Vovsoft Sticky Notes Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

If you’re not content with the sticky notepads, Vol Sticky Notes makes an excellent alternative. The greatest thing about Vov Sticky Notes is the flexibility to customize it. It is possible to create notes using photos or stick them with text. A license purchased will last forever and also includes any future updates. the latest features are available to already registered users. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Vovsoft Sticky Notes

It also allows users to set up alerts on their desktop to be alerted of upcoming events. I downloaded one of the Vol Sticky Notes and it’s an excellent program for jotting down notes to recall in the future. I suffer from ADHD so I often want to copy the URL or website address of a news story and share this on Facebook. The issue is that often cutting and pasting isn’t always successful. The solution is to open a sticky and enter the URL into it. Then I can copy it from this sticky to paste in the post on Facebook.

Vovsoft Sticky Notes Features

There is a myriad of options that are sweets for someone like me who likes having as many choices as I can. Another great feature to consider Vov Sticky Notes is that you can design reminders that will be displayed regularly. All you have to do is choose the frequency interval and then write the message.

When you install the program on your computer it will automatically go to the system tray and you can click its right-click icon to make a new note. It will open the possibility of resizing the window so that you can type in text or begin typing the essential tasks. Alongside the text, you are able to copy images and even screenshots from the clipboards. Additionally, it’s impossible to modify reminders after they’ve been made. It is also not possible to edit reminders once they have been created.

Sticky Notes enables you to create reminders that will display an alert on your desktop on certain dates. They can be hourly, one-time, monthly, or daily alerts.

Additionally, notes cannot be hidden once they have been made. This means that you have removed the stickers to delete these from the computer. Fantastic program, great to take notes or reminders quickly. It’s a good idea to have Windows automatically begin Vov Sticky Notes whenever you start your computer.

Many desktops are just the location that icons and shortcuts are stored but without any actual function. You can press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and paste the screen into a window for stickers.

But, you can’t select from a variety of notification types and can also disable the default alarm sound, or substitute it with one that is personalized. We’d wish to keep you informed via email regarding new product releases and upgrades, special deals, and prices. Click here, in case you wish to receive information via email.

How to Get Vovsoft Sticky Notes for Free

Purchase To obtain a license key and utilize all features of the software make a secure purchase through the financial institution we work with, MyCommerce. To start the transaction, click on the “Purchase” option above. The keys to your license will be given after registration. With this key, you are able to activate the software on the system you would like to utilize.

In the end, Vol Sticky Notes is not an outstanding application in that it’s missing many essential functions. It’s a great tool to make simple desktop stickers as well as set up reminders, but it has improvements in many aspects. The name displayed on the bar in which you can see your title is created by default, and it’s impossible to store notes at the top of other windows.

The main purpose of the application is to permit users to put colorful stickers on their desktops. You can design any number of stickers you want modify their size, and resize them, and even change the font for the text, but there’s no option to block the title bar as well as the New and Delete buttons.

I appreciate the capability to quickly create notes for myself without the need to go to an extensive program. I’m sure I will make use of this when just you need a couple of lines as the only thing needed. I make notes for my laptop and desktop regularly, and these seem to be perfect. After following these actions, Vol Sticky Notes should automatically start each time you log in to your computer.

Vovsoft Sticky Notes System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
Updated: December 7, 2021 — 11:55 pm

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