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Copy the longest title of the original Blu-ray film to a blank BD-R/RE, with the unwanted subtitle, audio track and prohibition messages removed. It also adds the feature of making subtitles and audio tracks customizable when copying Blu-rays to DVD, eliminating unnecessary sections. When you are in the recording process you are able to start the “About” screen and consult the Help file and close the window, and then check the log details.

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Enjoy your Blu-ray film directly using Blue-Cloner. You don’t require installing any other Blu-ray player programs. Customized copy – choose the title you want to copy and delete unnecessary audio tracks and subtitles. * Converts a Blu-ray disc to a blank BD/RE disc with no loss of quality with menus, as well as other special features. * Copy the Blu-ray movie directory or ISO file onto the hard drive to an empty Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD disc. Enjoy the Blu-ray disc you purchased directly using Blue-Cloner, and you do not require installing any other Blu-ray player programs. The Blu-ray disc is compressed into a blank BD/R/RE disc with menus and other special features.

The Express as well as the Expert interfaces are able to meet customers’ diverse requirements to copy Blu-rays, regardless of whether you’re a novice or an expert. In the meantime, Blue-Cloner Diamond Crack Full Crack has been upgraded for copying 4K UHD Blu-ray onto blank Blu-ray discs using a UHD-friendly drive, which is four-channel as well as HDR supported. Open SmartBurner is a strong DVD/Bluray burn software that was recently created by OpenCloner Inc. In addition to burning video files, it also can create data files (.doc, .txt, .jpg, .ppt, etc) as well as audio files onto discs that are DVD or Blu-ray. The Blu-ray movie is copied to an AVCHD DVD disc (playback only when using the Blu-ray player or player software, such as PowerDVD) to help save your precious Blu-ray disc.

Reduce one Blu-ray film to an empty BD-R/RE. It will also preserve menus and other features. Plays back the copy of the Blu-ray movie on different Blu-ray players.

Blue-Cloner Features

For instance, one could modify the Blu-ray codec, alter the image quality, and even change the DVD encoding format. Other options include direct access, and converting HD, AC3, and DTS formats to a more usable format, eliminating certain protections, and having temporary files deleted after the job is completed. The program will decide whether to utilize or ignore this option, based on the effect it has calculated. While you’re in the recording process you are able to access the “About” Window then consult the aid file. then minimize the window, and then check the log details.


Blue-Cloner is able to copy Blu-ray movies onto Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs, or to the hard disk in just one or two clicks. The user-friendly Express, as well as Expert interfaces, help to make the Blu-ray copy adroit and vivid. The various copy modes can meet your needs to a large degree. In addition, Blue-Cloner 2019 has also been upgraded for copying 4K UHD Blu-ray discs to blank Blu-ray discs using UHD-friendly drives, which are the resolution of 4K as well as HDR supported. You can set the Video encoder’s resolution of the video bitrate, and audio encoder for Blu-ray video burning. It is a decrypter for Blu-rays Blue-Cloner will remove all Blu-ray copy-protections like AACS, BD+, UOPs, Cinavia, etc. Choose whether to store the files on the hard disk after compressing UHD.

How to get Blue-Cloner Free

The most recent version incorporates AMD Accelerated Technology for Video Transcoding which has greatly increased the speed of copying as well as the picture quality. It also removes permanently Cinavia watermarks embedded on audio tracks in the Blu-ray film. Movie-only copy copies the main movie alone without menus or other special features, such as subtitles and audio tracks. Copy the main film on a Blu-ray disc eliminating menus and other unneeded features like subtitles and audio tracks. Blue-Cloner 2021 is the top Blu-ray copy and backup burning, and decryption software. It can copy Blu-ray films onto blank Blu-ray/DVDor AVCHD discs, or onto the hard disk in Blu-ray folders or Blu-ray ISO image files.

The first thing to be aware of is the reality that the application allows the procedure of cloning as simple as it is possible. There are numerous adjustments to be made if you wish to but if you’re just not a fan of making any changes, the app is ready to use right straight out of the box. Put in the Blu-ray disc and continue to follow the guidelines of the application. It doesn’t fill the screen by displaying too many tabs. another good thing to be praised for is its efficiency.

* Express interface is intended for beginners to copy Blu-ray films in a single click. Then, the Expert interface is designed for advanced users who want to copy Blu-ray movies using various different copying modes that can be customized. Supports copying Blu-ray movies to either a DVD-9 disc or an AVCHD DVD-9 disc. * Supports copying a Blu-ray film to either a DVD-5 or an AVCHD DVD-5 disk. Allows you to eliminate the HD AC3 or DTS audio files to a standard audio format, which will save space.

You can create multiple Blu-ray discs, without having the need to go through the entire process. This software supports the advancement of modern graphics cards that have a greater H.264 encryption speed. It removes all copy protections for Blu-rays which include AACS and BD+. It also supports the latest MKB version 26 bus encryption, BD-Live, and UOPs. Creates multiple Blu-ray copies in the same Blu-ray copying process.

* It supports the acceleration of the latest graphics cards that have a more H.264 encoder speed. Free Download Blue-Cloner 10, the latest version offline installer standalone for Windows. Removes various Blu-ray copy protections including AACS, BD+, UOPs, etc. Saves the newly added file as a .cpj file for later editing when there’s a lot of available disc space. Displays the title size, size, modification date, and the source path for the video or data files.

Rips the most recent Blu-ray films to an array of formats for video and audio. Burns a range of documents (.doc, .txt, .jpg, .ppt, etc) to a blank disc. There is no requirement to install a third-party driver, as the internal UDF 2.50 parser comes with it to read Blu-ray discs. It is constantly updated to eliminate the most recent protections and will work to all burners for Blu-ray as well as Blu-ray discs. With the enhanced speed of reading and wizard interface, Blu-ray copy can be completed in the space of the morning cup of tea.

Blue-Cloner System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
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