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MAXQDA can help you gather, organize, analyze and present your data. It can be used with various frameworks of methodological analysis such as grounded theory review, literature reviews exploratory market research, as well as qualitative content analysis, giving the maximum flexibility to analyze your data as you wish. The program comes with sophisticated analysis tools and document comparability capabilities. The integrated multimedia player lets users to playback videos and audio files and allows you to control the speed of playback and volume.

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MAXQDA Analytics

The default version MAXQDA available for macOS and Windows includes tools to assist in the analysis and organization of quantitative data. This includes audio, text video, image, and bibliographical files as surveys, Twitter tweets, or focus group transcripts. The data can be analyzed using a four-screen display using memos and codes. MAXQDA’s visualization features and export options make it easier to present. MAXQDA also includes a few tools for quantitative analysis of data (e.g. Tools for Mixed Methods).

MAXQDA offers you the ability to study an ever-growing array of kinds of data. You can import PDF documents, documents files images tables media files, Twitter tweets YouTube remarks, georeference, library information, and many more. You can then begin analyzing them swiftly and effortlessly.

“Stats” module “Stats” module offers tools for statistically analyzing MAXQDA project data, or accessing and working with external quantitative data sets that are compiled in Excel and SPSS. MAXQDA is a top software program for mixed and qualitative research. It is among the most extensive applications in the field and is utilized by hundreds of researchers from over 150 nations across the globe. This guide contains guidelines and information for researchers who want to conduct a qualitative analysis of data.

MAXQDA Analytics Features

It’s created as well as distributed via VERBI Software based in Berlin, Germany. One of its strengths is the ability to perform quantitative analysis in addition to qualitative ones, which makes your research comprehensive. Mixed methods let you create conclusive graphs and identify patterns of coding, and the MAXDictio module can help to analyze text (word frequency, frequency of words, the frequency of words repeated, and so on. ).

MAXQDA Analytics

Its MAXQDA Reader makes it possible to search and read MAXQDA projects without having a license. Collaboration is possible when working in pairs to edit the same project and exchanging notes, annotations, and coded information. The outcomes of different sessions of research can be integrated into an entire project. The information can be allocated in tiny text messages (post-its) as well as sections that can be linked to quickly find information that is related. The most important areas can be highlighted using emoticons, colors, or symbols to make it easier to identify them While the search options let you navigate quickly through the library of documents to locate the information you require. The document may require cleaning to conform to Wikipedia’s guidelines for content, especially from a neutral viewpoint.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro is software to conduct quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research. With its extensive array of functions, starting with transcription and inferential statistics analysis MAXQDA can be described as an “all in one” software to conduct research and teach across many disciplines. In addition to its MAXDictio module includes a complete module to analyze statistically qualitative data.

How to get MAXQDA Analytics Free

It provides a broad array of features, making it an excellent choice in the field of qualitative data analysis, and is among the major gamers within the QDA software segment. MAXQDA is specifically designed for use in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research. The importance of going beyond qualitative research is evident in the wide attribute function as well as the capacity of the program to cope rapidly with a higher number of interviews. The broad features of MAXQDA make it an extremely efficient analytical tool that is suited to the needs of researchers across different fields. With its intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, it can be an excellent tool to create impressive reports and presentations.

MAXQDA can be used to process everything from the text in documents to complicated spreadsheets, interview or focus group survey data and websites, multimedia files, tweets, or RIS data. It lets you organize and categorize the information by creating a custom “code system” that incorporates distinct categories and subcategories. MAXQDA Plus can be described as an enhanced version of MAXQDA and comes with it with the MAXDictio module. addiction is a tool that can build Dictionary, as well as for searching and filtering text files. Word frequency and vocabulary analyses are a great way to validate qualitative conclusions. MAXQDA is a software application specifically designed to assist computer-assisted qualitative as well as mixed-method text, data, and multimedia analysis in scientific, academic, and business organizations.

MAXQDA Analytics System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 350 MB of free space required.
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