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To access the web-based configuration tool of the SG550XG and SG350XG stackable switches enter the IP address associated with the device into the browser’s URL. It is also possible to use FindIT to swiftly and simply access the GUI by double-clicking on the devices that are detected on your network from the sidebar.

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Cisco Find It

* Product Improvement opens the Product Improvement window. From there, you can select whether or not to stop the regular sending of data on the usage of your product to Cisco. You can also look at the data being transmitted. Click Applications to see an inventory of the applications that are available that can be used together with FindIT. From the FindIT sidebar, click on a connection to connect the web configuration tool of the device. Download the correct version of the release from the list. Review your system’s specifications to find out which version is suitable for your system.

Its FindIT Network Manager and Probe are specifically designed to manage Cisco 100-500 Series routers, switches, and wireless access points. You can manage system information wireless networks, wireless LANs, as well as Ethernet, switching through the same interface. You can also monitor network performance using a customized dashboard.

If you do not uncheck this option then the button names will not be displayed. You must follow all the Installation Wizard procedures to successfully install the program. The purpose of this guide is to explain the various options available to you when using FindIT. In addition, it will show you what you need to do to install and set up this utility. Cisco Network Discovery Utility, FindIT.

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“About Cisco FindIT This allows you to look up the current version of FindIT software you’re using. Small Business Support CommunitiesA forum where you can get help for small-business products from Cisco employees and customers. This site also contains useful documents and links that offer additional information on Cisco Small Business products. * Small Business Support Center Contacts This is a Cisco website with contact details about live support for products. “Show Text in Buttons” displays the name of the button in the right-hand corner of the symbol on the FindIT toolbar.

Cisco Find It

Cisco FindIT is an easy method for users to find various Cisco devices that are connected to their network and swiftly access their web configuration pages. The web-based configuration utility page offers a visual interface for managing and configuring configurations on devices using the web browser integrated. After installing FindIT to your web browser, you can enable the FindIT extension within your browser by clicking to select the proper control for your browser. After that, enter your credentials for your operating system. After logging into your account, the sidebar will be displayed, showing a hierarchical listing of all connected devices that are connected to your network.

Moving over the device with your mouse will display information like its Model number, its MAC Address along its IP address. To install FindIT enter the following information into your browser, and then select Support. Then, under the search bar for Downloads look for FindIT. Make sure you download the most recent version of the FindIT program that works with the operating system you are using. In this guide, we’ll be using the software v2.0.2 to run Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows operating system. After installation, open this FindIT installation file and follow the instructions within the Install Wizard to install the program.

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Automatic network discovery includes a diagram of topology and inventory report. * Software Update Allows you to scan for firmware updates as well as FindIT software updates. You can indicate the location where the device firmware upgrades are saved to. Click FindIT to turn on the FindIT sidebar, which shows an orderly list of all connected devices. Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility Cisco DiscoverIT Network Discovery utility allows users to find specific Cisco products and provide details on their status, serial number IP address, and version.

When you connect to the switch, you will be asked to log in using an account login name and password. After you’ve logged in to your switch you are able to modify the switch’s configurations. On the left-hand side of the screen are the main tabs for configuration. You can choose the tabs you want to view and subtabs to browse and manage your device’s options and settings. Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility Cisco DiscoverIT Network Discovery utility lets users quickly discover specific Cisco products that are connected to networks. It lets users quickly access the interface for the device to see and manage its configurations. This tool, called FindIT Network Discovery Utility can be utilized by network administrators who are on the go.

Click Support to open the options for support. Click Settings to access an array of options for setting. It isn’t easy without the right tools. Cisco FindIT Network Management is designed specifically for managing networks that comprise Cisco 100-500 Series devices. It lets you manage your network instead of reacting to the events. FindIT Network Management is the ideal complement to your business’s network. The purpose of this article is to show what you need to do to utilize Cisco FindIT to connect to the configuration utility for the SG550XG and the SG350XG Series Managed Switches.

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