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Through the use of technologies such as Digital-Twin Multi-Domain Modeling, Digital-Twin, and 1D Co-Simulation in 3D by using Modelica interfaces as well as Hardware-in-loop modeling and simulation, the Indian R&D sector is able to avoid the possibility of catastrophic failures in systems downstream. This demo will demonstrate how to build, set an up-to-date, and running a simulation model to allow RCS simulation. After this simulation process, the demonstration will lead you to analyze and visualize the results. It will also teach you how to make use of the ability to script to understand and learn more about the more advanced features of the model, that aren’t apparent from just a basic study of the model.Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Altair Feko

SAR systems are being used to provide critical remote mapping and sensing capabilities. SAR transmitters are usually placed on mobile satellite or airborne platforms to operate from stand-off distances and to collect measurements of terrain. The data collected through multiple scans or passes are processed by the latest SAR interferometry algorithms to create topographic maps that help identify key features of the landscape, e.g., fault lines and bodies of water forests and glaciers, vegetation, and so on.

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The most difficult tasks involve separating foliage from the terrain maps, identifying kinds of forests, recognizing tree heights, and finding irregularities or hidden objects under foliage, referred to as the perforation problem. This important subject is largely ignored in the realm of modeling today due to the requirement for high detail in the model and massive computational resources.A useful tool for studying an array in electromagnetic disturbances issues. Feko is the most effective tool to understand and optimize the location of antennas and coupling. The performance of an installed antenna is dependent on the way and location of antennas are connected.

Feko covers the widest range of electromagnetics with high-frequency applications which allows teams to optimize wireless connectivity, such as 5G, to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, as well as perform radar cross-section and analysis of scattering. A Radome is a structure that shields electronics and antennas from harsh environmental and weather elements without reducing radio frequency signals. The radome is constructed to minimize the effect on the electrical efficiency of antennas as well as to be able to withstand wind and structural load performance requirements.

Altair Feko

They are utilized in a variety of industries, such as electronics, defense, aerospace, and telecoms. Radomes, specifically those that contain multiple layers as well as curves FSS elements, are extremely complex and the design and simulation of these systems could take weeks, or even days to be completed. This presentation will introduce Altair’s radome simulation software and how it can be used to design a radome system. Industry 4.0 brings automation to traditional industrial processes and manufacturing by utilizing modern technology through the Industrial Internet of Things.

There are a variety of techniques that can be found several techniques that are available Feko are viewed as a way to decrease the need for resources in electric models. In this talk, you will learn about research carried out by the Antenna and Electromagnetics Group at the Queen Mary University of London. Some examples include using Altair Feko to enhance a bee-tracking radar’s performance as well as to develop modern small antenna testing ranges. This is an offline installer and standalone configuration to run Altair HW FEKO and WinProp 2018 64 bit. The entire In All The setting of materials properties, equation parameters, and the calculations, which are defined by the user are all included in the CADFEKO model.

Find the present distribution as well as far fields of a MIMO circular Ring antenna. Calculate the reflection coefficient of input of an aperture-coupled patch antenna. In this video, the MIRDC’s Bionic Intelligent Automatic Guided Vehicle (BI-AGV) has been presented. The “collaborative handling module” has three features of wireless intelligence: flexible use and flexible mobility.

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Because of the high level of detail of tree models, Altair HyperMesh is utilized to edit geometry and clean and Altair Feko is utilized for FOPEN computational electromagnetic behavior in the Ku-band and L studied. The torque method employs finite element methods physical optics scattering radiation in geometric optics and uniform diffraction theory. The software also employs optimization tools that incorporate linear, avian, genetic, and feedback techniques. The software’s graphic environment uses the most comprehensive control tools and design tools that work in three or two dimensions via the mouse.

Feko offers new Fasano models, the fastest method of analyzing the radomes of a given area, which includes electrically massive problems as well as frequencies selective surfaces. Find frequency domain results with the wideband simulation process of moments. The latest technologies, such as 5G, V2V-communications E-mobility, V2V-communication, and IoT make it easier to identify electromagnetic field sources that exist in the surroundings.

When developing electronic systems, compliance with standards for electromagnetic radiation hazards (e.g. ICRRP 2020,) is essential to ensure. This webinar will focus on the dangers from electromagnetic radiation to individuals as well as ordnance and fuel and how they can be minimized by numerical field calculations using Altair technology. It leads to smart products that are economical, while also offering better quality and reliability.

FEKO Suite is software for analyzing a variety of electromagnetic interference. The applications it supports include EMC analysis and cable interconnection and the electromagnetic compatibility of antennas, design microstrip antennas, circuits study of scattering, and much more. Its FEKO Suite is both complete and efficient and comes with many features to analyze dielectric plates.

The mathematical methods employed in this program include finite moments as well as time difference techniques. Feko is utilized globally in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense communications, as well as consumer electronics to decrease the time-to-market.

The RF co-site interferes when multiple co-located RF systems impact each other’s smooth operation. This document will explain the process and provides an exercise that follows the steps for solving co-site interference problems starting from the development of antennas, receivers, and transmitters along with those stations, and the coupling loss matrixes, and on to the analysis. It is the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection published in March 2020 an updated version of its guidelines to limit radiation exposure from electromagnetic fields.

This white paper provides a method to assess the level of compliance with the basic limitations of ICNIRP using numerical simulation of fields using the simulation software Altair Feko. Feko has been an innovator in high-frequency electromagnetic simulations for more than 20 years. Basing its success on this long-standing tradition, Feko has now developed an efficient and cost-effective set of solvers that are parallelized to create products to meet the demands of a connected world.

It is also possible to manage Maxwell Solver through the interface graphical and it comes with a variety of tools to study dielectric plates in complex electromagnetic simulations. It lets you study a broad range of electromagnetic phenomena and issues.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most important concepts that are essential in Radar Cross Section and scattering calculations. The presentation will cover the study of various applications while highlighting the most recent capabilities that help customers solve complex problems by leveraging existing and market-leading solutions. Radomes are multiphysics problems protecting antennas, contributing to aerodynamic efficiency, and delivering the desired transparency of electromagnetic waves.

Altair Feko System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.8 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
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