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View images of the library’s custom visual user interface by clicking the gallery above. This library is loaded with features that give you a variety of control parameters for sound shaping that are fully automated within your host environment or in the standalone mode of Kontakt. The sounds recorded by this library were extremely silent and produced by a small and typically delicate glass bulb. To amplify a variety of these musical sounds too acceptable levels the low-frequency rumble, as well as high-frequency hiss, have been unavoidably amplified. We’ve kept these imperfections on purpose instead of eliminating them, to preserve the delicate elements of these sounds, and also to increase the creative potential of these sounds.

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Soundiron Luminabells

The Kontakt interface comes with a variety of sound-shaping controls that are ready for automation to provide you with complete freedom. You can adjust the swell, attack, release and offset, as well as vibrato filter and pitch (coarse and fine) as well as articulation switching crossing-fading, layering and cross-fading, and many more. Additionally, we’ve included 20 unique custom-designed sound effects that provide you with a variety of innovative choices. Multi-layer, flexible and user interface controls that include LFO filter glide, and arpeggiator. Tuned and untuned tone resonant rings, pings, dings pops, clacks, and another transient impact of 40 bulbs in all sizes and shapes. Tuned and untuned tonal resonance of dings, rings, pops, pings, clacks, and other transient effects from 40 lightbulbs of various sizes and shapes. Our goal is to create professional instruments for virtual that encourage you to make music that is uncompromising in quality, and great range of flexibility.

The delicate and uniquely musical bell-like quality of the traditional light bulb intrigued us, and we were aware that the time was coming to an end for this nifty gadget. This is the reason we present to you Luminabells, the mysterious and beautiful nature of the basic light bulb, captured in tiny, starry galaxies of quaint and stunning sounds. We’ve decided to bring you Luminabells. It is the mysterious and sweet nature of the basic light bulb captured as tiny, starry constellations of simple and beautiful sounds. Soundiron announces the release of Luminabells 2.0 Luminabells is the mysterious and sweet basic bulb, recorded as tiny, starry galaxies of sluggish but gorgeous sounds. We recorded all kinds of dimensions and forms of classic filament-style incandescent bulbs, meticulously sculpted into an enthralling collection of un-tuned and tuned… The recordings include several different dimensions and shapes of bulbs with a variety of playing articulations to discover the sound potential of each.

We’ve also designed a massive new volume of toys instruments, and sound sources specifically for this compilation. Da Fingaz’s demo features a mix of the Luminabells sounds mingled together with various libraries. Impact Soundworks — Virtual instruments and plugins created for composers. Loopmasters -Top-quality sample and sound libraries designed for musicians and producers.

Soundiron Luminabells Features

The complete Retail version Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.5 is required for use of .nki instrument presets inside this collection. Free Kontakt “Player” and “Add Library” import processes are not compatible with this standard open-format Kontakt library. A dual-core CPU, 2GB System Ram, SATA, or SSD hard drive is recommended to use this library. The library is equipped with a flexible LFO system, which allows you to choose the LFO shape and modulation target parameters, speed the intensity, tempo-syncing as well as fade-in time. It also lets you apply the choice of 12 lowpass FX, high-pass, and low-pass filters. They can be assigned modulation targets like velocity, expression, mod wheel key position, step-sequencer, and key table control. The customizable arpeggiator comes with the ability to control the velocity table as well as over the direction of arps and timing, as well as swing duration and randomization. We’ve added a key lock as well as a scale lock that allows you to limit your notes to the most common keys and scales to facilitate musical composition and live performances.

Soundiron Luminabells

Libraries built on more than twenty years of winning engineering expertise and are packed with intuitive features and exclusive content that isn’t available in other libraries. Full FX rack, with convolution reverb, custom halls, rooms chambers, FX environments, and halls.

How to get Soundiron Luminabells Free

We played with our fingers and mallets, sticks, palms along with other bulbs and tools, paying attention to each note and timbre we could extract from each lightbulb. Particular attention was paid to vibrating the distinctive filament inside each bulb as far as we could without damaging it or even the bulb’s glass. This library was designed to work with the commercial version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later. Kontakt is an industry-standard advanced digital instrument platform.

In Luminabells 2.0, we included an array of playable articulations that can be played, as well as brand-new ambient textures drones, ambient pads, and 20 custom fx preset that will stimulate your creativity. The Luminabells library is a great addition to your palette of compositional soundtracks, game scores for films and videos, and more. It is a standard Kontakt open-format library. As such, Kontakt Player is free. Kontakt Player does not fully support it, and is able to only operate it in only a restricted “demo mode”. However, these sample directories can be locked which means you can use them in other software compatible with wav synth and sampler formats. The specially designed Libraries tab does not support the open-format Kontakt library, however, you can make use of the normal File browser tab and load it into Kontakt’s Kontakt Quickload window to facilitate load and navigation. For the Luminabells 2.0, Soundiron provided a wide range of playable articulations, new ambient textures ambient pads, drones and 20 presets for customizing fx to inspire your imagination.

Soundiron Luminabells System Requirements

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB
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