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Translators can connect to your TMs and glossaries with any of our client applications–Wordfast Anywhere, Wordfast Classic, or Wordfast Pro–to vastly improve consistency and efficiency. This covers Eastern European, Cyrillic, Asian Right-to-Left, as well as numerous other languages. Wordfast Pro allows users to access an unlimited amount of TMs and glossaries simultaneously. Wordfast Pro 3 is a multiplatform, standalone TM tool that is designed to alter the way that everyone is involved in the process of translation including project managers and freelance translators. Wordfast Classic offers access to the dictionary installed on the system, as well as auto-suggestion of synonyms for projects in transcreation.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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Wordfast Pro gives users the choice of a tags markup editor, or WYSIWIG editor, based on their personal preference. Wordfast Classic integrates with Microsoft Word to provide an efficient tool for memory and translation that is easy to master and simple to use. Discover the reasons that hundreds of translators who freelance around the world depend on Wordfast Classic as their TM tool of choice. WFA gives each user a private, password-protected work area using our central server.

Wordfast Feauters

Users can also decide on the sequence in the order in which TMs, as well as glossaries, can be utilized. Wordfast Pro allows you to combine multiple files together into a single file to increase the consistency of segments that are repeated and make it easier to manage files. Wordfast Server is a secure TM and glossary server that you host to facilitate real-time collaboration among the world’s distributed translators.

WFA lets translators uninstall their desktop programs and lets them be working on translation projects wherever they are using an internet browser. By keeping TMs documents, glossaries, and other documents in a safe workspace on a central server, translators have access to their files regardless of whether they are away from their homes or office. Wordfast Anywhere allows translators to edit translation projects via an internet browser.

Wordfast Anywhere is a FREE online tool for the memory of translation that lets translators complete projects anywhere they’re connected to a Web browser. The data is saved in a private secure workspace that is password-protected on Wordfast’s central server. It is accessible from nearly every device that is web-connected, including laptops, desktops, and desktops as well as PDAs smartphones, tablets, and even smartphones. Since WFA is a browser-based application it can be deployed instantly, without the need for installing any additional software.

Select a part in the preview that you want to alter and you’ll be taken straight to that segment in TXLF, a bilingual TXLF file to make editing faster.Wordfast Pro Wordfast Pro is a standalone, platform-independent, translation memory tool that is designed for individuals translators, as well as LSPs and corporate clients. WFP can work with virtually every format of files, including MS Office files, HTML and XML files, InDesign as well as FrameMaker. Wordfast Server is enterprise software for translation that permits LSPs as well as corporations to save the TMs of their customers on a central server and then transfer them to translators anyplace all over the globe.

Pricing is based on the number of concurrently connected users. Pricing starts at around EUR111 monthly. Wordfast Server offers the fastest results for searching in the market and can accommodate thousands of simultaneous users as well as millions of TM assets. Wordfast Pro 3’s Transcheck feature checks the accuracy of elements in your translation and warns about the possibility of mistakes in spelling punctuation, grammar numbers, terminology, and placeables as you type.

How to Get Wordfast for Free

Wordfast Pro’s Transcheck feature checks for errors in your translation and warns you about possible mistakes in spelling grammar, punctuation, and spelling the consistency of terminology and placeables when you write. Wordfast Pro lets you filter segments according to words, regular expressions, notes, match scores, and many other characteristics. After you have translated your document, you can proofread a document that is only for you with the layout and formatting in Wordfast Pro.

This covers Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, along with tablets like the iPad and top smartphones running operating systems such as iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. Wordfast Server’s powerful permission-based management system permits administrators and managers of projects to easily assign, change the rights or even remove them from participants to projects. It is faster and more efficient by using a variety of powerful time-saving tools like the extraction of frequent segments as well as speedy batch processing.

Wordfast Pro 3 is the sole major commercial TM tool available that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Simply visit the website and launch the most current version of WFA and begin to translate quickly. Perform faster and faster by using a variety of powerful features to save time, like sophisticated segment filters, lock segments as well as high-speed batch processes. Wordfast Pro is the only major commercial TM software available that is natively compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Wordfast Pro can be described as our most recent multi-platform, standalone TM tool specifically designed to meet the needs of translators service providers for language and multinational corporations. Since WFA can be accessed via any browser on the internet, it can be used on any device that is web-connected, regardless of the operating system.

By saving TMs documents, glossaries, and other documents in a safe and secure space on our central server, translators are able to access their files from anywhere. Wordfast Classic is an MS Word-based translator memory program specifically designed for translators who work exclusively with MS Word documents.

Translators can work within Wordfast Classic, which is the MS Word interface without the necessity of running an extension or application. Wordfast Pro allows you to set up a multilingual translation program in the event that you require to translate your project into different languages. The project can be delivered in an individual package as well as in separate packages based on the language pair. Wordfast Pro 3 integrates with various MT engines, allowing users to use machine translations even when there aren’t any translation memory matches.

All data (TMs, glossaries, files, personal information, etc.) you upload and save in the WFA workspace is kept strictly private and is not given to any third party. Wordfast Pro lets you create and export translation packs to ensure seamless, fast translation management.

Translators simply drag and drop the package to import the package, then translate the files and export the files to round-trip delivery. Wordfast Pro 3 enables users to access an unlimited amount of TMs and glossaries at the same time.

Wordfast System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 00MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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