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In mobile applications, the speed in the user’s interface becomes vitally crucial. This can be achieved with Delphi as well as FireMonkey by creating a background thread in our application, which will load the Bitmaps directly on the distant server.

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This is done by using the below code inside the thread that is executed following the call to DownloadStream. Let’s go through the most important steps for achieving Background loading for remote bitmaps. FirePower includes expressive grids editing controls and combos, list boxes with search and filtering capabilities as well as validation rules, record panels mobile extensions, enhanced sharing capabilities as well as activity dialogs, and more.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you can build without sacrificing performance and capabilities. Not only will your interface for users be easy to use and quick for every platform, but it’ll be simpler and more enjoyable to build. Visit our YouTube channel to find detailed tutorials. The videos will be in-depth and will guide you through selected areas of how to use the Woll2Woll items and parts. Click on the refresh button in the upper right corner if you want to download all the bitmaps without needing to reboot the program. This will let you restart the downloading, and you can attempt to scroll while the process is running. The following code is loaded with the visible TImageControls using their bitmaps, hides the TTLabel that was showing the message ‘Loading Text Then, it changes the dirty property in the property set to false then repaints the TVertScrollBox with the entirety of the images.

Download the TwwIntl translations which have been already identified for you. You must unzip the files and place them in the main form. Set the linked property in the form to false for the language you want to apply. In the search box, type in the Woll2Woll product that you installed (i.e. FirePower) and click it. Then, double-click the product to start the uninstaller program. Follow the instructions, then the program will then be removed. It is important to understand that TBitmap isn’t thread-safe this means that any program that updates the Bitmap of TImageControl must be run in the main thread.

Woll2Woll Features

Now to start a background thread, the demo uses the method StartThreadLoadVisiblePictures, which is called by the forms OnShow event. It starts a thread that is executing the procedure of LoadVisiblePictures. The procedure continues running continuously until the program ends as it’s responsible for determining what bitmaps must download and be assigned to the appropriate TImageControl.


The downloading process is carried out using the process called DownLoadStream which is invoked for every bitmap that is displayed upon the screen. The thread is not able to download all the bitmaps because this would be extremely CPU-intensive and unneeded when you have lots of images. When a bitmap is downloaded to a stream it loads the images into the TImageControl. In this case, the principal thread that is responsible for the user interface won’t become stuck after it downloads the distant bitmap.

Finally, we have a real WYSWYG Delphi IDE that supports high-res displays. FirePower includes Expandable Master/Detail grids as well as many improvements to the integration of images in the controls.

Users can make selections that are clickable to create a bitmap full-screen – This project lets you click any of the bitmaps, and it will grow the bitmap to a full-screen. This happens through the OnClick action for devices with no touch and OnTap using touch devices. We will first discuss the source of the information is coming from in this example.

How to get Woll2Woll Free

The local memory table has two fields. Picture refers to the room’s name. the room and is correlated with an image stored on the distant server. You are able to configure this up however you like.

1stClass adds stunning high-end components into the Delphi or C++ Builder applications to truly stand out. From its striking image-themed forms and image-shaped buttons to its highly polished and powerful bound and unbound reviews and outlook bar elements, you’ll be able to see 1stClass high-end excellence and care for detail. 1stClass also makes the perfect complement to InfoPower since you can integrate 1stClass strong combo features, like its tree combos and images, right into the InfoPower grid.

FirePower X2 also allows you to develop apps for Apple’s M1 chip, so you can take full advantage of the M1 chip’s performance using native apps, and do not have to depend on Rosetta to transform the data of your Mac Intel applications. The X2 adds amazing high-end elements to your Delphi or C++ Builder applications to help them shine. InfoPower VCL is compatible with the Windows 10 VCL styles which are part of RAD Studio to deliver modern Windows 10 applications with just one click. For more information on the product, check out InfoPower’s website. Make sure you read the PDF Overview. FirePower X2 brings integration with new features in the RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria, and the preview of our upcoming feature element the TwwDataGrouper.

If you are able to run your application in iOS and have a thread, it will be more efficient as you are able to more easily simulate the slower internet connection by turning off wifi and making it use your cell phone connection. If you examine the performance without threads against the performance when you employ threads, you’ll be able to observe the significant difference in the responsiveness of your app. The application lets you switch between threads or none by clicking the button on the upper right. FirePower also comes with a demonstration of remote image downloading. It further demonstrates how you can utilize transitions to switch between pages. It also utilizes the firepower TwwLayoutGrid to allow you to customize the layout of your repeating items, and then scroll either vertically or horizontally or both. Begin making use of InfoPower 4k Alexandria now with its latest High DPI IDE that is available in Delphi 11 making programming fun and form creation smooth and consistent throughout running time.

Woll2Woll System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
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