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You can browse, edit and apply multiple effects to the clips from one interface that gives you an idea of the entire project in one glance. There are more than 1,000 custom effects filters, transitions, filters, and title styles you can apply to your videos at exactly the right moment. The large preview monitor will allow you to see, whenever you’d like to what each change you make will affect your final blend. CG Infinity – A vector-based video editing software that allows users to create logo animations or graphic vectors on video frames.

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Ulead MediaStudio Pro

The most irritating aspect of Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas is the slow and complex installation process. In this sense, you don’t have any issues to worry about using Ulead MediaStudio Professional. From version 8.0, CG Infinity and Video Paint have been separated from the MSP suite, and are now offered as a combined product known as VideoGraphics Lab. From version 8.0, CG Infinity and Video Paint are separate from the MSP suite and are available as a product that is a combination of both known as VideoGraphics Lab. The brand new scan DV Tape feature scans your tape and then creates a DV album that contains thumbnails of each clip. It could be because of the program’s discontinuation or having a security problem or any other reason.

MediaStudio Pro offers color correction for mid tones, highlights and shadows, as an extensive selection of beneficial effects. In CG Infinity, you can create dynamic graphics and titles and animate them over time using keyframed motion paths, and alter the transparency. Video Paint Frame-by-frame editor that allows users to create an image or drawing effects with a pen on video frames. This article is not in accordance with Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability for items and products. After installing the software on your system, you’ll be able to see it Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 is actually a set of three applications in the same package – Video Capture Video Editor, Audio Editor, and Video Editor. Open any one of them and then switch to the other two on the main menu.

The program lets you test any component of the application prior to installation so that you can assess the performance of the program. The intuitive interface of Ulead media studio pro lets you add, remove and edit audio, video, and text elements quickly, and it is also able to be operated via the terminal. Perfect for editors with professional experience, Ulead MediaStudio Pro was a high-quality video editing software packed with modern tools.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro Features

Ulead(r) MediaStudio Pro 8 is an extremely versatile, powerful, and user-friendly video editing software that is ideally designed for enthusiasts and professionals with independent filmmaking, videography of events education, and business. If you’re planning to invest in editing software for the video I’d recommend you purchase or Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. However, I’m not convinced that the Ulead media studio Pro has the capabilities to win over either one in the minds of professionals who edit videos. However, if for any reason, you can’t get hold of Vegas or Premiere the Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 is a decent alternative. Non-DV video, such as Windows Media files, DVD-VR from DVD recorders, or footage in Sony’s MicroMV format requires to use of the Switch the Capture Plug-in. This function also allows real-time conversion of videos to MPEG as a new feature.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro

It is made to be user-friendly and so that those who are not computer savvy can use it to assist them in their work. Additionally, it can be used to edit or convert, as well as storage and organization media files, such as videos music, images, images, and music. The five applications that are essential include Video Capture, Video Editor Music Editor, Video Paint, and CG Infinity. Ulead VCD/DVD disc image recorder is a mini-app to burn images onto the disc. They’re all available in the Start menu’s Ulead MediaStudio Pro folder. The company also added an unrestricted version of DVD MovieFactory that is intended to export video only and doesn’t include the full version’s direct capture feature to DVD. Each application comes with the Switch menu to quickly switch between MediaStudio components and other components of Ulead programs.

The user-friendly interface of Video Editor allows you to drag to cut, paste, and copy images, video, or audio tracks while arranging and mixing them quickly and precisely. Alongside the main timeline for the work, you could create separate timelines for each track or clip or mix a few of them into a single sequence that has its own timeline. You can save the sequence for later use. Apart from editing, Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 also includes the Video Capture as well as an audio Editor program. It’s a bit irritating that the creators decided not to integrate these functions in their own programs instead of integrating them with an Audio Editor.

How to get Ulead MediaStudio Pro Free

Video Capture, Video Paint, CG Infinity, Audio Editor, and Video Editor Five different applications came together to form MediaStudio Pro. With the variety of features offered by these programs, MediaStudio Pro became very popular with video creators. CG Infinity and Video Paint were not included in MediaStudio Pro when version 8.0 was released in 2005. Corel purchased MediaStudio Pro that year and since then, Ulead MediaStudio Pro was discontinued. The most recent version of VideoStudiovides offers versatile and intuitive editing features that are more powerful than ever before.

It comes with Video Capture, Video Paint, CG Infinity, Audio Editor and Video Editor Advanced Video Editor is a video development software that included all the tools needed to make stunning projects. The 8.0 version, released in 2005 was without CG Infinity as well as Video Paint. One year later, the version that was to be released Ulead MediaStudio Professional 8.10 was released. Since then, Corel has acquired the rights to this program and integrated its features along with Corel VideoStudio. It’s updated, modern, and includes advanced features which perform more efficiently and smoothly than MediaStudio Pro ever had. Ulead MediaStudio Pro is an innovative video editor program ideal for professional editors. The first version that was known was released in 1999 for the Windows platforms by its creator Ulead Systems.

The interface of MediaStudio Pro is busier on the side, with a large number of windows and floating objects. There are toolbars, palettes, and menus that include icons and text, and numerous buttons and direct controls to control elements like motion paths. Additionally, they all give access to an overwhelming variety of options for advanced users with various levels of dialog boxes and options. The application suite is powerful and packed with advanced features and rich options; speedy tape scan to DV-clip index and live preview in real-time. The process was smooth for us, however, it’s a little laborious as you’ll have to navigate through several windows. When you install, MediaStudio Pro automatically loads Windows components, like DirectX. Strangely, in the event that Windows Media 9 Format SDK is already installed, it will offer to uninstall itself. This made us cancel the process.

Enjoy all the classic features you enjoyed about MediaStudio and much extra when you update to the most recent version of VideoStudio. User Forum Meet other users for help, exchange ideas and tricks, and talk about VideoStudio. Each part of the video Editor interface opens a new dialog box, with a wealth of options. This is a fantastic instrument for people who like to alter the settings under the hood to increase power and improve performance. Check for dangerous settings and passwords as well as suspicious add-ons and outdated software. We don’t have any changes logs yet for version 8.8 of Ulead MediaStudio Pro.

Search Help Get help about features, get the basics, and more. Quick-to-master tools integrated into the system allow you to be at the top of professional real-time HDV and DV as well as MPEG editing. It scans your tape at scan-forward speeds that can be around 10X, locates the individual clips, and then places an image of each of them in a DV album. It is able to use DirectX audio filters as well as Ulead audio filters to perform sound effect editing. It is however, Instant Play takes an unsettling five or so seconds to begin every time it begins.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III 500MHZ Processor
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Hard Disk Space: 300MB space required
  • RAM: 128MB
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