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The “PDF Delete” and “Redact” options Users can remove PDF pages as well as redact the private text from the PDF document. The PDF editor lets users edit and delete text in PDF. The width of the PDF editor can be adjusted according to the kind of content that is to be removed.


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This is a method to shield the documents from theft of intellectual property. The software permits watermarks to be personalized and added to the pages you want to mark. The PDF editing software lets you rotate pages to different degrees. The addition of images or text needs to be done from different angles.

To ensure the security of PDF documents, watermarking your PDF files is the best option as it doesn’t hinder others from reading them. Add a watermark image and then click Copy onto All Page, it will end the watermark instantly. Clicking the “Page Delete” button on the toolbar. This will open an extremely tiny pdf Page Delete window, which allows you to easily remove PDF pages in a PDF file. It will then begin the download from the official website of the creator. Windows PDF Editor can be described as a no-cost trial program that is included in the Office Suites & Tools list of software, as part of Business. The application is light on the resources of the system and can complete conversion tasks quickly.

In addition to highlighting an output location and the file format, it’s also possible to choose a page range by determining the first and the last page. For instance, the structure of text was not preserved in our testing after WinPDFEditor converted PDF files to DOC format. Edit, create, and sign documents at the office or on mobile devices. Edit, convert, join and read PDF documents, and even make, edit, and fill out forms. Convert PDF files to images, text, EPUB HTML, text, as well as SWF formats. You pay for what you get for, they say however, it doesn’t mean you must spend more than you’ll need. We suggest trying out different candidates and let your preferences and experiences decide.

WinPDFEditor Features

Users can alter the page’s orientation into 90, 180, and 270 degrees, making editing easier. The PDF editing application lets you remove unwanted pages. After editing, additional pages are not necessary for the final output. Win PDF Editor permits users to eliminate pages that are considered to be not significant. A Page Delete is accessible via the toolbar. It opens the page in the PDF Delete Window.


If you’re only looking to edit PDFs for now for a while, the cost-free but basic application could suffice. More powerful tools are definitely worth the price, however, and WinPDFEditor will not drain your bank account in the event that you decide to require more than the freeware offers.

The program allows you to draw shapes that are typically needed when writing annotations. With this feature, the conversion into other formats that allow you to edit and make annotations is no longer required. Watermarks are images or text that are used to create backgrounds for pages.

Additionally, any page or only the current one may be rotated. Win PDF Editor lets you save your edited content. Once everything is done according to what was intended by the author, the ability to save the content permanently is essential.

How to get WinPDFEditor Free

WinPDFEditor is a shareware program that is a step above the throngs of freeware and lies just below the do-it-all big-box (and huge-buck) “solutions” for editing and changing PDFs. WinPDFEditor Version 2 runs on Windows versions 2000 through 8. WinPDFEditor is available for free although the trial version adds a watermark on the output file and the file conversion capabilities are restricted. It allows you to manipulate PDF documents, including editing text and removing it adding images, changing pages, and drawing geometric forms.

If you add text to the PDF document, then you are able to alter the size, font color and then relocate it to wherever you’d like on the page. After you’ve added an image to the PDF, you can alter the size of the image as well as move it. If you notice that certain images or words require removal you can make use of the eraser tool to erase them. More effective than the other PDF Reader applications, Win PDF Editor will permanently save any changes to the content of PDF that are edited in PDF.

The user has the choice to open the same file and save the modifications made, or use a completely different name for the file and keep the original file. Win PDF Editor allows you to save the edited content permanently in an original PDF file as well as save the content into an entirely brand new file in PDF. Undo functions are also available to fix any errors. However, a better function for the same function is represented by the list of objects. In essence, WinPDFEditor records all changes and allows users to remove any particular actions.

Win PDF Editor is apprehensive about modern methods of reviewing using the highlight tool. This means that lectures and other educational materials are more readable without the need to print them.

WinPDFEditor System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 256MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB of free space required.
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