Zynaptiq Morph Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Planning and planning are key to equipping your venue with a sound system. Pro Audio Solutions can help you outfit your space with high-quality professional audio equipment. We will help you choose the best power amplifiers, studio monitors, or live sound speakers for your space. We can not only advise but can also troubleshoot and upgrade your current live sound system if necessary. Zynaptiq MORPH 2, lets you create new audio from existing audio.

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Zynaptiq Morph

Sound designers may also want to experiment with combining two instruments playing the same part in order to create timbres that reflect both of their sources. The vocoder is similar to a voice recorder, but it uses high-resolution algorithms to create its mutations. This allows for a level of detail unlike any other. You can mix both inputs into the output, or switch to one. Many software works with both Mac and Windows computers. However, it is important to verify compatibility. The software cannot be returned after it has been registered. Please call us if you have any questions about compatibility. Once you have the price, there is no obligation to buy the product.

Zynaptiq Morph Feauters

Version 2 includes new algorithms in addition to the ones in the original version. It has a damping parameter in the reverb section and a revised signal flow in the mixer section. There is also a preset manager. This plug-in is ideal for sound designers for films and games who want to create unique sounds, as well as music producers or remix artists who need to make new content from existing recordings. Services include studio recording equipment, broadcast, custom computers, software, live sound systems, and technical support. You’ll never be bored of new sounds thanks to the Amplitude Sensitivity Complexity, Formant Shift, and Amplitude Sensitivity parameters. You can also adjust the character of your morphing with additional controls in either case. Amp Sense is the ability to modulate the carrier’s amplitude. Formants is a global changeer of formants.

Complexity decreases the resolution of morphing. This can help prevent hybrids from becoming noisy and scrambled if they have few in common.You can create seamless morphing transitions and unique hybrid sounds. Your imagination is the only limit to what Zynaptiq MORP 2 can do.MORPH 2 plug-in is real-time for structural audio morphing. This allows for one object to slowly change its shape to become another object. For example, one person’s face could “morph” into another. MORPH allows for seamless morphing transitions. It also creates hybrid sounds that combine elements of existing instruments, uniquely designed creature and robot voices, talkbox effects, surreal soundscapes, and other unheard sounds.

Zynaptiq Morph

This is possible with any of your favorite sounds. Zynaptiq Morph, the first-ever real-time audio morphing plugin-in, is now available. There are also low-latency versions (Classic and Interweave) of both the Interweave and Classic algorithms. These versions trade their counterparts’ higher frequency resolutions for higher time resolutions. This product is available at a discounted price to qualified students, faculty/staff, and academic institutions. You must provide proof of your current education status. Register to get exclusive deals, industry news, and product information.

Even a basic reverb is included. It sounds great and can be used to smooth out morphs. Pro Audio Solutions offers a wide range of recording equipment for commercial and home studios in handy bundles. We have a wide range of audio recording equipment, including a MAC or PC-based audio system. We are happy to assist you in making the right decision about your home studio recording equipment. Pro Audio Solutions is an authorized dealer of all major brands of professional audio equipment.

How to Get Zynaptiq Morph for Free

MORPH offers an abundance of creative possibilities for film-/game-sound design as well as music producers and remixers. It allows them to create new content from existing recordings in real-time and all in sync. MORPH 2 by Zynaptiq, a plug-in that allows for real-time structural audio morphing. This is the sound equivalent to an object gradually changing shape and becoming another object, such as one’s face changing into another.

Pro Audio Solutions is a group of sound and audio experts who have worked with many clients to provide superior service. Pro Audio Solutions is proud to be an Apple Authorized Reseller & Service Center. We also have extensive knowledge in all aspects of PC. Pro Audio Solutions can help you make your vision a reality. After you have provided Morph the audio, there are five options. The higher-resolution Zynaptiq version of Prosoniq Morph’s original algorithm is called ‘Classic’. It has the highest frequency resolution and the lowest time resolution. The plugin uses the characteristics of a modulator signal to create smooth transitions and hybrid sounds. Morph brings a new dimension to sound design to your arsenal of creative tools.

Simply remove the item from your shopping cart.The software generates a new world of sounds by using a variety of morphing algorithms and a clean formant shifting algorithm. Do you ever want to merge two sounds? Zynaptiq MORPH 2 is a plug-in for real-time audio morphing that allows you to take one sound and gradually change its form into something completely different. A hi-hat could be transformed into a vocal chant during an extended outro. You could also transform a zither into an electric guitar. MORPH 2 offers five great morphing algorithms, a super-clean formant switcher, and an ultra-lush sound reverb that is reminiscent of vintage hardware units. Zynaptiq’s MORP 2 opens up a new world of sonic wonderment.

MORPH employs the most recent PACE copy protection. This allows you to place your activation either on your machine or on an iLok 2 device. To use the demos and our software, you will need an iLok.com account. However, the iLok 2 dongles are not required if your computer has internet access. You can download the latest version of all required software along with our plugins. There is no VST3 version available for stereo sidechaining in Cubase/Nuendo. Although Morph’s operation is slightly different from one host to another, most DAWs can send mono signals to a bus in order to use their dual-mono mode.

Zynaptiq Morph System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM requried.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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