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blocked is highly likely that this program is malicious or includes unwanted software. This software program may be dangerous or could contain unneeded bundles of software. EasyEyes is a no-cost tool created by AtuoSoft which you can use to alter your monitor’s brightness and temperature. You can easily alter the brightness of your monitor and download Dimmer for free. The brightness slider via the system tray will show every monitor with their individual brightness sliders and their names. You can adjust your brightness for one display or all of them at the same time. In addition, PangoBright supports multiple monitors and allows you to set the brightness levels of each monitor separately. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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DimScreen is helpful software that allows everyone who uses PCs, and not just laptop owners to manage the brightness of a computer’s display. If you’re bored of the dull display on your computer It’s time to download F.lux on your PC to transform it into something spectacular. F.lux is a straightforward and user-friendly software that can automatically alter the windows’ brightness in accordance with the temperature and humidity around your computer. It has a sophisticated user interface that lets you easily manage the brightness and dimness of the PC’s monitor. To run F.lux on your computer first install F.lux after which install it on your computer with your Windows installation CD or DVD. Dimmer is a small, free program for Windows developed to help you adjust how bright your computer’s screen and monitor are.

Dimmer Features

DimScreen is completely free and can be utilized on older Windows OS versions such as Windows XP. Monitoring is an open-source application accessible through Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store, and comes with extra features available through a subscription-based paywall. For instance, it has Hotkeys as well as Shortcut keys that allow users to use the app.

In terms of capabilities, it’s pretty basic and you can open it via the system tray to adjust the brightness of each connected display in turn. There’s no way of setting the brightness of multiple displays at once and it does not display the names of the displays for easy identification. Similar to Dimmer, PangoBright is a simple tool for dimming your screen that reduces the brightness of your screen by applying a color overlay to the display. Instead of a control slider that dims you’ll be able to choose different dimming levels that range from 20% to up to 100 percent. DimScreen is a useful application that performs its job well.

DDC/CI lets you control the brightness of the monitor using the software. It is possible to confirm this by checking the settings of your monitor to determine whether it has DDC/CI available and activated. Microsoft has their own variation of their blue light filter known as “Night light” with Windows 10. The filter is simple but it does the job without installing an application from a third party. When you start Dimmer the icon is added to your tray of the system and you’ll see that there’s a slight difference when the screen’s brightness is.

For multi-monitor configurations, based on all the screen dimming apps for Windows I cannot recommend Monitorian enough due to its features and simplicity of use. It is possible to pair this app with any blue-light filtering app as it isn’t able to alter the temperatures of the display. Gammy is another open-source tool that allows you to modify the brightness of your screen and also temperature.

What sets this tool apart is the ability to alter these settings at the screen’s pixel level. In simple words, this screen dimmer software automatically adjusts the brightness of your display when switching between dark and light windows on your computer, thereby reducing the fatigue of your eyes. This feature is best suited to the LED display, where every pixel is lit individually.

How to Get Dimmer for Free

The blue-light filter is one important aspect to help protect the eyes from strain and preserve the body’s biological clock. However, it’s not enough to work; you’ll need to alter the brightness of your screen in accordance with the time of day to ensure it is easier on your eyes. In Windows 10/11, you can alter the intensity of the screen and then pair it with either of the blue-light filter applications. Dim Screen app is distributed online as a portable file that does not come with an automated installer or uninstaller. Just extract the app to any place on your external or local storage drive and then launch the application. The interface is incredibly minimalist once the app is able to be incorporated into your taskbar.

To utilize Dimmer it is necessary to download Dimmer free from the internet. Then, install the program on your computer. Dimmer has a lengthy list of more than 45 useful and gorgeous effects that allow you to quickly alter the brightness of the screen from any place in the world. The only options offered by the app are to change the hue of the screen as well as enhance brightness by using the phone’s darkest built-in setting. It was downloaded, tested the app, then removed in less than 20 minutes.

You may also utilize Dimmer in the event that the minimum brightness of your screen isn’t enough. It is also possible to connect F.lux with your smart lighting system, allowing you to configure F.lux to control the smart lights that are compatible to adapt according to the temperature of your screen.

At present, it has support for Philips Hue, Philips ColorKinetics, YeeLight, and LIFX. Built to run across any version of Windows It’s easy user-friendly and light in terms of system resource usage, making it ideal for daily use. Like Monitoring, Win10 Brightness Slider is an open-source program that allows you to control the brightness of DDC/CI-enabled monitors and displays.

Automatically adjusts to preset brightness in accordance with the battery level at present. Since it doesn’t need installation DimScreen executable to be installed, DimScreen executable DimScreen executable is able to be placed within any directory, including the home Folder. The right-clicking of the notification symbol will open the menu for brightness settings that offer ten levels. To help you find that icon DimScreen can automatically turn on the light to bring the menu.

Dimmer System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
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