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It is important to note that the app lets you select among a variety of types, including email, web, SQL, SMPP, Protocol, and scripting connectors. Based on the connector type you select you will need to define their specific parameters. Not to mention you can send SMS via the SQL connection, save messages received within a table in your database, and record all messages sent in databases tables. Its built-in HTTP server allows you to send SMS using your web browser and manage contacts group members, received messages, and contacts directly from your browser.Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Diafaan Sms Server

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The base edition is compatible with two GSM modems as well as Clickatell SMS accounts as well as one SQL database. This version is perfect for situations in which a backup gateway is required. The user interface is intuitive and in place to make users relaxed with the application.it can handle unlimited gateways and connections that can provide services that are beyond your imagination.

Diafaan Sms Server Feauters

Make use of Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook or another email platform to serve as an efficient SMS gateway. Send SMS messages using your email program and receive replies as well as other incoming SMS messages right in your inbox. Utilize a database like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, or another SQL database to make SMS calls as well as save received SMS messages into the database table. Send SMS messages, and browse received SMS messages in your browser.

Diafaan SMS Server features an integrated, simple-to-use web app to manage contacts, create groups and control SMS notifications. A comprehensive log of all messages sent and received as well as errors. Additionally, at the time the program lets you review the events along with reports, and thus discover immediately the number of messages that failed as well as delivered SMSes. There are also other mistakes that could be encountered in the process.

Diafaan Sms Server

Diafaan SMS Server is a text messaging software solution for Windows. Diafaan SMS Server – full edition has detailed lists of all the messages being queued, along with logs (e.g. the sending or receiving time and email address and message) along with events and reports that contain the total number of messages or received, rejected, and sent messages. Make use of your HTTP API SMTP, POP, SMPP, SQL, or the command line client to send and receive SMS messages through your application. Diafaan SMS Server makes it simple for you to receive and send SMS messages to and from an email server, web server, SQL database, or C#/Visual Basic .NET script.

Create HTTP connections to your account make normal messages. These and other features make it a complete mass message-sending application. Diafaan SMS Server – full edition is a sophisticated software application that is designed to assist you in sending SMS and receive them from as well as to a web browser or email client, web server, SQL database or C#/Visual Basic .NET script. It provides support for an unlimitable number of connectors and gateways in addition to messages being distributed among various GSM modems.

The license for the software can be described as Free Trial Software, the cost is $195. are able to free download and receive a no-cost trial. It is able to integrate a powerful and complete set of features into an easily organized GUI that doesn’t appear cluttered and overwhelming. Below, you will find the major features that you’ll be able to experience once you download Diafaan SMS Server.

How to Get Diafaan Sms Server for Free

Offering flawless performance and automatic failover in case it detects that a GSM and SMPP modem is not working. With regards to the speed of the application, it is capable of sending up to 200 messages per minute when using the 20 GSM modems, more than 600 messages per minute using the SMPP services, and up to fifty messages per hour using the Clickatell HTTP service.

The support is for one SMS gateway as well as one connector for $195to purchase, Free unlimited trial of 30 days. The lighter version of the Diafaan SMS Server supports one SQL database as well as only one GSM modem as well as a Clickatell account.

The download includes Diafaan SMS Server 4.2 free latest version offline installation to Windows 32 and 64 bit. Diafaan SMS Server 4.2 is a robust application that works with 3G, CDMA, and GSM modems that provide support to HTTP SMS services as well as SMPP accounts.

You can also select the type of message that you be sending and then configure the COM port to where you will connect the GSM modem connects. Overall, Diafaan SMS Server – full edition is an effective SMS platform for 3G/GSM/CDMA modes and SMPP accounts. It is useful when you’re working with multiple 3G/GSM modems. It is suitable for novices and pros alike due to its user-friendly design and set-up wizards.

An alternative is to utilize an online SMS provider that can support the SMPP protocol or using the Twilio, Nexmo, MessageBird, or Clickatell SMS service that allows you to send messages using the Internet connection. Diafaan SMS Server is an SMS gateway for Windows that allows you to send and receiving SMS texts. It is possible to send SMS messages as well as view received SMS messages within your browser. You can make use of Microsoft Exchange Server or another email platform to function as a reliable SMS gateway and save your precious development time by adding pages or SMS messages to your company’s IT system and much more.

The HTTP API allows you to make and receive messages via SMS using an application or browser and it also includes an application for multi-users that manages SMS messages using all modern-day browsers. You can set up an email client that is compatible with SMTP or POP and has great connectivity with Microsoft Exchange. You can also connect with the SQL database to send out messages by adding entries to the database. It is making it an ideal solution to large-scale SMS messaging.

Power users will enjoy using the C# or Visual Basic.NET scripting capabilities. Diafaan SMS Server retains a list that includes a Clickatell gateway, and web connectors. After the wizard has completed, you’ll be given the choice of choosing the connector type you’ll require. For each connector, the tool adds additional parameters that allow you to configure your built-in HTTP server to send messages that are received by external websites through the use of getting or POST controls.

It allows you to set up authentication parameters for your administrator’s account. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to set up and configure your gateway, even though you might not be familiar with this manner. In reality, setting up your gateway is as simple as selecting the type of gateway and following the instructions within the wizard.

Diafaan Sms Server System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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