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XtraMath is an app that is created to aid children in learning maths. It could be a great supplement to the traditional methods of learning with its graphic display and a very interactive experience should hold the students’ attention for longer durations of time. These quizzes can be arranged in a way that teachers and parents can monitor the speed of each student. The report will show how well your child is able to comprehend their math concepts and the progress they’re making towards mastery. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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These programs are designed for those that have successfully completed their three-second level and are ready to tackle more challenging tasks. Teacher accounts divide students into classes on the last day, making it simpler to monitor the performance of several students throughout the school year simultaneously. Teachers receive weekly summaries reports on class activities. XtraMath is used in the classrooms of millions of pupils all over the world.

Xtramath Features

Teachers have a variety of reasons to use XtraMath as a supplement to their normal math instruction within the school classroom. Teachers and parents appreciate the aspect that XtraMath is not for profit and does not provide any advertisements to students. It calculates the proficiency score entirely on the results of the test and doesn’t affect the student’s performance in the practice exercise. If parents use the course that they are following, their accounts from the previous year will be incorporated into that class. If you’re practicing at home or at school the parents of the client as well as the student who is responsible for the student will be able to see the progress made by that student using XtraMath. It is important to consider the mastery score as the complete rate of the calculation. For instance, the scores of proficiency 75 signify students have completed around three-quarters of the estimation. As a response to your suggestion, we have added a feature to conceal the timer.

However, the evaluation of answers from students will remain dependent on the time of their responses. Since it loosens the time limitations and allows students to have greater response times, which can slow them down below the level of proficiency they might have reached or hinder their progression. The standard learning threshold of 3 seconds is sufficient to recall the answer into the brain however not enough time to be able to input the answer counter, which is then determined by students. “assessment-only” programs are designed to be “assessment exclusively” program consists of only tests that are graded, which allows teachers to spot gaps in progress. These programs permit students to move directly from one level to the next without having to wait for students to be familiar with the calculations.

The dual account includes an extra section titled “My Child” which differentiates your child from the school’s designated classes. Access to all activities of XtraMath requires a no-cost registration by the teacher. The manual encourages educators to input a code for their class on machines that do not exist. Instead of entering a class code, you could enter your teacher’s account on computers on which the kids will work.

Monthly payments are available, or fifty-eight percent off with the annual membership. You can cancel anytime.ReadingIQ is the ultimate digital library application for children aged 2-12 years old developed by national schooling experts to fully align … I was impressed with the possibility to adapt the program to students who require enrichment and for those with special learning needs. It began with addition and progressed to more complex operations based upon successful completion.

A great free resource for building proficiency in math inside and outside the classroom. The following list of Paid applications that you can download absolutely free for a brief period. The app is available only with an active account on Lexia(r) Core5(r) reading. If you don’t have a username or password Contact your college for additional data.Supported devices: %80 Samsung Galaxy Tab A * Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 * Samsung Galaxy T… Teachers can print out student performance reports via their interface. There are other apps that perform similar functions like Symbolab however, you’ll be required to pay a greater cost.

How to Get Xtramath for Free

When they were done with their drills after which a name for a new student would appear to begin the practice period. Every student was given a set amount of time in the math block to work on the set of facts every day for the duration of the week. When the week I was able to print reports for each student in order to examine their performance. The progress report detailed what the student was able to answer quickly, correctly, or wrongly.

It also let me be in control and modify elements of the program for each student to accommodate their specific needs. Although I enjoyed the benefits of this program, I didn’t appreciate the limited range of activities that it provided. It was a bit redundant and, after about a month, several of my students began to get bored. The addition of other games that the students can play to test their skills could make this site truly amazing.

I would also like to discover a more efficient method of getting students to sign on to their personal computer in order to use this site instead of just one class computer. This would enable my students to use XtraMath after they’ve finished their work, or use it to warm up without waiting for other students. XtraMath is a math-related fluency program designed to help students improve their math proficiency and memory to master fractions decimals, fractions, and other mathematical concepts at a higher level.

For instance, they often receive the wrong answer when they calculate This is why XtraMath APK comes to solve this issue. XtraMath application will automatically improve the learning process for your child.

Students were allowed time to practice the skills they didn’t get at home because of the lack of parental support or time. My class was always performing at a high level as well as the reports on progress helped me to pinpoint the areas where they were failing, which I communicated to our instructional team as well as parents. When we were discussing specific students with parents, they would refer to the XtraMath progress reports served as another source of data that I could present to meetings and use with them as a tool that I was using to help students learn.

Xtramath System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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