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The developer will have to provide information regarding privacy when they release their next update to their app. I’d like to recommend that users update their firmware, just like I did. The Thinkware Dashcam Mobile Viewer is made for the X350, F750, and F770/FA700. The functionality and user interface can differ based on each dash camera model. This application is compatible with the Thinkware X350 or F750, F770, and FA700 dash cameras. Routes can be planned to ensure Uber or Lyft drivers can identify the most efficient routes for different locations.

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Dashcam Viewer

Dashcam Viewer Dashcam Viewer is a program or application for watching videos, GPS data, and the data from your shock sensor recorded from your dashcam or action camera. Look below for the complete list of cameras that are supported and features. The user interface appears, feels, and behaves like a normal video player.

It also has the ability to relay GPS data recorded by the device. When you watch the video you’ll see a detailed representation of your travel route. Additionally, Dashcam Viewer displays general information such as speed and bearing, time, dates, travel distance, and much more.

These facts alone make the application an ideal choice for people who operate delivery businesses and would like the advantages of a tachograph along with the added benefit that video recordings can be recorded. The greatest benefit is that the data is updated in real-time while you watch the video. This means that you can play the video footage you recorded and view your G-forces speed, direction, place on the map as well as other information, at the moment of the timeline of the video.

It is possible to click on an image to jump into the exact time within the sequence of the video. The program allows you to select various measuring systems, and also allows for subtle adjustments as well. If you require the data recorded for something you’ll be able to export it in CSV as well as GPX files. You can also take photographs.

Data visualization can also give you the opportunity to revisit the experience with real-time information about your travels. It is easy to convert portions of your video clips into shorter images for simple watching. It is completely free to test and has no limitations on its functionality. It’s accessible for Windows as well as Mac OS X and it can be installed in very little time. It doesn’t require additional codecs or tools and you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of storage or processor power in order to use it.

Dashcam Viewer Features

The footage from the dashboard camera can be loaded using the normal Open dialog and then play it just like other videos. Dashboard cameras capture more than simply footage. They also keep track of GPS locations, elevation data as well as data from shock sensors, and other data, based on the model of the dashcam. Dashcam Viewer provides you with the option of viewing these details, along with videos. You can trace your route on a map, see different kinds of data in graphs, and much more. With your dashcam, you can imagine this program as an electronic Black Box for your vehicle.

Dashcam Viewer

Even if your dashcam’s model isn’t listed but it is compatible. Dashcam Viewer can be capable of providing a huge amount of data, but only if the dashcam is suitable for the job. Depending on what you require to look at, the application allows you to switch different sections for video playback graphs, general data, as well as Google Maps. Transfer your GPS tracks into standard formats like comma-separated value, Google Earth KML, and GPS exchange for more analysis of data. • Watch live video using live view when your device is connected via Dash Cam. Dashcam Viewer lets for breathtaking one-of-a-kind memories to be recorded and saved for the rest of time. GPS tracking helps you discover those memorable moments and reduces time by facilitating navigation.

For dashcams that have 2 channels (front/rear), Dashcam Viewer allows picture-in-picture mode. Dashcam Viewer can be described as an app created to provide users with a simple method to view video recordings recorded by dashboard cameras and extract an enormous amount of information from these recordings. The support for the above as well as other models of cameras will grow with new releases of DCV. Even if your dashcam is not among these models, you will be able to still enjoy your camera’s videos without information. The camera stores hundreds of videos on its SD card. Don’t spend time sorting through them in order to locate the one you’re looking for. Dashcam Viewer will make it simple to find the information you’re seeking for.

How to get Dashcam Viewer Free

Geotags or customized markers can be dropped at specific locations along routes and can be later used to locate clips with ease. The markers will appear either on the map, or as a view, and hitting the marker twice will immediately take you to the location in the route.

As you may have guessed, Dashcam Viewer is a hidden player and camera management application for the home, or retail store. This program requires K-Lite Codec Pack in order to be utilized directly. It is essential to have the program installed on your system for this software to function. Dashcams are used to record road footage that can later be employed for purposes of insurance and to prevent various kinds of fraud.

If so then Dashcam Viewer is a great choice since it’s an impressive player that comes with many useful functions. Dashcam Store(TM) Dashcam Store(TM) is not able to provide any representations or warranties, or promises, whether implied or explicit in relation to the quality or accuracy of these software or firmware files. The users should know that upgrades and changes are made at times to the firmware or software files. It is the responsibility of the user to check if there have been any changes or updates. Here is Dashcam video players software.

Dashcam Viewer System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 150 MB of free space required.
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