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SAFE automatically generates drawings sheets for the plan, elevation, and section views. These include detail and dimension framing as well reinforcement and tendon layout. You can choose to have the title block, drawing scale, and font as well as line type, color, and thickness. Schedules and rebar tables are also available. These drawings can be modified manually in accordance with the analytic model. The 3D rendered views offer exceptional visuals of both the structure and reinforcement layout. SAFE offers useful animation-capture and image-capture tools to create additional graphics. For integration with CAD documentation, export to DXF and DWG formats are available. The Report Generator organizes input and design data and compiles them into organized, customizable reports that can be printed or exported to a variety of file formats.

CSI Safe 2016

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SAFE seamlessly integrates all aspects of engineering design, from framing layout to detail drawings production. SAFE is a unique combination of power and comprehensive capabilities that provides unparalleled productivity for engineers.

CSI Safe 2016 Structural software From A To Z

Legacy depth bias is required to ensure better graphics quality, such as line thickness and anti-aliasing. Increase the number of modes shapes that can be used in each series.

Sapphire(r), Analysis Engine

Drawings, contour plots, and animations are available in 2D or 3D views. They display the deformed configuration, component responses, and min/max values for response data. These diagrams also show bearing-pressure contours as well as vertical-system reactions. ETABS provides a single interface for modeling, analysis, design, reporting, and reporting.

For quick access to properties, forms, and objects, a new model explorer are now available. A finite-element program is the best for the PT design of slabs with complex geometry. The location of the design strip is not known. FEM techniques can also produce contour plots in 2D and 3D of different performance measures. This allows for the identification of hot spots that may need to be redesigned. The revolutionary and innovative new ETABS software package is the best for structural analysis and building design.

CSI Safe 2016

CSI Solvers are proven to work for more than 45 years. sapphire Analysis Engine supports multiple 64-bit solvers to optimize analysis. It can also perform both Ritz and eigenanalysis. DirectX graphics mode fully makes use of the GPU’s hardware acceleration and dedicated graphics RAM. You can display the deformed geometry as either filled contour plots or lines contour plots. SAFE allows you to specify post-tensioning in slabs as well as distributed or banded tendons. The task of creating the tendon profiles is made easier by an interactive tendon editor. Automated tendon layouts can be created based on strip direction and position.

Over 45 years have passed since CSI solvers were first introduced to the market. sapphire Analysis Engine supports multiple 64-bit solvers to optimize analysis. It can also perform Ritz and eigen analyses.

SAFE is software that can be used to engineer foundation slab and elevated floor systems. Flexible and rigid-zone options allow for kinematic relationships between vertical and slab systems. Support conditions can be assigned a point-displacement load. Models can be made for point, line, area, the tension only, and compression-only spring support. Punching shear locations may be used to superimpose point loading with the load-size assignment. Checks are made at the foundation for punching shear out of piles or piers. Clear and detailed 3D views show the manual and automated point, line, and uniform loads.

Design strips can be used to determine how reinforcement requirements will be calculated. SAFE will automatically create the strips for your use, or you can manually define them. You can set the tabular output to automatically save after analysis is completed. You can print structural mode shapes and deflected forms. The 64-bit GUI has been updated to allow for faster model manipulation and storage of larger models.

There are no limits on the number of model windows, view manipulation views, and data views. You can easily model soil supports, zero tension soil models, and uplift analysis. Subgrade modulus is used to assign soil supports. They automatically adjust for mesh changes. Basement foundation models may include foundation areas as well as pedestals, columns, beams, and piles. CSI software stores model data as well as other information in tables that can be edited through interactive database editing. This feature makes it easy to quickly create and edit models. SAFE provides a single interface for modeling, analysis, and design as well as reporting.

CSI Safe 2016 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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