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To make the USB where the window has been installed be the primary. Place the USB HDD at the top by pressing enter and then using the upward arrow to place it to the top.
I’m here to help you with this as well. Click on the customize settings. It is recommended for you to select “keep personal files only,” then select the next. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Windows 8

You may have just constructed your very personal computer. Installing windows on laptops for the first time is quite a different process. Launch the USB bootable software choose Windows 8 as the ISO image file from Windows 8, and start the process. Windows 8 is the original version that came with the Windows 8 operating system, intended for PCs used by home users. The version that was released does not have any name for the edition and was just called Windows 8 or, as you prefer, the “core” version. If you own an active Windows 8 product key from an online purchase, giveaway, or any other source, but you need the official media, this article is ideal for you.

Windows 8 free download

Windows 8 Iso Features

Updates would take just 5-10 minutes. Windows 8 Free Download 32 Bit 64 bit ISO downloaded from the source. You can get the complete ISO Windows 8 DVD bootable with just one click and fast. I hope that you don’t have any issues installing Windows 8. I was awestruck by Windows 8 operating software. It’s smooth and features an edge-to-edge look that gives the impression of elegance and class.

The next section is on the process of setting up the Microsoft account. You can either create a brand new account or if you already have one you can enter those details in. Follow-up. This setting will guide you through the solution check in Windows. Make the changes necessary, then select Next. The recommendation is to keep the same settings and not alter anything. Just click on the installer and then walk.

How to get Windows 8 Iso Free

Then came the biggest upgrade, Windows 8.1. Make use of an existing Microsoft account on Windows 8, or create an account locally. Start the VM and, when it asks to choose a Host Drive, then select the download of the Windows 8 ISO file in step 1. Start your VMware Player, and start making a virtual machine. When you’re finished you can plug the bootable USB into a computer where you’d like to download Windows 8. Install the USB bootable creation program on your Windows PC.

Their main complaint is, which can you find the button to start? Microsoft acknowledged their concerns and released Windows 8.1 in the hopes of making the version more popular with the general public. There is also the option to disable the start screen or get to the apps list instead. This is basically a full-screen start menu, which can be divided into various categories.
If you’re using Windows 8, it’s high time for you to make upgraded to 8.1. If you’re offered the option of getting Windows 10, it’s best to seize the opportunity since it’s definitely the better option.

You can select any color you want. The color you select here will be the theme your computer’s OS will follow after you have chosen the color. Give your PC a name cause your PC deserves a name. Name it however you like.
It’s not quite as great as Windows 7, but it’s certainly not the same in comparison to Windows 8. Windows 8.1 also improved its personalization capabilities on your start screen. There is now the option to design smaller or bigger screen tiles as your desire.
Perhaps you are bored with your current Windows operating system. The problem is you aren’t sure how to download and install Windows. I’m here to help and assist you in the procedure. You have just purchased your personal computer, however, there’s no operating system running on it.

The next step is to either remove all files that you used to have in the previous version of the Windows operating system or preserve your personal files. If you’re using the older version, you can download the program.

Windows 8 System Requirements


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