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VideoStudio allows users to alter the apparent replay speed, make it reverse as well as alter color and saturation. It has tools that allow users to cut, crop, and separate video tracks. The soundtrack can be separated into two tracks, which allows the music to be played at an alternate speed as the video. The feature Corel refers to as “SmartRender” renders only the edited video segments and allows users to view edited video with no need for VideoStudio to produce temporary images.

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Ulead Video Studio

The software supports both timeline-oriented and storyboard editing. There are several formats that can be used for the source files and the final video can be converted as DVD AVCHD HD-DVD, DVD, and AVI. Please contribute to improving it by removing advertising as well as links to external sites that are inappropriate and including encyclopedic content written from an objective point of view. You can enjoy all the old features you loved from Ulead VideoStudio as well as of other features as you update to the most current version of VideoStudio.

In order to improve your video editing abilities, It was among the most popular software choices for novices. The developers are constantly updating features to meet the requirements of users.

If you require advanced filters and functions then this program is one to consider. It comes with a variety of filters and options designed to make your life easier and create professional-looking videos. This Ulead VideoStudio Plus 11 demo is accessible to all users of the software for free, with the possibility of limitations when compared to an actual version. Proxy file formats are smaller variants of source that substitute the full-resolution source when editing, to enhance performance.

Users can overlay a Flash animation, image, or text over the video. The user has to take a certain color off the video overlay so that the background or image appears in the background. Search Help Find out how-to details about features, get the basics, and more.

Ulead Video Studio Features

If you’re at an office or on a shared network, you can request the administrator of your network to conduct a scan of the network for any improperly configured and infected equipment. Please contribute to the improvement of this article by supplying citations to trustworthy sources. User Forum Join other users for help, exchange ideas and tips, and even discuss VideoStudio.

Access valuable resources for free after upgrading to Ulead VideoStudio.

Ulead Video Studio

It is a writing and video editing software that allows you to create stunning slideshows, videos, and DVDs. It also gives you the possibility to play and share your video recordings to iPod or other devices. It offers complete support with Blu-beam and AVCHD as well as HD discs.

Corel purchased Ulead VideoStudio in 2006 and kept the Ulead VideoStudio brand for a period of time. Then, it was changed to Corel VideoStudio and got upgraded with a variety of contemporary improvements, and a fresh look was released. If you were an avid user of Ulead VideoStudio, you would be amazed by the improvement in the latest version of Corel VideoStudio.

How to get Ulead Video Studio Free

Corel sold the software under a similar name for a time however, it was later switched into Corel VideoStudio. The most recent version Corel VideoStudio is packed with many sophisticated effects and filters that will assist all users to create innovative video projects. Perhaps the most effective video editor back in the 1990s, Ulead VideoStudio was named after its creators, Ulead systems. With no prior experience in editing video, it was possible for anyone to use this software to create a professional video. It offered a wide array of modern tools that required minimal time to be acquainted with.

Ulead VideoStudio is now VideoStudio and is more powerful than ever! Created in the Ulead systems Ulead system, Ulead VideoStudio was one of the most well-known software for editing videos in the 1990s. It was a tool that allowed anyone to edit video files in a professional fashion. There was a wide selection of tools to perform advanced editing of videos, but it was minimal. This allowed novice users to develop their editing skills significantly. With frequent updates and the introduction of the newer version, Ulead Video Studio became more user-friendly with enhanced editing capabilities.

Ulead Video Studio System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium IV
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Hard Disk Space: 1GB space required
  • RAM: 512MB
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