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Jup-8 V by Arturia is a powerful addition to the Arturia family of analog synthesizer recreations. This virtual Roland Jupiter 8 version offers a unique sound palette that is sure to please sound designers. Arturia’s unique technology, TAE(r), “True Analog Emulation”, reproduces accurately the distinctive sonic qualities that an analog synthesizer produces. It reproduces the sounds of analog oscillators with incredible detail, transparency, and clarity. Our virtual instruments are indistinguishable from their original counterparts because of TAE(r). The Jupiter-8V is the latest addition to the Arturia family of analog synthesizer recreations.

Arturia Jupiter

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You can dial in basic VCO frequency modulation according to your taste. There are 3 modes of pulse width modulation. Or you can go full cross-mod for sci-fi sweeps straight from a John Carpenter movie. The Jupiter-8 is considered by many to be the most powerful synthesizer ever created.

Double- and triple-point rewards members get access to member-only offers, double- and three-point offers, and a dedicated line to Gear Advisers. You also receive a $25 coupon for your birthday. Free-running phase oscillators that can play up to 16 different voices of polyphony. The V Collection instruments are seamlessly mapped to the Arturia KeyLab range – but will also work well with other MIDI controllers.

The benefits of the program are the same regardless of how you approach it. You get more than 400 presets, many polyphonic voices, and digital effects that you can use during live performances. These features are all available in a rich, intuitive interface that resembles Jupiter-8’s layout. DownloadJup-8 is an analog synthesizer with all the features of Roland Jupiter 8. To protect your gear against unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage due to handling, or failures, the Gold Coverage extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. This plan protects your investment for up to five years and costs only pennies per day.

Arturia Jupiter Features

Arturia has taken the heat off this giant by combining it dynamically with modern features that will take you on a sonic journey like never before. Once you have the price, there is no obligation to buy the product. Jupiter-8V Arturia is bringing back the magic of Roland Jupiter-8 while adding new features that allow for a more modern sound. Jup-8 V3 is a stable and versatile synthesizer. It has the feel and looks of Roland Jupiter-8, but it’s a computer program that costs less and is simpler to use than the original.

Arturia Jupiter

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This instrument is also part of the V Collection, which includes the complete dream line-up for the iconic synths, organs, and pianos that made keyboard history. These instruments are modeled using the most advanced technologies to achieve realism and have been enhanced with new creative possibilities. V Collection gives you instant inspiration, whether you’re using it in the studio as DAW plugins or on its own at gigs. They are modeled with the latest technologies to achieve authentic realism, and they have been enhanced with new creative possibilities.

Jup-8 V is an undisputed analog titan that propels into the 21st century at warp speed. This dream synthesizer, which was rebuilt from scratch, has an authentic sound infused with extensive sound design flexibility. It channels the unmistakably powerful polysynth power that the Jupiter-8 is known for. This analog synthesizer can produce a variety of classic sounds, including dancing arps and fluorescent ’80s pad sounds. Jupiter-8V, the latest addition to Arturia’s family of analog synthesizer replicas, is now available. In the 1980s, Jupiter’s voice was a sensation that took people’s breath away. Jupiter’s voice was renowned for its flexibility and stereo sound. But its true power lay in its 16-oscillator voice architecture. The voice path was expanded with the ability to add effects and a full-function sequencer. We also added a new modulator, the ‘Galaxy.

How to get Arturia Jupiter Free

The sources you choose can modulate key parameters of each effect, giving it a new dimension to subtractive synthesis. The Galaxy module, for example, allows you to select from different LFO types, and then intertwine them into one unique modulation source. This creates a dynamic element in the sound of Jupiter-8V.

Arturia’s virtual plugins and instruments are easy to integrate into your existing setup. No matter what your musical style is, Arturia allows you to explore sound and has full compatibility with all major DAWS on Windows and macOS. The unique Jupiter sound’s power lies in its voice architecture and modulation flexibility. However, FX can be a great addition to any mix. It sounds amazing with FX. You’ll enjoy spine-tingling sweeps of sound and bubbling bass due to the resonant low-pass VCF. A separate hi-pass filter will smoothen out your low end.

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This virtual Roland Jupiter 8 version offers the most unique sound palette. It is the ultimate sound designer’s dream. Arturia’s unique technology, TAE(r), “True Analog Emulation”, reproduces accurately the distinctive sonic characteristics of analog synthesizers. It reproduces the sounds of analog oscillators with incredible detail, transparency, and clarity. Arturia’s virtual instruments are distinguished from their originals by TAE(r).

Arturia Jupiter System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1
  • Processor: 2 GHz processor or faster.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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