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Ricardo Research and Development continues pushing the limits in internal combustion engine modeling. The accurate modeling of combustion processes as well as specific chemical kinetics is our main focus as we work to reduce emissions across all sectors of engines while also delivering world-class real-time solutions. A new set of innovative features will provide you with world-class real-time solutions that provide greater accuracy, efficiency, and efficiency, ultimately helping to cut emissions and address the issues of electrification and hybridization of vehicles. Downloadable now the most current suite of software provides vital analysis and simulation tools that can be used for the entire development of a vehicle. This release brings improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of the combustion model in VECTIS which includes higher precision of spark ignition models for larger engines, quicker simulations as well as new detailed kinetics tools. This release brings improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of thermal and combustion modeling in VECTIS. The next version from Ricardo Software is due to follow with improvements of the Structural Mechanics portfolio including significant speed-ups for our engine software ENGDYN and our finite element software FIERCE.

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Ricardo WAVE

Ricardo has announced today major changes to its own suite of analysis and simulation software designed for engineers. Improvements to shaft profiler within SABR allow users to simulate external and internal profiles independently, greatly increasing efficiency. Updates to ENGDYN will give users more control and improved accuracy thanks to automatic mesh refining to EHD model bearings.

This release is the result of our determination to bring more improvements and brand new features to our customers around the world quicker, with regular releases throughout the entire year. The new IGNITE models relating to gear shift control and modeling together with customization of the duty cycle and enhancements in the modeling of driveline efficiency means that the system engineer is able to find the best driveline solutions for hybrid and conventional applications. Click the box below if you agree to Ricardo to reach out for further information regarding our products, services, or events. Your data will be kept in our secure systems and is not given to third parties. read more about Ricardo’s privacy statement.

SABR features enhanced and innovative calculation methods to analyze tooth contact by using micro-geometry data. The application of crowning and relief at the tip provides more precise and efficient methods to calculate harmonics and transmission errors as well as stiffness and stress. With the ever-growing need to cut emissions and reduce carbon footprints, the automobile industry is constantly adapting and innovating to meet its targets. To meet this challenge, IGNITE is now capable of modeling fuel cell systems using the introduction of a new fuel cell library, which allows the user to explore various strategies that can be used with the technology. Additionally, there are enhancements of the Powertrain Library, including the ability to shift and initialize. This includes fuel efficiency and drive cycles as well as the performance of electric and conventional motorcycles.

Ricardo WAVE Features

It is utilized worldwide in various industries, including rail, ground transportation, motorsport, marine as well as power generation. WAVE allows acoustic and performance analyses to be carried out in almost every intake, combustion, or exhaust configuration. To ensure that WAVE-RT is at the forefront of offering a real-time solution to SIL as well as the HIL application, the latest update comes with a new Ricardo-created calibration tool. It reduces the time to tune from five days down to 2 days using the purchase of a single license for WAVE-RT and is able to be reduced as low to 2 hours when run in parallel. VALDYN is an engine and valvetrain system design and analysis tool that introduces a brand new swinging follower feature to allow users to create models using a variety of swinging followers geometric shapes, which improve accuracy and reduce the time for building. Research and development are also continuing to push the boundaries of Internal Combustion Engine modeling in each VECTIS version, keeping a continuous focus on the global objective of reducing emissions from engines in addition to targetingEURO7, China7 and CAFE legislation. We are pleased to announce a major step up in our simulation capabilities with the initial release of Ricardo’s detailed direct kinetics combustion model.

Ricardo WAVE

A range of new and advanced features will be made available to customers, delivering better efficiency, accuracy, and better integration between different tools. The development team is currently developing the next version in the Ricardo Software portfolio which will be launched later in the year. The users can expect higher levels of predictive capability and enhanced feature content, better integration of the tools, more advanced post-processing, and post-treatment options, and greater electrification-based analysis tools.

This transition to product release cycles that are rolling will help us deliver more value to our customers around the world quicker by allowing access to the latest techniques and methods earlier in the process of development. Our goal with digital engineering is that it will help our customers to cut down on R&D costs, increase testing efficiency, and bring new products to market quicker and with confidence.

How to get Ricardo WAVE Free

New IGNITE vehicle components as well as an updated model for the centrifugal clutch add to the IGNITE ability to model motorcycle applications. Calculate mesh misalignment by using FE Integration to transform results from standard calculations into slope and skew. In response to increasing demand for low-carbon technologies and to meet the challenges of vehicle hybridization and electrification, mechanical loading maps as used by the MOTOR object can now be imported from Ansys MaxwellandJMAG-Designer. Multi-dimensional maps are also accessible as an independent editor that can be used by all applications within the Ricardo Software suite. Transmission errors that are calculated using the latest version of TCA could be converted to VALDYN to be used in the dynamic analysis of transmission. The new version IGNITE reduces the size of the files by 40%, thereby reducing the total time of simulation and also reducing space when performing large simulation studies.

We’ll also release important enhancements to R-Desk that will provide an enhanced user experience when it comes to the manipulation of canvas as well as the downloading of libraries. Additionally, it will include the latest post-processing software which animates simulation results and creates graphs, and plots when mathematical calculations are added directly to. The latest version of the software includes optimizations to the solver of PISDYN which is the engine design and analysis software, that now runs 10 times faster and allows users to complete more simulations in a shorter time.

With built-in templates for axles, vehicles, and differentials, the most recent release provides fast and precise analyses across a broad range of scenarios. WAVE simulation software is able to solve the 1D model of the Navier–Stokes equations that regulate the transfer of momentum, mass, and energy in gas flows that compress as well as sub-models for combustion and emission. Hardware for the Loop integration of control and plant models is an increasingly important aspect of the process of development. The system, as well as plant designs developed in IGNITE, are perfect to be used to aid in this HiL integration process. In this release, these models are able to be exported to theETAS Hardware environment.

Ricardo WAVE System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB of free space required.
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