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The use of hard links has been utilized under Linux and similar operating systems for decades, and, since Windows XP these also exist since NTFS became version 3. However, at the time Windows XP came out, disks were spinning on magnetic disks that were incredibly slow however there were no problems with size. This could be the reason why no one ever attempted to make use of the new capabilities of the NTFS file system for everything a user might want to use and to build an appealing user interface that the user will be able to make use of it. This means that just one file is physically saved, as it will be visible in all of the required locations within your PC.

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But only one is the one that actually utilizes disk space, and its duplicates provide a way to access the original. It’s possible to be excused to think that FileFusion hasn’t done anything, particularly when you look at the properties of a duplicate, however, the additional disk space made available tells a distinct story. FileFusion Technology FileFusion Technology is based on the concept of “hard links” that appear to be normal files, but their location on the disk point to the exact location that another file is pointed to. Furthermore, there’s a counter that records the numbers of the files as well as hard links that point to the exact number of bytes. In addition, if you delete the original file some of the links be the new one, so you won’t need to worry about losing your file. FileFusion is only compatible with NTFS and is only compatible with hard drives that are connected to a computer or computer, i.e. In addition, only files from the same partition are able to be fused. For instance, even if you’ve got the same video of 1GB on four partitions FileFusion cannot replace the video with the use of a hard link.

But, the truth is that it doesn’t eat the time that they believe, particularly in the event that the appropriate software is utilized. FileFusion is one of these applications that claim to give you an increase in storage space as well as an improved performance by removing all duplicate files which do nothing more than reducing the responsiveness of your computer as time passes. The tool has been made to be compatible with all hard disks that use NTFS as well as all variants of Windows beginning at Windows 7. * FileFusion examines the files stored on your system and identifies every kind of duplicate file. Utilizing its fingerprint technology it can even identify duplicate files that have file names that are different.

FileFusion Features

That is that all similar files will be kept there, but only one will be the one that actually utilizes disk space. This can be very useful when, in reality, you require those duplicate files for reasons of some kind or. The interface for users of the software is sleek and modern in layout, and the controls are designed in an efficient way. It provides you with options for clearing duplicates from one or more drives of your choice, from targeted folders, and for performing a one-click-optimization, which scans your entire system. The program uses advanced fingerprinting technology to distinguish duplicate files, and they will be identified as such, even if they are not named in the same way.


Windows Task Scheduler starts this process when it’s scheduled to start at a particular date. The technical security rating is 44% risky. If you require the additional disk space, but also require a couple of duplicates of the file FileFusion lets you keep both simultaneously. The revolutionary FileFusion makes use of a revolutionary technology, which has its roots in the modern server architecture.

Many people follow the same pattern when they are trying to optimize their PCs since they are used to mediocre performance and have no motivation to do anything about it. In our tests, it took just two minutes to run a scan through our 64-bit Windows 10 PC, which is far from being mediocre considering the enhancements that the program can bring about over time. We have included the ability in reverse to the FileFusion process into the software. We don’t know the reason it is necessary to do this, however, it is possible. Instead of spending lots of money on the software you need or software, you can find the software for free from our website. You can search for the best discount coupon, or look for appropriate software alternatives.

How to get FileFusion Free

It’s also important to point out that with regards to interaction with users the process should be fairly simple, with the program giving step-by-step directions so you are able to install it. All you have to do is choose the drives or folders that you wish to scan and sit back for your program to finish its task. You might want to be aware that the time it takes to scan depends on the number of files it must process and the performance of your computer.

Editing or deleting a duplicate of the original will not affect other files. Similar to a conventional duplicate cleaning tool, FileFusion lets you know how much memory you’ll save by removing duplicates. It allows you to carry out the task immediately, with just one click. The major distinction is that you will not be able to notice any difference between your files, however, you’ll have more disk space. When the cleaning process is completed it is possible to find all of the files targeted in their original places.

Abelssoft FileFusion – Find and eliminate duplicate files. FileFusion examines the files in your PC and locates any kind of duplicate files. By using its fingerprinting technology, the program can even identify duplicates with different names for the files. FileFusion is an ingenious tool that can clear up to 31 percent of disk space by having clean hard disks on every PC.

Clean and tidy computers are essential for the avoidance of problems with FileFusion. Be sure to take regular backups, or at a minimum to establish restore points. FileFusion makes use of features provided by the NTFS file system installed on the Windows PC to replace files with hard links. This means you can simply switch FileFusion off or remove it and everything will continue to function as expected as FileFusion is a part of the Windows operating system for file systems NTFS accountable for the actual operation.

If a name is changed the files, any other hard links that point to bytes aren’t affected in any way, since the name is displayed on the outside of the file or hard link pointer. It should be noted that what separates this software from other programs is it is able to clean the system, by finding duplicates and then combining them into one file. This means that data that is not needed will be removed from your system while at the same time the old files can be accessed via the same locations they were previously located. Cleaners promise to remove junk data. After the cleanup, FileFusion can provide up to 31 percent extra storage. FileFusion discovers duplicate files, removes unnecessary used storage space, and allows you to free up to 31 percent additional space from your drive.

With the modern interface, it gives you choices for clearing duplicates from one or more drives of your option, from targeted files, and for performing a one-click-optimization, which scans your entire system. FileFusion analyses the files in your PC and detects any kind of duplicate files. Even the biggest of hard drives eventually become full of files. If you aren’t able to afford to use up space on your disk it is possible to make use of a specialist application to get rid of duplicate files that consume the disk space. Duplicate removal tools are everywhere nowadays however if you’re looking to find something truly interesting and original, you must take a look at Abelssoft’s FileFusion. At first glance, it’s like the ones you’re used to seeing in software similar to this but, if you take a look beneath the hood to discover the way it operates it will be a great idea for it to stay. Instead of deleting duplicate files and leaving you to sort them into your folders, it replaces the links with hard ones.

FileFusion System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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