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This type of project could track tides, currents pressure, salinity, and current at a specified location for an extended time. ADCP SITU SITU analyzes the data recorded by Teledyne-RDI SonTek as well as Nortek devices by using their firmware. It displays the data on a variety of screens that let you view and modify your data.


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It is added land that was lost due to erosion “reclaiming” the shoreline that used to be or to broaden the beach that is already there. Reclamation is not limited to on beaches in the ocean, but on any shoreline or beach that is exposed to significant erosion. This system of advisory allows divemasters to watch and track divers below the surface of the ocean to improve their situational awareness. The system is updated with information about divers on the water, enabling the divemaster to make quicker and safer precise decisions. The entire monitoring aspect of diving is documented and is able to be used for future review and analysis.

Target measurement tools can be utilized to create a GeoTIFF image of every target, measure its length, width, and height and save it in the form of a Target Book. Target Book Target Book is in Rich Text Format and is able to be sent to and read by customers or offices at home using Word(r) from Microsoft Word(r). Target measurement tools can create a GeoTIFF image of the target, and measure its width, length, and height, and then save it as the Target Book.

ENC EDITOR ENC EDITOR can be used to perform real-time validation for ENC charts. When used in conjunction with the HYPACK(r) SURVEY software The user is able to mark areas of interest (manually or using a handheld laser) in SURVEY, and then ask the ENC EDITOR to get an inventory of features within the specified zone. The user is then able to decide whether to move features or create an entirely new feature in the location of the target. ADCP PROFILE displays flow in color-coded data using the cross-section of the channel. The ADCP PROFILE software also creates textual discharge reports which you can print and save, and create Georeferenced DXF graphs of the current vectors. Sub-bottom profiling is a method of measuring sedimentary layers beneath those of surface layers.

HYPACK Features

HYPACK is among the top hydrographic mapping programs that are widely used throughout the world with over 10,000 users. The software offers all the tools necessary for design, research data collection, data collection, and processing. It will be in reality the most fundamental procedure to present engineering engineers with the product they want. Whatever you do, whether it’s collecting environmental data and mapping hydrographs, or focus on how you can work with environmental issues. While software programs offered by multibeam companies may be excellent at collecting data but they’re generally weak in the creation of final products. HYSWEEP(r) integrates seamlessly into HYPACK(r) which gives users access to all the amazing final product functions which include volume computations based on the multibeam data. HYPACK(r) can be used to analyze the rate of sedimentation and erosion within your project region. Make use of the tools available in HYPACK(r) to evaluate different surveys that have been that were collected over the course of.


The CROSS-SECTIONS AND Volumes program calculates quickly volume quantities for cross-sectional profiles in comparison to templates for channel designs as well as a channel over depth templates on each of the lines. It is the norm for volume computations used by a variety of national survey agencies. Cross Section and Volumes can analyze many sections and calculate the volumes, and transmit each section to the printer or plotter in a time of just a few seconds. HYPACK(r) is one of the largest and most used hydrographic software programs around the globe. It offers all the tools needed to complete your hydrographic side scan, side scan sub-bottom, and magnetometer survey needs. With more than 10,000 customers around the globe, HYPACK(r) provides you with the tools you need to fulfill almost every requirement for hydrographic surveys.

They also can read XTF files from various side scan companies’ own log software. Our HYPACK(r) time stamping as well as clock sync functions are among the top of the line. Our SURVEY program was among the first in the industry to utilize RTK GPS to measure the water level in real-time.

How to get HYPACK Free

The ENC EDITOR offers full attributes of S-57 features. It can display IENC symbols as well as information taken from AML. Targeting can be done in real-time or after processing using the side scan MOSAIC program.

If your company is moving from single beam surveying to multibeam it is possible to upgrade your software to multibeam surveying by purchasing the HYSWEEP(r) license. HYPACK(r) plotting software lets you transmit any combination of information files directly to your charter printer or as PDF files. Background files that you can display using HYPACK(r) can be printed or plotted in the HYPLOT plotting program. This allows you to make breathtaking plots from the background files you have including ortho-photos, engineering plans (DXF/DGN), and electronic charts superimposed over information from your survey. HYPACK(r) is the sole software for hydrographic that includes sidescan collection and mosaicking and targeting as an integral component of your package. The SIDE SCAN SURGERY program includes both digital and analog side scan sonars. This includes some of the most recent high-resolution and dual-frequency devices. HYPACK(r) is the sole hydrographic program that includes sidescan collection and mosaicking and targeting as an integral part of the program.

The SHARED MEMORY software allows you to share your SURVEY data in real-time together with different applications. Its HYPACK(r) ENC Editor enables you to alter existing ENCs that are in the format of S-57. If you’re looking to transfer a buoy, design an entirely new light, import the most recent survey data, or even create ENCs from scratch ENC through digitizing an existing TIF image, it’s the ENC EDITOR will be a robust tool to perform essential ENC Editing tasks.

Its HYPACK(r) SURVEY program gives users the power and flexibility to speedily finish their survey. SURVEY can be used to input data from GPS range-azimuth and range-azimuth devices, magnetometers, echo sounders tide systems, as well as more than 200 other sensors.

In the MAGNETOMETER Editor, you are able to target anomalies to mark areas and record detailed information regarding every anomaly. Magnetometer targets keep track of their Peak Minimum and Peak Maximum attributes and calculate the Peak Spread. If you have a specific specified target range as such, you can export the data to an RTF report. It will provide all the statistics about the chosen data set and also a screen recording from the WMA window. WMA window. ADCP IN SITU analyzes data that is collected from an in-situ Acoustic Doppler instrument.

HYPACK System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB MB of free space required.
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