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More than 40 million users use the WS_FTP Professional Client to streamline file transfer tasks, reduce time, and boost communication. The Progress WS_FTP product line offers an efficient, well user-friendly FTP server, as well as the capability to provide every user with a secure FTP client that ensures the security and reliability of the process of sharing data. Based on your past browsing on our website or our ongoing partnership with you, we’ll keep you informed about our solutions, products, and services, as well as company news and other events. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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For an FTP connection, you’ll need an ordinary Web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) or an FTP application, also referred to in the context of an FTP Client. The majority of the time, a computer that has An FTP address is designed to receive the FTP connection. Similar to a system configured for hosting Web pages are known as an FTP server or a Web server, or website A computer that is dedicated to receiving the FTP connection is often referred to by the name of the FTP server or an FTP site. WS FTP Professional features OpenPGP which gives you the capability to add an extra layer of security. This is achieved by encrypting every document using key technology to ensure that only the person who intended to read it who has previously supplied their public key, is able to access the file. Once encrypted, the message appears to be a random string of characters.

Ws_ftp Features

Ipswitch is a Massachusetts-based software manufacturer founded in 1991, focusing on file sharing and networking. The WS_FTP suite includes an FTP server as well as an FTP client and is used by more than 40 million users across the globe. Manage user access and permissions while gaining real-time insight into the activities of the file transfer. File transfers are as easy as dragging-and-dropping files from one pane to the other or by highlighting a file and clicking one of the direction arrows located between the panes. Managed File Transfer for Dummies assists you in identifying the best techniques for securely and efficiently transfer of files to aid in the business process, as well as how to minimize risk for your business and make sure you are in compliance. Manage file transfer processes using an external authorization, such as LDAP query, and various administration tools that allow for personalization.

Analyst Report on InfoTech Managed Data Transfer Scorecard MOVEit was named an industry leader in the most recent Info-Tech report on MFT vendors, putting them first in both quality and features. MOVEit was named an industry leader in the new Info-Tech report about MFT vendors, putting them first in terms of quality and the breadth of features.

If you’re aware of that or not, it is likely to utilize FTP often. FTP is an internet-based standard protocol that is used, as its name suggests, to move data between computers. Set up one-time or regular transfers, incorporate transfers into your workflows, set up event-driven email notifications, and so on. Video 2-Minute Overview Video of the WS_FTP Server Securely share, save and transfer data between systems such as applications, groups, groups, and individuals. The module for Ad-Hoc Transfer lets users securely send files to multiple people through the Microsoft(r) Outlook(r) extension. The files contained in the directory are alphabetically listed within the scrollable box beneath. If you are using an FTP connection with a Web browser to connect to an FTP connection FTP uploads may be difficult or even impossible and downloads aren’t protected.

With failover, businesses can guarantee uninterrupted file transfer to increase uptime efficiency, reliability, and reliability. Many thousands of IT teams rely on WS_FTP Server for special features that are essential to ensure secure and reliable transfer of important information. An FTP Client is software that is created to transfer files back and forth between two computers via the Internet. It must install on your PC and is only accessible via a live connection with the Internet.

A gaming firm, Rocksteady Studios, uses the WS_FTP Client and Server to securely transfer their assets between their studios and external agencies. With the most secure end-to-end encryption that is available, and integrated integrity checks the WS_FTP Client-Server solution goes above and beyond any other option to safeguard the most sensitive information both during and after transfer.

How to Get ws_ftp for Free

Progress is the most renowned developer of applications and digital experience technology. SFTP is a secure method of transfer over SSH 2.0 that secures your data when you access and remote management of files on older systems. Operating system Microsoft WindowsAvailable inEnglishWebsiteWS_FTP SiteWinSock File Transfer Protocol, or WS_FTP is a secure file transfer software package produced by Ipswitch, Inc.

FTP clients offer security and stability when compared to conventional FTP transfers. The secure server WS_FTP encrypts files with SSL/FTPS, SSH, or SCP2 as well as HTTPS transfer. It’s self-contained and eliminates the requirement of an outside database. Additional features built-in to WS_FTP are integration with email clients as well as alerts and notifications server failover, as well as transfer scheduling. With our solutions, you’ll automate crucial tasks and connect transfer tasks with workflows and software. Manage and remotely administer your server using anywhere with an Internet connection.

Additionally, the capability to move files between computers is what makes FTP an essential tool for anyone who is developing a website professional or amateur. FTP is the easiest and safest method to transfer files across the Internet.

Give permission to users or groups to upload, download deletion, renaming, or deleting files as well as creating directories. Allow file transfers via FTP, SSH / SFTP, and SSL and FTPS.

In a traditional cabinet, the person who handles the filing is able to label and organize files however they see the best way to organize them. They can also choose which files should be locked and which ones remain open for public access. Copyright (c) 2022 Progress Software Corporation and/or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

We are aware that you have already signed up to receive marketing material from us. If you want to change this at any time, you can change your mind through this link. Our FTP client is a top-of-the-line secure solution with the highest level of encryption. It is easy to set up and modify and helps reduce administrative burden. Free trial of MOVEit Managed File Transfer Secure sharing of data with other users Automate workflows and ensure that you are in compliance with the law. Resume a download that could not finish successfully this is a useful feature for those with dial-up connections, who often lose access to their Internet connection.

Ws_ftp System Requirements

  • An Intel PentiumĀ® 4, 1 GHz or higher (or an equivalent processor)
  • 512 MB RAM minimum.
  • 250 MB of drive space.
  • NTFS formatted drive.
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