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These updated components allow users to access integrated workflows between Ansys Sherlock and Icepak, Mechanical, and LS-Dyna to help optimize product designs and provide unmatched reliability in the field. Composites offer new options for manufacturers who are looking for lighter, stronger, and more economical materials. Composites present new manufacturing and modeling challenges due to their nature. Designers can use simulation tools to account for residual stresses, analyze reliability, potential failures, optimize construction, as well as export precise information to manufacturing before the prototype is actually built.. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Ansys Motor Cad

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Motor-CAD employs an analytical lumped thermal modeling technique that is automatically created based on user inputs like geometry, materials, cooling types, etc. All the thermal resistances or capacitances can be calculated automatically from these inputs. It is not necessary to have knowledge of complicated heat transfer phenomena, such as convection dimensionless analysis correlations.
This coupling can be done in either 1-way or 2-way depending on the nature of the problem. Ansys Mechanical software can be used to analyze the forces and tensions generated by granular material as it interacts in a variety of materials handling equipment such as conveyor belts and transfer chutes. Ansys Mechanical offers features that allow faster simulations, simpler workflows, journaling, scripting, and product integrations with more solver capabilities. Ansys’ finite element solvers offer a wide range of capabilities that are unrivaled in computer-aided simulating. Doug Oatis, PADT’s Lead mechanical engineer, will show you how multiphysics calculations can be done quickly and iteratively. This allows users to move from concept to design faster. expert or Motor-CAD don’t require FEA simulation skills. There are no boundary conditions and no solution domain.

ANSYS Motor-CAD 2020

Ansys Motor Cad Features

Free Download ANSYS motor-CAD 14 standalone offline installer for Windows. It is computer-aided design software that can be used to create electrical machines. Maxwell uses the FEA method and requires that users set up the mesh, boundary, excitations. To achieve more realistic results, engineers will need to be able to understand the basics of machines and master FEA simulation skills. Maxwell can simulate all types of machines, including radial, axial and linear. It can import and draw any geometry. Transfer a Motor-CAD model to Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Icepak, or Ansys Fluent to analyze end-effects, demagnetization, core loss, hysteresis, and noise vibration-harshness. Ansys MotorCAD can be purchased by motor type or as a complete Enterprise license which includes all motor types. For all your simulation outsourcing needs, trust the experts at ANSYS.

Motor-CAD and RMxprt are best for the initial design of electric machines. Engineers can quickly determine the performance of the machine and its sizing, which can be used to guide the design in the later stages.

The lumped circuit technique speeds up thermal analysis and allows for what-if testing in real-time. Engineers can optimize the cooling behavior of the machine by understanding the main heat transfer pathways. Ansys Motion, a next-generation engineering tool, is based on flexible multibody dynamics. This allows for fast and precise analysis of both rigid and flexible bodies using a single solver. By performing system motion performance analysis, stress safety analysis, vibration assessment, and fatigue analysis throughout the design process for many industrial applications, motion can help reduce time-to-market.

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The thermal resistance network is set up automatically and is three-dimensional. This allows for a 3D analysis on cooling in the end space, cooling the end windings, heat transfer in the direction of the machine, and effects of rotation on airflow. Ansys is a general-purpose, high-performance, intelligent, automated meshing software that produces the best mesh for precise, efficient multiphysics solutions. It can be used to create anything from simple, automatic meshing to intricately crafted mesh. This webinar is for those who work in the automotive sector and are interested in incorporating additives into their workflow. This webinar is for those who work in the automotive sector and are interested in implementing simulation into their workflow. Ansys LS-DYNA, the most widely used explicit simulation program worldwide, can simulate the material’s response to short periods and severe loading. You can simulate complex problems with full control of all details thanks to its many elements, contact formulas, material models, and other controls.

This release features powerful new features that allow for design optimization, multiphysics analysis, and system modeling for electric motors. ANSYS MotorCAD is a dedicated tool for electric machine design that allows fast multiphysics simulation over the entire torque-speed range.

Motor-CAD automatically determines and solves for the best formulation for a surface and the selected cooling type. To create accurate models of all surfaces, it uses a large library of laminar and turbulent convection correlations. These insights greatly improve the motor’s efficiency, thermal performance, and output. Multiphysics calculations can be done quickly and iteratively with EMag, Lab, Mech, and Therm. Users can go from concept to final design faster by using Mech, Lab, Mech, and Therm. Ansys 2021R1 provides enhancements across all portfolio products — Ansys Additive Print and Ansys Additive Science — to empower users to further enhance their additive manufacturing capabilities.

Finite element methods can be used early in the design process to accelerate development and achieve higher machine efficiency with less material. This reduces costs. A full multiphysics analysis workflow is required to ensure the best motor design. Simulating tools are required to design electric machines that meet the requirements. Simulating tools can significantly reduce the time it takes to launch a product.

The electric machines used in aerospace and automotive have seen a lot of progress. Engineers must develop electric machines that are efficient, cost-effective, and low in noise. Mesh is an integral part of engineering simulation. Complex geometries can be broken down into simpler elements that can be used to approximate the larger domain. Meshing takes a lot of time and is often the most tedious part of engineering simulation. The more automated meshing tools the better. Users can handle complex design environments with ease thanks to Ansys Mechanical updates.

Simulation solutions from Ansys deliver significant cost savings over the life of a product and accelerate technological innovation for the future. Aerospace has been a key industry in the application of advanced engineering technology. 3D Printing and Simulation Software are key to growing aerospace and making it an innovative industry. Simulating heat exchanger performance and thermal stress impact can be done using either transient or steady conjugate heat transfer simulations. Ansys Fluent models can be used to predict fluid-structure interaction, fatigue life prediction, multiphase boiling, condensation, and evaporation. This release also includes new high-speed numerics that allows for reliable solutions to high Mach number flows with no reduction inaccuracy. To optimize electromagnetic performance, calculate the mechanical strain, stress, and displacements in a rotating shaft using centrifugal forces.

You can create products that meet performance goals and last for a long time using everything from dynamic simulation to multiphysics analysis. Signal and power integrity (SI and PI) analysis products can be used to mitigate thermal and electrical issues that may affect printed circuit boards, such as overheating, electromagnetic interference, and crosstalk.

System Requirements for ANSYS Motor-CAD 2020

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB
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