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A single-user license costs $379. For five users, you’ll pay $1,799 and for ten users, you will save around 10% for each user for $3,409. For bulk orders, or for teachers please make contact with MatchWare directly. Each type of map is extremely customizable and can be linked and integrated with other maps. You can define relationships using special connectors, and create maps that are bottom-up or top-down. You can also create timelines, Gantt charts, or even enter a Prezi-style presentation mode.

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MatchWare MindView

Since 1998, MindView has assisted more than five million people to turn their ideas into reality through our ever-changing program for mind mapping. With the power of MS Office integration, comprehensive features for managing projects, and collaboration options, MindView has grown to become the market’s top mind mapping application. If you can afford it, MindView is a fantastic alternative to enhance your educational, personal, and business organization. When compared to online tools that are free MindView’s downloadable software is at a better standard than what can be downloaded on the internet at no cost. It’s very simple to use, does not come with clutter, and can export and import any timelines, charts, or mind maps you may require.

MindView is an excellent educational and business tool. It is well-known for its features that are accessible, and it focuses on accessibility for people with disabilities. MatchWare includes many tools to encourage collaboration across the platform as well as to aid you in communicating your ideas more effectively.

MindView can generate sub-maps by “detaching” branches and their sub-branches from different tabs, like the sheets of the Excel workbook. Convert to Word and then use our professional, flexible and pre-designed templates to create completely formatted Word documents. Documents exported by MindView contain tables of contents and page numbers, as well as headers, page numbers footers, headers, and more. Include citations as well as a bibliography in the format you prefer in the writing of an Essay.

MatchWare MindView Features

The professionally created Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates let you export your mind maps into a professional document with just one click. “I have used other mind mapping programs, but they did not have the functionality I needed in the workplace.” In terms of managing projects, Mindivew offers detailed and attractive templates that are ready for you to modify and a wide range of additional organizational features. You can, for instance, make tasks that have priority or constraints, as well as dependencies on other occasions. A lot of users have requested automated reminders of tasks due as well as the ability to define conditional formatting to show important branches. To make it easier for users, MindView has built-in preset conditions.

MatchWare MindView

Its Bibliography along with the Citations option has been improved and made simpler. When you export and re-import your document from and to Word the citation information is kept and up-to-date. MindView is a top-quality Mind Mapping software that allows users to maximize brainstorming sessions, and to present their ideas visually. MindView’s Mind Mapping capabilities are an efficient method to organize and create ideas, outline reports and simplify the process of making decisions. Are you and your team working on MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive, or Google Drive?

Mindview was previously known as OpenMind and was later renamed MindView in version 3. MindView Suite includes the popular MS Office 2019 interface, providing users with a familiar interface when working on your mind mapping. With high-resolution icons, easy menus, and an upgraded UI MindView’s brand new interface offers the most user-friendly mind mapping experience that is available. MindView’s online version MindView is cloud-based and comes with the ability to map, create bibliographies as well as an automatic citation. MindView also allows Word as well as Google Docs syncing and collaboration via a shared workspace.

How to get MatchWare MindView Free

You must think through the options carefully before choosing which version to select because the differences between versions go beyond the way you can access the MindView software. Each cost separately as well. When you visit the MatchWare website you can buy the MindView product, or get an initial trial period of 30 days for free. When you download the application you’ll be able to access the screen that has a well-known toolbar that is designed to look similar to the other Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and Access.

If you’re comfortable with the Microsoft suite, you’ll feel at home. There is now a way to connect straight with two well-known reference management systems Mendeley as well as Zotero. This is an easy method to reuse sources from third-party reference management.

MindView integrates with these cloud services, allowing you to save and create hyperlinks straight from the mindmap. MindView Drive lets you save files to the cloud, share files, and collaborate in real-time with files. The menu is titled “File – New”, you can search through a range of templates and begin exploring the program. At first, you’ll discover the number of features MindView has to offer, and might even be overwhelmed. It’s a good thing you are able to sign up to attend a class, read MatchWare’s whitepapers that have been published, and watch the instructional videos included in the program to gain more understanding of what it does. MindView AT has been designed to assist visual thinkers in creating amazing documents and presentations. The easy transition from Mind-Map into Word and PowerPoint lets students create strong, well-formatted documents that are ready for evaluation.

The version available online of MindView is priced at $15 per month when it’s billed as a single-year subscription. $13.50 monthly for two-year billing or $12 per month for three-year billing. If you look through your templates you’ll discover that you can make different types of maps using similar information. This means that you can determine the most effective visualization of the data. Once you’ve completed your work your citations, you can then add references or hyperlinks and export them to other software such as Excel by going to”File. “File” menu again.

This is perfect to work on big mind maps, like essay writing because it breaks them into smaller mind maps. It has charting capabilities, which but the online version isn’t as adept at Gantt charts or outlining, in addition to the ability to integrate with Excel along with Outlook.

MatchWare MindView System Requirements

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 400 MB
  • Microsoft Office 2000
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