or stereo mix in a floating window.Its laid-back, green color scheme is a great choice. This makes it easy to see when I am working on long programs. It is an extremely comprehensive set of audio analysis and measurement tools. Insight includes both 2D Spectrogram and 3D modes, expanding on the spectrum analysis theme.

The Polar-S mode displays a dot that represents the stereo spread of each stereo pair. It is a semicircular display with a dot. To give an overview of audio history and trends, the dots fade over time. Mono compatibility is guaranteed if the dots are positioned mainly within a +45-degree angle to the center. Another Polar-L mode plots “rays” or lobes. The lobe angle represents the image position and its amplitude. The outer skin, formed by the peak levels, gradually shrinks to show audio history. A decent analysis and metering tool makes it easier to record, mix, and master any audio context. Although most DAWs have basic capabilities such as audio vectorscopes and mid-side meters, the introduction of the Loudness Metering standard has made it more difficult for them to meet their basic needs. This standard is not directly applicable to broadcasters, but it will have an impact on how we create and optimize mixes in near future.

Izotope Insight

The integrated meter has an indefinite window and builds up loudness values over the course of a program. To prevent false readings, quiet sections are automatically blocked. This is the loudness value that material is compared and judged against. K-System metering scales are handy. I also enjoyed the Polar sound-field displays. I find the spectrogram display useful for troubleshooting or forensic work. Overall, I’m very impressed with and have grown to love the Insight suite.

For example, the I/O page allows input and meter channel orders to be customized for surround work. There are preset options for AES/SMPTE, DTS, and film standards. Many manufacturers offer meter plug-ins that support the BS.1770 loudness format. However, iZotope’s Insight software is more advanced than others. Sep 13, 2018, The Insight 2 software has a variety of new features and changes to make it easier to see what you hear and make informed decisions. It includes updated broadcast loudness standards, multichannel support, and Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Television broadcast standards require that programs have a loudness value of at least -23LUFS, radio around -15LUFS. The LUFS term means ‘Loudness Units Full Size’. You can adjust the loudness target by changing the color of the meter bars. The meter panel’s center has numerical displays that display the instant, short-term, and integrated numbers, as well as the loudness range in the loudness unit.

Izotope Insight for Free

Insight 2 – Insight 2 is an audio analysis and metering plug-in. It is used in award-winning post-production houses and music studios as well as broadcast facilities. K-System metering can be used in place of Peak+RMS. It also displays peak and RMS values. The zero references can be changed to show 12, 14, or 20 dB of headroom. K-12 is designed for dynamically controlled broadcast media, K-14 for mediumly compressed music, K-20 for wide dynamic range, ‘audiophile-quality material. You can adjust the ‘clip level’ as needed. It is relative to 0dBFS in the Peak+RMS meter and relative to zero in the selected K-System meters. Insight 2 allows you to monitor mixing and mastering changes, troubleshoot problems, make sure your dialogue is clear, and comply with broadcast loudness standards. Insight 2 also has a few variations of the vectorscope theme that allows you to analyze stereo imaging and mono compatibility.

This plots the frequency spectrum against the time with frequency on one axis and the time on the other. The color of the spectrum is used to represent amplitude, as well as the spectrogram’s surface height. This visualization of the audio is extremely useful for spotting problems such as excessive low-frequency content or low-level whines and whistles. There are many options to configure the displays in various ways as you would expect. Insight is an extremely comprehensive metering suite. It allows for a lot of customization and covers all bases. Loudness Metering features meet all current standards and offer a clear, easy-to-use display. The history chart is an added bonus. Tips and tutorials will help you use iZotope’s Insight audio metering plugin for music and post-production. Insight 2 supports stereo and 7.1.2 Atmos audio, making it ideal for pro music and post-production sessions.

Loudness Meter provides an accurate indicator of the perceived loudness in real-time. The three-bar graphs show the integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness values. They differ in their integration times. The momentary meter has a 400ms window. It provides an indication of instantaneous loudness, which is useful in initial level-setting. The short-term meter has a 3-second window. It is useful for mixing because it shows current trends.

The detailed, responsive Spectrogram allows you to see the entire spectral content in your mix. Music Production Suite 4. iZotope’s Music Production Suite4 gives you all the tools to transform your musical ideas into a finished product that is ready to be released. Insight 2 includes industry-standard loudness profiles that will ensure your final mix is broadcast-ready.

RX Post Production Suite 5 RX Post Production Suite 5 features iZotope’s most powerful tools for audio production: RX 8 Advanced, Dialogue Match and Neutron 3, Nectar 3, and many more. Insight provides valuable insight into any aspect of your mix including loudness, intelligibility, and spectral balance. Insight 2 provides crisp, responsive metering with a custom interface that can be customized to suit any audio mixing or production workflow. All of our Pro music products are available to you, along with exclusive tutorials and presets. These resources will help you produce the best sound possible every time. You can create your ideal metering view by selecting the meters that you would like to see, customizing their settings, and resizing Insight to suit your workflow. Zoomable meters allow for flexible analysis and routing audio from tracks and buses to Insight. “iZotope plug-ins were used throughout the production of The Stories We Tell Ourselves. We found the products to be exciting, inspirational, and intuitive and were able to load them into our sessions repeatedly.

Izotope Insight System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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