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You can protect yourself online by hiding your IP address from websites, emails games, websites, and more. Yes, there is no 64-bit version that is specifically designed for it that you can get the 32-bit version downloaded and install SafeIP on 64 bit Windows operating systems. SafeIP lets you browse Internet browsing that protects your identity by hiding the IP address of the computer and does not transmit the IP address to websites you browse on. SafeIP is a program that’s free to conceal the IP address of your computer and ensure your identity as a user. Surf in complete anonymity or conceal your IP address and block websites and websites at no cost. SafeIP is completely free with no ads and it never expires. In contrast to competitors, SafeIP users may upgrade to access VPN accounts, and then choose to utilize VPN or proxy VPN mode.


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In addition to the anonymity of movements across the global network, it’s also possible to access certain websites which block IP addresses belonging to certain countries. SafeIP is a proxy server for the PC’s IP address. They send every data stream to its software, ensuring that your identity is secure when you visit blogs, websites, and other websites that are on the Web.

New IP locations, additional translations, and automatic notification of updates. Download for free on Windows with no ads and without expiration. SafeIP is completely free of charge for unlimited use without ads, and it never expires. If you don’t get the download to begin automatically, visit this page. I believe that this is an awesome app however, I don’t like the fact that I can’t switch to an ISP in California, yet it functions perfectly. It does not have an expiration date and it will not bombard you with irritating ads. Instead, it is designed to be as straightforward an option to keep your IP address secret as is possible.

SafeIP can be used with all the most popular Windows browsers that including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Select the anonymous IP that is closest to your location to enjoy the fastest speeds of connection. Websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, and thousands of other sites are blocked by a variety of institutions, schools workplaces, ISPs, or even nations.

SafeIP is a tool for free that will be a big hit with computer users during these security-conscious times, in which we all want to keep our internet activities from the scrutiny of hackers. The most crucial aspect of online security is to keep your IP address private and this program can help you accomplish this without a lot of effort. All you have to do is connect the program using an IP address, or public Wi-Fi and then select the country in which you wish the fake address of your IP to be. Your Internet Protocol address changes after the click of a button to a different one that is located, for instance, in Hong Kong.

SafeIP Features

We do not support or approve of using this software if it’s in violation of the laws. Softonic might earn the amount of a referral fee should you buy or click on one of the products mentioned here. Secure and anonymous internet surfing using JonDoFox available for Mozilla Firefox. JonDoFox Anonymous and secure web surfing using JonDoFox available for Mozilla Firefox. Change your MAC address to provide better security on the network. Surf the Web in complete anonymity, without recording or tracking your actions.


Stop websites from tracking you based on your Browser Fingerprint ID with our unique anti-tracking algorithm. The communication between SafeIP and your computer is secured through strong encryption meaning you are safe when accessing the Internet at home or via a public WiFi network. SafeIP is available for Android 4. x devices. The software will automatically configure your device by using the secure OpenVPN.

Many websites offered by Google were shut down by China. SafeIP is a tool that can block any website, thereby bypassing firewalls and filters, allowing users to enjoy a cost-free Internet. SafeIP employs anti-blocking techniques to protect the software from being automatically blocked by Internet service providers. You can hide your IP address and secure your online identity by using SafeIP. Also, you can unblock websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Make sure to secure all your Internet data using a secure proxy, whether you are at home or at the public WiFi hotspots. Our Speed Boost setting allows for faster connections that are secure VPN connections to protect torrents and greater compatibility with all Internet applications.

How to get SafeIP Free

With the option to have it auto-start, SafeIP ensures that your intellectual property is secured throughout the day, even when you connect with the Internet. Yes, the software is free and you can use it at any time, with no limitations and without any additional costs. What are the files I’ll need to download in order to install this program onto my Windows PC? In order to install SafeIP on your computer, it is necessary to Download the SafeIP.exe file onto your Windows and then install it. Yes, the software may be installed and works for Windows 10.

SafeIP recognizes this and keeps your IP address from websites, games, and other software. Furthermore, since the list is organized according to location, you’ll be able to identify the IP anonymous closest to your location which will allow you to speed the speed of your browsing anonymously. The program secures all internet traffic with the use of a private proxy, no matter if you’re browsing at home or on the public WiFi connection. Users aren’t restricted in terms of bandwidth or speed in any manner. A free proxy-based anti-censorship program for online privacy and security that allows you to get around firewalls and protect your online identity. It has a distinct algorithm that does not permit websites to monitor your activities. This secures your Internet activity not only when you surf your Internet at home but also in connection to a Wi-Fi network that is public.

This program allows me to feel safe and secure while browsing the internet. SafeIP is a tiny program that allows you to conceal the IP address of a specific computer within the network.

Cover up your IP address to block Internet activity monitoring. With a free VPN proxy Hotspot Shield, you’ll be secure, private, and secure on the internet… With a native ads blocker, no-cost VPN, Facebook access, integrated messengers, and many more. The laws regarding how to use this program differ from country to.

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