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SimLab simplifies complicated analysis problems with its application-specific workflows for fatigue, drop test, and structural optimization. SimLab allows you to import a CAD geometry and retain parametrization. This allows you to quickly experiment with different design variants, increasing your understanding of non-linear static, linear static, normal modes, frequency response, small-displacement performance, and other modes. You can also be guided through the creation of a design space, responses, and constraints. An optimization objective is to use Altair(r), OptiStruct(r), to create a lightweight, structurally efficient design proposal. SimLab allows efficient model setup for multidisciplinary and multiphysics problems, including co-simulation with disciplines such as thermal analysis, CFD, and structural. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Altair Simlab

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Altair Engineering, Inc. empowers clients’ innovation and decision-making with technology that optimizes the analysis, management, visualization, and visualization of engineering and business information. Altair is privately held and employs more than 1,400 people. It has offices in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, South America, Europe, and South America. Altair has a 25-year history of product design, advanced engineering software, and grid computing technologies. It also offers enterprise analytics solutions that provide competitive advantages to customers across a wide range of industries.

Altair Simlab Feauters

The Digital Twin and IoT seminar focus on the core ideas behind the Digital Twin concept, predictive maintenance, as well as its practical relevance, especially for product engineering, simulation, and product engineering. Automation allows for easy setup, convergence, optimization, and design of experiments. Live syncing allows you to quickly explore and evaluate design changes. Shareable, robust, and repeatable simulation workflows increase efficiency. For high accuracy and consistency throughout the organization, eliminate manual solid meshing, model set-up, solver execution, and post-processing. The model building phase is dramatically accelerated by highly efficient feature recognition algorithms, process-oriented automat templates, and an intuitive GUI. Altair(r), HyperWorks(r), keeps driving design by simulation adding new connectors meshing and editing capabilities, and expanding the AI-driven Design Explorer.

A team of experts is required to design consumer electronics for mass production. They must be able to focus on different aspects of the manufacturing process and design. A fragmented engineering process can lead to lost time and costly competition. Altair’s Simulation Driven Design platform is presented in this webinar. It will reduce the time it takes to design, which can be crucial for a company’s success.

Altair SimLab 2020

Altair Multiscale Designer is a tool that allows for the efficient simulation and modeling of heterogeneous composites and other heterogeneous materials. The seminar’s focus will be on introducing it. This session will discuss the development and validation of multiscale material models using experimental test data. A case study is also presented on how topology optimization helped to develop an ultralight plastic substitute for a metal automotive part. Altair offers a leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled, industry-leading software that can simulate a variety of physical interactions, including fluid-structure interaction and flexible bodies.

It also supports thermomechanical simulation. Altair’s multidisciplinary optimization, scalable high-performance computing and rapid problem solving are key components to solving real-world engineering problems.Customers can now accurately test more ideas with each iteration of Altair SimSolid(tm). Altair Inspire now incorporates SimSolid’s speed and accuracy, enabling faster design exploration and product creation. This allows architects, designers, and product designers to develop and examine structurally efficient concepts for complex assembly structures. SimLab’s feature-based meshing domain expertise and expansion of Altair’s simulation footprint will allow for Altair to expand its reach across wide industry segments and strengthen the company’s leadership position in CAE modeling, assembly solutions, and CAE modeling.

You can view presentations of the most recent developments in Altair simulation solutions, FluxMotor and FluxMotor. It is demonstrated how multiphysics approaches take into account the constraints of electric machine design. It is shown how optimization techniques can be applied at different stages of the process and how effective they are in meeting the many challenges that electro-mechanical design presents. SimLab is Altair’s simulation-driven engineering philosophy that inspires innovation and ensures compliance with time, reliability, quality, and compliance targets.

How to Get Altair Simlab for Free

Altair will acquire SimLab technology and its development staff from HyperWorks computer-aided software development operations. Multiphysics is becoming more popular. However, each additional analysis tool adds complexity to the development process. These tasks are not of any added value and can increase the chance of errors.

Altair One doesn’t require any additional capital expenditures for complex IT. It can scale instantly to meet peak workloads. It allows users to create turnkey, scalable appliance clusters in all major cloud providers, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It allows us to quickly optimize designs and keep up with the rapid pace of the consumer electronics market. It would be extremely difficult to get a product on the market quickly without this tool. Altair’s CFD solutions are being used by industry leaders to infuse their products with innovation and manage complex projects. You can see examples of EDEM being used in the design of dump trucks and excavators, loaders, grab bags, and other equipment.

You can see examples of EDEM combined with MotionSolve or Activate being used in the design and construction of tracked and wheeled vehicles. This webinar will show you how to design a smart speaker that focuses on nonlinear analysis. It also simulates buzz, rattle, and squeak sounds. Users can be flexible even when working with different tools in a common environment. Altair HyperWorks can be used for fluid applications in many areas, including marine construction and automotive fuel tank sloshing.

Using the Discrete Element Method, EDEM software simulates and analyses the behavior of crops, seeds, soils, and other grains. This software allows engineers to predict and analyze the behavior of materials, and how they impact their machines. It also provides key insight into machine-soil interactions and machine-crops interactions. Altair offers a leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled, industry-leading software that can simulate a variety of physical interactions, including fluid-structure interaction, flexible bodies, and aeroacoustics. Altair SimLab is a multidisciplinary process-oriented simulation environment that reduces pre-processing time by reducing modeling time to just a few seconds. SimLab’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to solve statics, dynamics, and heat transfer problems. Altair(r), Feko(r), solves more connectivity, compatibility, and radar problems by adding multi-frequency data support and a new asymptotic solution for high-frequency antenna positioning applications. Altair(r), SimLab(tm), expands its multiphysics workflows through CAD associativity, direct extensions for Altair(r), Inspire(tm), enhanced assembly and solution browsers, and a new flow solution.

Advanced electronic systems are used in the defense and aerospace industries for battlefield communications, control and targeting systems, threat detection and asset tracking, health monitoring, and theater operations. Advanced electronic systems require multiple, high-fidelity antennas that can be interoperable within any device, system, or vehicle to achieve maximum signal strength and reliability.

This webinar series will discuss electromagnetics simulation strategies, technologies, and how they can be used to help develop complex electronic systems. Altair’s electronic design toolset includes a new thermal management workflow that enhances the design of electronic devices. Electronic system design has a greater impact on nearly every product type. This means that new simulation tools are needed to achieve electronic, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. Altair’s simulation-driven tools allow your engineers to work together on all aspects of printed circuit board design, from conception to production.

Altair Simlab System Requirements

  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core GHz or higher.
  • Hard Disk: 4.5 GB
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL graphics card with at least 256 MB of onboard memory
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