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Modo Bass allows you to get down and dirty about everything, from string properties and noise to pickup model, position, and stroke direction. It also includes an amp and stompbox effect section drawing on IK’s highly-respected AmpliTube technology. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is used to personalize content and ads, offer social media features and analyze website traffic. Google and other partners also receive information about how you use our website. Click on the desired string to tune it, then play the appropriate string on your bass guitar until the two notes sound like.

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Virtual Bassist

This displays the current chord starting at the top and includes a useful MIDI In “LED”. In Chord mode, VB plays melodic riffs. While in Note mode the rhythmic structure for the current Part is performed using only the chord root notes or octaves.

The Gentleman Bassist

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Virtual Bassist

Ideal for both professionals and beginners

VB recognizes a variety of chord types. In most cases, it doesn’t matter which inversion is used. VB will follow the host sequencer’s tempo, but the Speed control allows for half-or double-time play. Latch, on the other hand, forces VB to continue playing even if the chord or note being played is released in the Pitch Range section. VB will change Parts only at the end of a bar.

You can use the small padlock icon at the bottom right to lock the bass sound. This allows the user to change styles while keeping the overall sound. However, there are some differences that might make one product more appealing than the other for different buyers. Broomstick bass, for example, has a more distinct sample set. It includes acoustic and keyboard instruments, as well as individual bass types. Broomstick bass also excels when used as a VST instrument manual because of its performance articulations. Virtual Bassist’s Amp & FX options are great, and it is possible to use the same effects in a separate plugin. Player Mode is a revolutionary technology that we have developed to deliver incredibly realistic bass performances in your music, even if you don’t play the keyboards or bass. You can easily and seamlessly combine 990 phrases from 30 musical styles to create the perfect performance for any song.

The Early/Late control lets you move the entire performance slightly behind or ahead of the beat. Below these controls is a large dial with a large diameter that can blend three different types of bass sounds. Finger noise and fret buzz can also be added for realism. These controls are identical to the Amp & FX page and do exactly what you would expect.

Toontrack’s other half, the sublime EZdrummer 2 makes it easy to blast out convincing b-lines by teaming up with them. Although you only have two multi-sampled basses guitars, a Fender Jazz or an Alembic, they are both great performers. They can extract an incredible level of detail from their many articulations and then combine them into a solid selection of effects-processed presets. The first of many EBX addons are available if you are hungry for more. A powerful sequencer is also included in the plugin so you don’t have to leave it.

This creates two independent virtual bass players, each created by different teams from different countries. All effects are easy to use thanks to the simple stompbox-style controls. However, the level of control gives you endless creative options. It’s a great bonus that these same effects can be used as separate plug-ins. I tried it with guitar parts and synth parts, and the results were excellent with very little CPU overhead.

Micro Timing displays are a basic but useful groove quantize tool. A Micro Timing display provides useful 16th, eighth, and quarter-note swing presets. You can manually adjust a groove by dragging the vertical red markers or activating the “from MIDI” button. The groove will be taken directly from the incoming MIDI signals. The Swing knob is identical to the one on the Play page. It controls the strength of the applied swing.

Virtual Bassist also includes GrooveMatch which allows you to match the Virtual Bassist’s bass line with any drum groove. Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, or Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition owners will be able to find grooves and patterns for their instruments. This creates a tightly integrated drum, bass, and guitar rhythm section within VST or DXi host applications.

This combines a very generic amp-and speaker-modeling function and six classic stompbox-type effects — Wah Fuzz, Octaver, and Compressor with Flange/Chorus, Tremolo, and Compressor. There are many preset effects available, and they can be found to the right of your display. Some of the more extreme settings include ‘Grammophone,’ ‘Sewerage Delice’ and ‘Weird Jet Ski, but there are also many solid, usable sounds that can be used for all styles. Virtual Bassist offers a wide range of styles that can be used to cover contemporary music genres. Although some styles of rock and blues are safe, others have a lot of attitudes. The ‘Pop Fills style is a good example. There’s lots of slapping and plucking going on. The ‘Tapping style, which is based on tapping the bass strings rather than plucking them, is another favorite of mine.

Virtual Bassist is similar to Virtual Guitarist. It includes a graphic of a guitar with some virtual controls. You can adjust the volume, tone, and attack, as well as note damping. You can also toggle between a five-string and a four-string bass model by using the switch. Styles will attempt to use the lowest ‘B’ string in the parts played if the five-string model option is chosen.

Virtual Bassist System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
Updated: September 4, 2021 — 12:58 pm

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