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All controls can be MIDI Learnable and have an adjustable min/max/reverse via right-click. 7 band equalizer, with 11 equalizer modes (Wide 1/2/3/3, Half 1/2/3, Low, Low/Mid Mid, Mid, Hi, Hi, and Mid). There are 4 Reverb modes available, including Small Room and Mid Hall, Big Hall, Big Hall, and Plate. A multi-mode 3-band EQ is inserted into the feedback loop. It has 6 EQ modes. More than 60 destinations are available, including Pan, LFO, Levels, and EG parameters. Functions and many FX parameters are also included.


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You can capo any or all strings. You can also do rapid pitch changes and dynamic pitch changes. There are many options available, so it is possible to find the perfect capo for your creative needs. Z3ta can be used as a wavetable synth, while Diva is a virtual analog synth that I believe recreates the circuits from an analog synthesizer. Z3TA+2 can be used for all electronic productions. You’ll find the right sounds for any genre, from pop to rap to energetic to atmospheric. You can deploy the X-Y pad via right-click and assign it as CONTROL in your modulation matrix.

When you turn the resonance up, Z3ta’s filters will reveal their digital character. There is definitely a market for this character, so I’m not complaining. It’s a shame it’s not available anymore, but you might still be able to find it if your search is diligent. Soundlab has no interest in it. Maybe in the future.

There are 12 types of modulation curves: Linear, Slow and Fast, with normal and reverse-polarity. Also, there are four-pitch curves. The 16-row modulation matrix, with Source, Range, Curve, Control, and Destination options.

You can use 14 dual-stage, continuously variable filter types to enhance electronic productions based on the requirements of current projects. It’s as easy as matching the capo design with the instrument you use and the functionality you seek for the capos.

Z3ta+ Features

Z3TA+2 is the ultimate waveshaping synthesizer. It’s designed to work with all electronic productions. You can load a preset, or bend, twist, and transform your sounds into the new sonic territory. All presets and tools are available in the demo version of Z3TA+ 2. The demo version has some limitations, including random silences and an initial heads-up display to indicate Z3TA+2 is in demo mode. Z3TA+’s legendary waveshaping sound (data) is back and even better. Z3TA+ 2, a powerful synth, features new filters, modulatable waveshapers, expressive control, and a stunning new interface.


Command Center will take care of everything for you, giving you full access to Z3TA+ 2. This process is quick and easy, saving you time and avoiding the need to re-download everything. These tutorials are great for understanding Z3ta’s unusual mod matrix. There are many options for musicians, and most of them are very good. You can check out Frank Genus (“FG”) and BigTone (“BT”) or whoever “BC”.

Each filter has its own individual cutoff, resonance, resonance booster, pan, level, and limiter controls. Each oscillator has a phase control and an Octave (-5 to +1 oct), Transpose (12 to +12 semi), Detune 50 to +50 cents, and Transpose (-12to +12 semi). 6 oscillators, 60 waveforms built-in, 10 user-loadable waveforms. PWM is possible in all oscillators with any type of waveform.

How to get Z3ta+ Free

The way everything is laid out is great, especially version 2.0. It is much easier to read and provides a better visual representation of what I am doing. Z3ta is intimidating at first but after some practice, you will “get” it quickly and then you can create new sounds with ease. It is very easy to use and can sound great in non-trance applications.

MULTI mode is for any oscillator. It turns any oscillator into 8 oscillators with adjustable tuning. Any oscillator can use Ring Modulation, Hard Sync, and PM or FM modes.

It’s easy to find and is studio-grade for professional use. It’s lightweight, simple to use, and has a beautiful interface and great sound. Since 2011, I have owned this synth and use it as my main synth in all of my productions. You can adjust the level and modes of your 2-band Modulation Equalizer.

Sometimes you may need a capo you can move quickly with one hand. You’ll need a quick-release capo such as the Kyser KGEB 6-String Electric Capo. This model is specifically designed for electric guitars and can be moved with one hand. Glider GL-1 Guitar Capo is another option. It has a unique roller design that allows for easy sliding up and down the fingerboard using a nudge from your thumb. I have also seen synths that use analog-sounding filters.

Z3ta+ System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
Updated: December 31, 2021 — 1:59 am

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