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The program was designed to quickly transfer and analyze all file sizes and types at a high speed. Fusion 360 unifies design, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing on a single platform. Additionally, it includes EAGLE Premium HSMWorks Team Participant and access to consumptive services including generative design. ,… The Open CascadeCAD assistant, online 3D CAD viewer, and converter that has an intuitive user interface. The application was initially designed to show off Open CASCADE Technology. Open CASCADE Technology on mobile platforms.

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The user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to get access to the most important functions directly on their home screen. This makes it easy for them to begin using the application. WORKXPLORE lets users build virtual unified prototypes as well as 3D models by importing files from CAD programs of different types. Before committing time and resources to the process of creating a prototype user can focus on improving the model, making adjustments and alterations. WorkXplore is known for its incredible combination of full capabilities, global capability, and incredible speed.

Hostway also offers an engine for booking, a WordPress website, and sales and marketing tools for managing your important direct bookings. Users of all levels can create virtual unified prototypes or 3D models that are imported from a range of file formats, such as Catia, NX, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, STEP, IGES, and numerous others. WorkXplore – the most efficient and fast analyzer and viewer for CAD on the market. It is the most powerful CAD file viewer, with the fastest import speed, and is complete with tools for analysis of geometry. Professional-grade 3D CAD software specifically designed for engineering and design of products. Inventor(r) 3D CAD software, gives professional-grade 3D documentation and mechanical design, in addition to tools for product simulation. You can efficiently work with an effective combination of direct, parametric as well as… The typical File ViewerWebsite is a patented computer-aided design viewer created by Sescoi for analyzing, reading as well as exchanging 3D as well as 2D CAD files, without the need for the original CAD program.

When the export option has been activated during export then it will automatically be disabled on the next export too.

WorkXplore is extremely quick in opening and processing huge 3D files. It is possible to turn off the active view turned off by pressing an icon in the 3D view. Also, if a scene has been exported using a segmented plane, it will be visible and in isolation from an active dynamic section within the Client Viewer. Once scenes have been exported in WorkXplore, there will be a new tab within the Client Viewer showing all the scenes that were exported using WorkXplore. The scene is activated by double-clicking on it, and the scene that is active is displayed with a bold type. “In fact, new parameters have been added to the choices available for the interfaces,” Says WorkXplore’s Product Owner Luca Clerici.

WorkXplore Features

Parameters for values of both stitching that is automatic and manual are now handled separately in WorkXplore 2019 R1. Reader translators that are additional to the program comprise Solid Edge 2D Importer and the IGES Reader Translator. The capability to read drawings has been included in Solid Edge. Solid Edge interface. Additionally, the IGES translator lets users choose between the internal integrated import library as well as an alternative called Datakit Advanced Import, giving an option to select the one most suitable to the specific requirements.


Drawings in 2D are not necessary since it is now possible to incorporate dimensions designs, notes on design tables, measurements, and any other data that must be included in this 3D file. WorkXplore additionally allows users to share files on 3D pieces as well as on sets with clients, subcontractors, and colleagues by using a small, independent program that is easily transmitted over the internet. The recipient is able to immediately view the 3D model that was received and then interact with it. It is also possible to include an active dynamic area in Catia V5’s GD&T-captured images The latest enhancements of WorkXplore 2019 R1 lets users extract that information at the import process and incorporate it into the scene options. A toolbar with printing options is now accessible on the right-hand side of the screen. It makes it simpler to choose the printer of choice and determine its properties, then select the size of the paper, and add footers and headers.

PartXplore also allowed users to transfer 3D assemblies and parts to other users via a separate application that could be sent as executable files. The recipient is then able to display and modify the 3D model that was received.

How to get WorkXplore Free

The most well-known product we offer is our 3DViewStation Desktop Version. It is a Desktop viewer that runs on your personal computer and lets you quickly browse through over 60 data formats within the fields of 3DCAD, 2DCAD, Office, and Office. A variety of functions are also accessible aside from accessing information…

Fusion 360 brings together design engineering, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing on one platform. Get integrated CAD, CAM, CAE & PCB on a single development platform. The premium version of EAGLE, HSMWorks as well as Team Participant are also part of. WorkXplore is a program that can open native files from Edgecam, VISI, and WorkNC it was designed to load and analyze every type of file and size with high speed. It usually is under half of the amount it takes to open a file as compared to the original CAD program. Stitching as well as the feature for Client Viewer is just two of many enhancements added to the most recent version of WorkXplore Vero Software’s incredibly highly efficient, full-featured, high-speed analyzer and CAD file viewer.

Specific simulation imports, a number of reader translators, and measurements of the viewer for clients all are included in a variety of improvements in the most recent version of WORKXPLORE which is the analyzer and CAD viewer of Hexagon’s Production Software portfolio. The application comes with an array of tools that can streamline and improve the analysis of 3D models. They vary from the analysis between 3D models to relatively basic or more complex images and perspectives that are separated into. FreeCAD is an open-source parametric 3D modeling tool designed to create real-world objects in any dimension. Parametric modeling lets you easily alter your design by retracing the model’s history and altering the parameters. FreeCAD allows you to draw geometrically constrained 2D shapes as well as… PartXplore enables users to take measurements of 3D parts and includes analysis tools that allow users to identify areas cut by cutting such as surface thickness and volumes, surface and weight, as well as to create dynamic cross-sectional visualization. The flat drawings of the past are no more required because it is possible to include geometric and dimensional measurements, annotations, and names in 3D models.

And, he adds, another key new feature allows measurements taken within WORKXPLORE that can then be uploaded to Client Viewer. WORKXPLORE can export open or closed solids and mesh models, and import meshes. In addition, the most recent version keeps up with WorkXplore’s long-standing tradition of providing translators with the latest support as well as a broad range of writers and readers, which includes Catia, Inventor, Parasolid, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, STEP, DXF, and IGES. Alongside an incline, WorkXplore 2019 R1 gives the option of setting a consistent background color once that Client Viewer has been created. “In the same manner it’s today possible to record the currently selected view to export,” Clerici says. In 2010, PartXplore was chosen for selection by All Nippon Airways to distribute and exchange CAD design information to help maintain the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Japan. PartXplore was accessible in ten languages, and there are others under development.

WorkXplore System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 450 MB of free space required.
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