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This is due to the fact that this portable edition of WifiInfoView doesn’t require any installation. When it’s enabled irregular and regular rows are shown in different colors making it simpler to read a single line. You must right-click the ZIP file and then extract it to any location. The download links provided below are safe from malware and viruses and completely secure to download and use. The issue is that Windows does not have the right tools to collect the technical information.


Password 123

Now you can examine the different networks to discover the most suitable one for your laptop or phone. You can also decide to download this HTML report for later use.

Furthermore, you can alter the font on the page, and then download the detailed reports to your personal computer. When you’ve completed the WifiInfoView installation, you do not need to go through the installation procedure. Instead, you must open the executable that you’ve downloaded and then launch the application. When the application is started, it begins to scan for available networks before displaying these on the Dashboard.

Nirsoft was designed to fix this issue by launching the WiFiInfoView application. After you’ve completed the translation, launch WiFiInfoView and all strings that have been translated are loaded into the file containing your language. If you wish, you may include your name, and/or an URL to your web website.

The Connect Selected Access Point option allows you to connect to your desired access point directly from the WifiInfoView main screen. This is particularly useful in the case of several access points sharing the same name. WifiInfoView lets you select the access point you want to connect to.

If you include the information above, it will appear in the “About” tab. Open the language file using Notepad or the other editor for text. BlockedIt’s very likely that this program is infected with malware or unneeded software that is bundled. BewareThis program could be dangerous or could contain unwelcome software that is bundled. CleanIt’s highly likely that this program is safe. If you wish to use WifiInfoView without translation just rename the file to the language you want or transfer it to a different folder.

WifiInfoView Features

We do not support or support using this software when it is in breach of the laws. The software is supplied “AS IS” without any warranties, whether express or implied, including not limited to any implied warranty of quality and merchantability for a particular use. The creator is not accountable for any particular incidental, consequential, or indirect damages that result from the loss of data or for other reasons. A file titled WifiInfoView_lng.ini is created in the directory of the WifiInfoView utility. The utility has added “Select All as well as “Deselect All to the ‘Column Settings window.


This option is beneficial in the event that you own multiple wifi network devices. WifiInfoView is an efficient software application that will help you identify and present a wealth of information on all Wi-Fi connectivity available within your range. The principal goal of the application is to help you locate an improved signal, so you don’t need to go from slow internet.

WifiInfoView also comes with the ability to display a summary, which shows a list of all discovered wireless networks, organized with channel numbers. It also shows the brand that manufactured the router the type of PHY and maximum speed. When the application is launched, it performs a thorough scan and displays details such as the quality of signal frequency band, SSID or the name of the network, channel number the model of the router, BSS type, and the MAC address. With these data available you are able to make a couple of changes to your network’s connection to get a better and more efficient signal. After the scan is completed, WifiInfoView displays several details regarding each network, including BSS type, frequency, MAC address, signal quality, channel as well as the name of the router and the model as well as other information. The program continues to update often to ensure that the list of network names is updated with all new networks that have come into operation. Additionally, it lets you create HTML reports and is secure to use.

How to get WifiInfoView Free

The information is updated on a regular basis to ensure that you have up-to-date information. WifiInfoView analyzes wireless networks that are in your area and provides a wealth of details about the networks. If you choose an appropriate wireless network from the upper part of the tool the lower pane shows the Wi-Fi information that this device has received, in the format of hexadecimal. It’s a straightforward tool with all the basics that let you scan wireless networks with ease. On the upper screen, you’ll be able to look at all the wifi networks or connections you’ve been able to scan. In the lower section, you’ll be able to see the details on every network.

If you’re experiencing slow network speed, you’re not equipped with details on the technical aspects to help identify and fix the issue. WifiInfoView download is an excellent tool that gives you information about all networks that are available near you without any effort.

Introduced a “Channels Range column. This displays the exact range of channels the wireless network is using. There aren’t any changelogs yet to show the latest WifiInfoView version 2.70 from WifiInfoView. Sometimes, publishers can take a time to publish this information so we suggest checking after a few days to check the latest version. It is also possible to change the network’s address for MAC or create HTML reports.

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