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IPower is an open-source, standards-based SCADA system that’s simple to use and maintain. It can scale from simple substation automation systems to large computer networks in larger utility control rooms. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

DAQFactory Pro

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You can create and edit the screen live using components from 45 screens provided to you as the developer. You can create any interface you like using the 45 components of the screen and the 3600 symbol library. Demand Solutions’ Digital Supply Chain Platform offers the technology, data, and insights you need to automate complex tasks and analyze complex ones. Demand Solutions combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with descriptive and predictive analytics to keep your supply chain in tune. This allows you to plan autonomously.

DAQFactory Pro

DAQFactory Pro Features

Ecava IGX Web SCADA will give you the niche to win more clients and projects. In 2003, the first version of IntegraXor’s web SCADA was released. IGX is a strong and growing company that supports more than 80% of ethernet driver manufacturers. It has been successfully implemented in over 2,000 sites across 50 countries. IntegraXor’s dedication to safety, quality, usability, and user experience was independently audited and certified by T.U.V. Rheinland has very strict requirements. To ensure security is well addressed, we also work closely with US-CERT.

Different protocols are supported to connect industrial devices and PLCs. 100% web-based SCADA, including HTML5 dashboards and cross-operating system displays. You can customize the control screens you create with ICONICS graphWorX64(TM), a data visualization tool that allows for PCs and laptops to access them from a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Knowing what security needs to be done is the first step in industrial cybersecurity. Our platform eliminates barriers that prevent industrial networks from securely connecting to what allows the rest of the business to operate and innovate with an acceptable degree of risk. CloudView is an open-source network monitoring and management system that uses standards. It can automatically detect, monitor, and perform many functions with any vendor SNMP/TCP/IP device. It gives you a consistent, geographical, and logical view of the network, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. It provides full FCAPS functionality according to TMN standards. This allows it to be used in both enterprise networks and service provider networks. It has carrier-grade reliability, secure (over HTTPS/SSH access), and can be used by multiple concurrent users/operators of different profiles.
This results in a net increase in operator effectiveness. Operators can access contextualized information from our unique situational awareness libraries to quickly and accurately address unusual situations before they affect operations. AVEVA InTouch HMI software is used in over one-third of the industrial facilities worldwide, in almost every country and industry. It continues to provide business value by delivering engineering simplicity, operational agility, and real-time performance mastery.

How to get DAQFactory Pro Free

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers face the greatest challenge of catering to changing consumer tastes. Your company must be able to adapt to changes in styles, colors, assortments, and locations. The ability to connect plant PCs with field devices, including RTUs, PLCs, and distributed DAQs. These graphs can display user data, including bars of error, wind barb, and axis as well as the annotations of the bound. It can provide an extremely powerful scripting engine that allows the user to have the flexibility they desire. The data logging process allows the user to log into both the CSV and multiple databases. It can provide support for devices such as Modbus, the internet, cereal, and many other things.

GE Digital’s HMI/ SCADA, with iPower, is easy to use and maintain. This allows you to concentrate on your core operations for a long-term advantage. Ignition SCADA from Inductive Automation(r), combines unlimited licensing, instant web-based deployment, and industry-leading toolsets for supervisory control, data acquisition, and other functions on one universal platform. Because it eliminates the main problems of traditional SCADA, Ignition has been called The New SCADA. Ignition allows your business to manage its processes and monitor, display, and analyze all data. Ignition SCADA software includes a complete set of data acquisition tools, including OPC UA for connecting to virtually any PLC and seamless connections to any SQL database. Ignition also converts any SQL database to an industrial historian. It can also connect to IIoT devices via MQTT. These strong features, together, can eliminate the need for a custom-made application.

This licensing model allows for the creation of derivative software products. Rapid SCADA is the ideal choice to create large-scale industrial automation systems. Rapid SCADA nodes can exchange information among themselves and with external databases in real-time. The view IIoT Platform by INDAS is a Cloud solution that allows remote supervision, control, and data acquisition.
DAQFactory HMI SCADA Software supports a variety of devices, including serial and Ethernet-based devices, OPC client, LabJack Manufacturer DLL, and OPC Client. You can call DLLs from other manufacturers using the Manufacturer DLL. You can communicate with most devices using the manufacturer’s DLL without any scripting. The Ecava IntegraXor web SCADA/HMI system is fast and lightweight. It’s built with the most stable core server engine and high-performance native modules, and IIoT compatible web technologies.

Security and connectivity to the OT network have become a business necessity. SCADAfence automatically detects assets and their roles within the network and provides visibility into their behavior. It detects anomalies that could compromise security, safety, and reliability using a variety of algorithms and mechanisms. SCADAfence was built with the unique ability to detect and prevent all network traffic, regardless of its architecture. This includes large-scale manufacturing networks. Unleashed Software makes inventory management simpler and more efficient. Unleashed is a cloud-based platform that makes inventory management easy. It allows businesses to monitor inventory health and gives visibility into all aspects of inventory management.

Predator MDC helps improve manufacturing by providing accurate shop floor productivity KPIs. These metrics can be used to improve operations and make better business decisions. Predator MDC keeps you informed about your manufacturing performance. It measures how efficiently your machines are used, the productivity of your employees, and the production rates.

System Requirements for DAQFactory Pro

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz multi-core Processor
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB
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