Davinci Resolve 11 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

This is true even if you have RAW-format camera footage that was shot at different frame rates. Drag and drop or use the keyboard to move these clips. DaVinci Resolve Lite offers the same high-quality processing as the full DaVinci Resolve. It does however limit projects to UHD resolutions, a single GPU, and a single RED rocket card. These additional features can be purchased for US$995 if you require the complete DaVinci Resolve Software.

Davinci Resolve 11

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The Blackmagic website offers a comparison between the Resolve Lite and paid versions. After you have completed your primary correction, you will want to make a second correction. This is where you work with a specific part of the clip. There are many masks that you can use to focus on a specific area, such as the face of a person. These masks, called Power Windows, give you endless possibilities. Resolve has state-of-the-art motion tracking capabilities that allow you to automatically move masks around to make sure they remain on an object. You can also edit audio.

If you don’t have the Fairlight LCD monitor, you can use a blank panel to cover the LCD monitor. HDMI, SDI inputs are available for computer and video monitoring. Ethernet is used for graphic display of channel status and meters. DaVinci Neural Engine, stereoscopic 3D tools, dozens of additional Resolve FX filter and Fairlight FX plugins, as well as advanced HDR grading, HDR scopes, and HDR spotting. The new Color Match tool will apply a neutral grade based upon a reference color chart from X-Rite DataColor, DSC Labs, and will also attempt to match it. To match a chart, simply take it on location and drag a grid across the shot in Resolve. The User Interface was redesigned with the obvious changes that the viewer now appears in the middle of the screen with the Gallery panel to its left.

Davinci Resolve 17

An empty 5 bay Fairlight console chassis that can be filled with different faders, channel controls, and edits. An empty 4 bay Fairlight console chassis that can be filled with different faders, channel controls, and edit. An empty 3 bay Fairlight console chassis that can be filled with different faders, channel controls, and edit. Two-bay Fairlight console chassis. It can be filled with different faders, channel controls, and edit, as well as LCD monitors. Fairlight console complete with 4 channel faders, 4 channels controls, 1 editor, 5 LCD monitors, and 5 bay chassis.

Davinci Resolve 11

Resolve 11 has a major new feature that allows multiple users to work on the same project. This allows colorists and editors to collaborate on different projects simultaneously. They can also update their timeline to accept grades from other users. You can now apply OpenFX filters, such as those made by Sapphire, to your grading tools. Resolve’s look creation tools are now more powerful than ever and can be used to enhance the quality of most editing programs. The enhanced controls allow for raw format footage from the ARRI Alexa and RED Cinema Cameras. This gives you more control over how the RAW media looks. Resolve now allows raw-format photographers to use the controls to grade their images. Resolve now supports a wider range of video transitions. The titling tool has been enhanced so you can use it to easily edit multiple projects without having to resort to another editing program.

There are many options to send projects to other packages, including Avid or FCPX. These have been improved with more settings in FCPX. You can link clips that are similar so that DaVinci Resolve applies color corrections to all of them. You can make changes to one clip and not the rest.


You can be sure that all copies have been checksum verified to ensure you have the correct copies. This is included in the Resolve free edition. I highly recommend it, even if you only need the clone tool. Blackmagic has been improving the functionality and performance of DaVinci Resolve since its first release as a software-only package.

Fairlight console complete with 3 channel faders and 3 channel controls. Complete Fairlight console, with 2 channel faders. 2 channel controls. 1 audio editor. 3 LCD monitors. 3 bay chassis. Resolve can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It will require multiple graphics cards in order to process your grades in real-time. Resolve 11 offers multiple options for caching media and grades, so you can improve your real-time performance on a lower-specced system. My Macbook Pro had a Retina display. I was able to adjust the proxy and caching options to ensure that my media was always available. You wish you could access the color correction software that is used in more Hollywood feature films than any other. Resolve has the ability to provide rolling credits, lower thirds, or titles.

Resolve Lite can now work at 4K resolution. Previously, the Lite version could only work at HD resolution. This restriction has been removed. Resolve Lite now supports two GPU’s on the Mac Pro as well as a single Red Rocket card.

Mounting bar with locating posts to ensure correct alignment of bay module bays when building a 4 bay Fairlight console. Mounting bar with locating holes to ensure correct alignment of bay modules in a 3 bay Fairlight console.

Davinci Resolve 11 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 8GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.


Updated: October 13, 2021 — 8:35 pm

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