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Additionally, the expanded database could help users get rid of five times more stubborn software and 30 percent more residues, and it can be done in less than half the time it did prior. This will give users an easier and cleaner PC. There are a variety of things that Make Your Uninstaller! More efficient and better than the Add/Remove program feature. It is first up and running faster than Add/Remove. Then, it provides an accurate representation of the icons for your programs so you know that you’re only removing the correct software.

Your Uninstaller

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Upgrade from any version prior to the current version of Your Uninstaller and save 50 percent off the normal cost. Visit the Upgrade page for more information. This will help you get rid of the programs that aren’t needed. Each program is rigorously examined and is guaranteed to be secure and free of ads.

It is an application that you can completely uninstall any program you’ve installed on your version of Windows without leaving behind unnecessary leftovers. When you remove an application, there is a chance that unwanted registry entries and files remain, taking up space on your hard drive, causing damage to the performance of your system. This program can be very helpful to get rid of programs you don’t need, efficiently and safely. IObit Uninstaller 11 not only removes programs but also clears the remnants. When it has identified with the files, folders, and registries the program will display them on high of the list to remind you to clear on time. It will also remind you of updates for all software, making sure that your software is safe from attackers looking for vulnerabilities to attack your computer. One of the top uninstallers, IObitUninstaller effortlessly eliminates undesirable software, plug-ins, and Windows apps to ensure a clean and more secure PC.

The most recent versions of our software are accessible for download on this page. All of our products come with a free evaluation period for the initial installation only. To use these programs after the evaluation period is over, you will be required to purchase an appropriate license.

Your Uninstaller Features

Additionally, it manages the installed applications on your computer. You can block applications from accidental removal, alter the default icon, add comments or save registration keys, and keep track of newly installed applications. Are you fed up with the frequent spam notifications and annoying pop-ups that appear repeatedly? It is possible to remove these from one site, or from all of the browsers that you’ve allowed without realizing it. Make sure to tick our Notifications for Disturbing prior to scanning. It will show all pop-ups that are allowed to display on Windows Apps and websites. With just one click, all annoying pop-ups and notifications will be removed from Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and all the Windows Apps. You’ll enjoy a safer speedy, smooth, and fast surfing experience today.

Your Uninstaller

The Uninstaller is designed to work just like you do and makes it simpler than ever before to uninstall programs efficiently, quickly, and totally. With a sophisticated system-wide scanning technology, Your Uninstaller can easily get rid of any program on your PC – completely with no trace. Do you think that dragging objects into Your Recycle Bin is an easy move? Do you want to remove unwanted applications with the same amount of ease? This makes it easy to eliminate any unwanted software with the same ease as the files you’d like to erase.

It’s getting better with the new updates below. Do you find your Windows PC running slow after you’ve installed a plethora of software? Have you ever tried installing software that came using a bundle? IObit Uninstaller 11 solves these issues for you. It’s designed to eliminate all unwanted software and even bundles of software with just one click.

How to get Your Uninstaller Free

It is very simple to use due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. The main window, click on Your Uninstaller! will display the programs you’ve installed. It is only necessary to select one and then uninstall it. The program will first start the process of uninstalling the program. Once it’s done, it scans for errors in the Windows registry to delete those entries that aren’t needed.

In the end, it examines the system, looking for any folders or files that are related to the application that is still present. This way, you’ll know that nothing has been left in the system.

Additionally to this, you can utilize Your Uninstaller! Its useful search feature lets you look up the program that you’d like to eliminate. It also has the ability to detect broken registry keys, and will upon your consent, eliminate these keys. The Uninstaller is also extremely efficient in locating and removing spyware-related software. It is able to block or eliminate programs that slow your PC when they startup. Plug-ins and toolbars that are malicious could track and steal browsing information and slow your computer down. Iobit Uninstaller 11 allows you to remove browser plug-ins, toolbars, and browser extensions to ensure your privacy.

Contrary to other similar tools This tool is different from other similar programs. Uninstaller! Searches the entire system for similar trace files and files and then can remove these. Install iTop VPN to safeguard online privacy, block ads, and safeguard DNS with military-grade encryption. Get rid of ad-hoc browser plug-ins, apps, and other injected software quickly and thoroughly. Are you not eligible for Lifetime Upgrade? Existing customers can save big on upgrading to Uninstaller 7.

It is the most well-known uninstaller tool that manages the programs that are that you have installed on your PC. Now compatible with Windows 7 and featuring a simple, clean interface. It works the way you imagine which makes it much easier than ever before to remove programs efficiently, quickly, and effectively. Utilizing sophisticated system scanning algorithms Your Uninstaller can easily uninstall any program installed on your computer totally, with no trace left. The Uninstaller is the program that will control all the programs that are installed on your PC.

Your Uninstaller System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB of free space required.
Updated: October 6, 2021 — 3:58 pm

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