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Each of the background files that are presented with HYPACK(r) can be printed/plotted using the HYPLOT software. This lets you create amazing plots using the background files you have like ortho-photos, engineering designs (DXF/DGN) as well as electronic charts that overlay the Hydrographic Survey data. It is possible to use the TIN MODEL program in HYPACK(r) allows you to calculate various kinds of volume amounts. The input data could be taken from single beam, multibeam, or even multiple transducer surveys.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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HYPACK(r) is the one hydrographic application program that provides side scans, mosaicking and targeting as a component of your package. The SIDE SCAN SURGERY program can work with both digital and analog side scan sonars, which include some of the most recent dual-frequency and high-resolution devices. HYPACK can export your work or task to different CAD and GIS formats.It can be difficult to determine the size of any particular section or space, however, with Hypack it’s now simple to calculate the volume of a specific section. Hypack’s HYPACK(r) Side-scan processors take input from side scans or the pseudo-side scan, which is available on multiple multibeam systems. It also can read XTF files from various companies that manufacture side scans’ log software. Below are the key features that you’ll get after a free download of HYPACK 2018.

Hypack Feauters

Then, in HYPACK(r) version 2008 The GEOCODER(tm) software was added as a standard side-scan processor tool. GEOCODER(tm) was designed in the lab of the Dr. Luciano Fonseca of UNH-CCOM and offers the most advanced mosaicking, as well as classifying routines.

HYPACK is a specific software specifically designed for the hydrography and dredging industry. HYPACK was established in 1984 and has been involved in consultancy for hydrographic operations, and has since grown to become one of the leading companies of navigation and hydrography software. HYPACK is among the top hydrographic mapping software programs widely used throughout the world with over 10,000 users.


Furthermore, the beach volume aid in replenishing beach projects. It also provides the Surveyor with the necessary tools required to plan their survey, gathers data to process it, reduce it, and create end-products. If you’re collecting hydrographic survey information or information on the environment or setting your vessel up in your engineering plan, HYPACK provides the tools necessary to finish the job.

This is the module that allows the gathering and processing of multibeam backscatter LIDAR and hydro column information. When your organization moves from single beam surveying to multibeam and backscatter, you can upgrade your software to multibeam by buying an HYSWEEP(r) license. HYPACK(r) plotting software lets you transmit any information files directly to your plotter printer, or in PDF format.

Targeting can be carried out in real-time or as post-processing within the SIDE SCAN MOSAIC program. Target measurement tools are able to take a GeoTIFF image of every target, and then measure its width, length, and height, and then save it in the form of a Target Book. It is Target Book is in Rich Text Format and is able to be sent to and reviewed by office workers or clients using Word(r) from Microsoft Word(r).

How to Get Hypack for Free

Modern tools and helpful tools to assist users to manage their workflow. This HYSWEEP(r) Water Column Logger helps users make sure that difficult targets like wrecks are detected in full and also to determine that the depth is the lowest in the water when features that are fine like masts or cables might otherwise be missed.

If it asks you if you’d like to upgrade the existing file, choose Yes. We are aware it works. HYPACK 2018 Getintopc can be used on both versions 32bit and 64bit. Another important characteristic to be found in HYPLOT is the capability to export the plots to the DXF file. This allows you to import all plotting sheets (with the borders, labels, and border!) into your CAD/GIS package. Advanced Channel Design creates intricate 3D surfaces that allow for precise volume calculations and dredging. This program allows you to transmit SBG information and to create a Qinertia File.

Every program must display pertinent data to you and the application the moment you launch it, with the exception of programs with new modules that be developed in the course of the last year. The enclosed files should be copied to your HYPACK installation folder.

The HYSWEEP(r) “Patch” Test will allow you to identify the exact angles to mount your system in just hours instead of days. HYSWEEP(r) SURVEY comes with coverage diagrams, live TPU displays, and the QC tools you need to finish your multibeam test. The Help file translations are made from User Manuals translated. Because our translation process takes quite a while, it is possible that the latest translated Help file could be taken from the prior HYPACK release. This is why it doesn’t contain information on development until after the year’s release as indicated by the downloaded link.

The software includes all the tools necessary for design, research data collection, data collection, and processing. It will be in reality the most fundamental procedure to present engineering engineers with the product they want. It doesn’t matter if you are collecting data from the environment and mapping hydrographs, or focussing on issues related to the environment of the work you do.

HYPACK 2013 is a hydrographic survey and process program that provides you with all the tools needed to finish your hydrographic, magnetometer, and side scan survey needs. The CROSS-SECTIONS and Volumes program is quick to calculate volume amounts for cross-sectional profile lines when compared with templates for channel designs as well as the channel over depth template on each of the lines.

It is considered to be the norm for volume computations used for a number of survey agencies across the country. CROSS SECTION and VOLUMES is able to analyze many sections and calculate volumes and transmit each section to the printer or plotter within a matter of minutes.

Hypack System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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