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When you press Shift Alt, Ctrl as well as all of them, the system will display the key you are pressing on the right side of the cursor. In the Settings menu, you can alter the default behavior and alter it. You can, for instance, change it to ensure that SpotOnTheMouse will display images of mice beside the cursor. Fixed bug that caused the mouse image, halo, and crosses hairs to appear behind other windows under certain circumstances. To summarize SpotOnTheMouse has some useful tools that can help you keep your mouse’s cursor visible during presentations. It’s ideal for all users, regardless of levels of experience.

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Filter your search by license and discover only open source alternatives or Open Source alternatives. Another option to avoid seeing this site in the future is to make use of a Privacy Pass. It is possible the latest version 2.0 immediately by visiting Google’s Chrome Web Store. The tests have proven that SpotOnTheMouse can complete a task extremely quickly and with no mistakes. It has a very small footprint on the system’s resources, which means that the performance of your PC is not affected. SpotOnTheMouse is not a freeware application, but it’s free to test it out. You will get reminded of that each time you start the program.

This makes clicks on the mouse more visible and improves the perception of the mouse’s pointer, and it displays the specific key combinations and keys that are pressed by the mouse. SpotOnTheMouse is an application that allows you to point your mouse and use a keyboard motion visualization application. In default, the application puts a yellow circle over the cursor of your mouse. If you click away the program displays an orange circle around the cursor.

You can disable or enable the animated mode of your mouse with a couple of clicks. While the program is running, you’ll notice a SpotOnTheMouse icon appearing in the tray icon of your system. If you click on this icon, you’ll be shown the Settings menu, which lets you modify the functionality of the application. Click it, and you’ll be presented with a context menu that allows users to access the Settings menu, pause the app or shut it down. Alternatives to SpotOnTheMouse on Web, Android, iPhone, Windows, iPad, and many more.

SpotOnTheMouse Features

The program has an interface for the main menu that lets you toggle on or off various functions and select the options. Free software that puts an outlined circle or square around the cursor, which can be used in classrooms or demonstrations. If you’re at an office or shared network, you may request the administrator of your network to perform a search across the network for any incongruous or affected devices. The network administrator will be pleased with an organized feature list that lets you complete most tasks without much effort.


If you’re right in front of the screen it’s easy to spot the cursor of your mouse. When you’re making a presentation, however, it may be difficult for your viewers to keep track of the cursor’s movements. It improves the cursor’s apparentness by placing an orange circle around it.

Sometimes, your eyes don’t see the line while reading text with lines that are long across the screens. Simply underline your current reading position using the crosshair. It shows you where your mouse is at the moment on the screen. It also increases the display of the cursor by shining a light over it. SpotOnTheMouse can be run in any version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. To get the program functioning it’s necessary to download a small file that you extract and execute the executable contained in the archive, and then follow the steps given to you by the setup wizard. The whole process will take very little time and will take only a few minutes of effort.

How to get SpotOnTheMouse Free

SpotOnTheMouse allows the cursor of your mouse to be more noticeable, which makes it a fantastic tool for people who need to present presentations. A highly visible locator instantly reveals your mouse position. Controllable trigger time period, from 1 second to 30 minutes. Eliminates the frustrating search of your screen. It’s a great software to use when instructing or presenting software because mouse clicks are visible, and the mouse’s graphic is shown clearly every time you press the left or right buttons. SpotOnTheMouse can also assist those who are just getting used to using their mouse or previously had difficulty using a mouse because the visual effect makes the experience more enjoyable and assists users to learn more quickly. SpotOnTheMouse can also be a great supplement to a presentation software for instance when you are working with Powerpoint presentations, the effects of the Halo and click circles can enhance your presentation by making it more vibrant and enjoyable to view.

Furthermore, you’re able to hide the mouse’s image, halo, or crosshairs when the mouse is not active and text is typed in and also set a delay. Free Download SpotOnTheMouse 2 complete version offline installer standalone for Windows it’s an action-oriented mouse software. SpotOnTheMouse is a program specifically designed to function as an action-oriented mouse software. It takes only a few minutes and effort be needed to get the program functioning. The program helps to make the cursor apparent, highlights mouse movements, and displays the moment you use certain keys.

It also makes keystrokes and mouse clicks visible. It shows the red and blue circles when the left or right-click. It also will show that you have pressed the Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys whenever you use these keys. For each of these animations, the application includes a variety of adjustments that allow you to change the size, adjust the transparency, and select the appropriate color.

SpotOnTheMouse System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
Updated: December 10, 2021 — 7:55 pm

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