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Visual C++ comes with several versions of the C runtime library. Users can use any library to compile their code. This can lead to problems when different components are used in the same program. One example of this is a program that uses different libraries. If the implications are not understood, the user should use the same C Run-Time for all components of the program.

Visual C Runtime

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You might find multiple versions of the redistributable when you go to your Apps and features Setting or Programs & Features Control Panel. One version of the redistributable might be used by a particular app, so uninstalling any version could cause it to stop working. Some apps may require an updated version of Visual C++ Redistributable, such as 2010 SP1 and 2012 Update 4. Visual C++ 2.0 was the first 32-bit version. It also included MFC 3.0. This version was in many ways ahead of its time. Windows 95, codenamed “Chicago”, wasn’t yet released and Windows NT only had a small market share.

Visual C Runtime

You don’t have to be concerned, as we have a fix for the Visual C++ runtime error in Windows 10. After that, you can resume the normal operation of the operating system. There are a few redistributables that we are experiencing issues with. We are trying to install an older version of 2013 redistributable. However, the program doesn’t work because it is using the latest version. The program can’t find the file when it tries to search for it. Also, I can confirm that MSVCR110.dll Visible C++ 2012 Redistributable works correctly and not the version mentioned in the article. This is because I keep getting this error even though I have the 2012 version. The program worked perfectly when the correct version was installed.

It is best to uninstall it only if you are absolutely sure it is needed. If you don’t need it, keep it. Multiple versions are not a big deal and provide only additional functionality when necessary. Choose your architecture to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. All installs are done silently and require no user intervention. The script will not reboot Windows automatically. After the script is finished, you will need to restart your computer. You will need the Visual C++ Redistributable if you have software or programs that require it.

@anon: x64 OS can support 32-bit or 64-bit applications. To be able to use all platforms, you will need to install 32-bit (64-bit) and 64-bit (32-bit) Microsoft Visual C++. X86 OS only supports 32-bit apps, so 32-bit apps cannot be installed. You can then install the SP1MFC update, which includes updates for both 32 and 64-bit OS. This article contains valuable information.


The Itechtics staff is made up of tech experts, led by Usman Khurshid. So that our users can trust everything we write, we verify it. For further assistance and support, you can contact us. You may be wondering if it is okay to remove any Visual C++ packages that you have installed.

It was downloaded to my Downloads folder. This allows you to automatically install many components that are required for various Apps, Games, or Programs to run. Find the error message, right-click on it and select Properties.

Microsoft Visual C++ Unspecified Error – You might receive an Unspecified Error message from Microsoft Visual C++. This could be a serious problem but you should be capable of fixing it with one of our solutions. My client was immediately satisfied. All SCCM packages were installed successfully. MSVCR110.dll is missing on your computer. The Program won’t start. To fix the problem, try reinstalling it.

Although this may seem tedious, many users have reported that it solved the problem by reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributables. Reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributables is all you need to fix the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime problem.

Internal Version Numbering

Visual C++ 2.x supports Win32s development. It can be downloaded through Microsoft Developer Network. It includes the VC_Redist runtime package for Visual C++ 2005 to 2018, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017. The English language version of the files is included. Visual Studio 2019 (Version 16.0), requires that this redistributable library be installed on the system. Visual Studio 2019 is installed on your system. The runtime library must also be installed in order to run the programs.

Static libraries and object files that are compiled using /GL don’t work with other versions. They must be used in the same toolkit. C 3.0 was Microsoft’s first version. This version was designed to be compatible with K&R as well as the later ANSI standard. It was used within Microsoft as early as 1984. Microsoft digitally signs all files, which ensures that they remain unchanged. To run correctly, programs and apps written in C++ require Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. It installs all components required by many games and programs.

To avoid potential problems, Microsoft recommends that you use the multithreaded dynamic link library (/MD) or the /MD compiler choice. This will resolve your Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error in the shortest possible time.

Visual C Runtime System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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