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Old games, brand new games, indie games as well as big-budget games VoiceBot is your solution. After 30 days, you can keep using the free version for the rest of your life.


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The program allows you to automate all kinds of actions, and also to tie the actions to vocal commands. From simple keystrokes to more complex macros, you can do any task by speaking the correct words. Advanced VoiceBot’s voice recognition enables players to be in control of the games they love. Connect voice commands to game actions, and execute simple or intricate actions with one word. Compatible with all of your favorite VR headsets, like those from the Oculus Rift. The program offers an array of profiles that have been pre-created for various games and lets you download them fast and easily without cost. You can also make your own profiles entirely from scratch.

VoiceBot is an awesome app to give a command using your voice. It allows you to make use of your voice to dictate keyboard shortcuts, click or move your mouse, as well as run scripts and macros. Control your favorite games using VoiceBot’s sophisticated voice recognition.

Connect voice commands to game actions and carry out simple or intricate actions using one word. Advanced Voice ControlTake control of your most played games with VoiceBot’s sophisticated voice recognition. Control your games by speaking with VoiceBot!

The program gives you access to pre-made profiles of numerous games. With hundreds of premade game profiles, it is ready to utilize. New games, old games Indie games, big-budget titles, it has all the bases covered.

VoiceBot Features

All trademarks registered, including brand names and corporate logos, are the sole property and rights of the owners. You can’t be sure that the application to function flawlessly as you have to learn how to pronounce it. There’s no use when you say kill 4,’ but it can’t understand “steal from”. VoiceBot does have some issues in this regard however, it’s all about the way you speak. With some practice, it could be exactly what you require to enhance your game. For instance, when playing Dota 2, you can connect Earthshaker’s Fissure with the word “stun”.


The use of VoiceBot to perform simple actions in games isn’t all you can accomplish. The program lets you create complex actions if you wish to. You can create as many actions as you require, in any order you wish, and link everything to a single command. This allows you to create complex spells or combat moves that require pressing multiple keys in a particular order, and at a specific time. For instance, you can make fatal moves during Mortal Kombat just by speaking into the microphone. Create custom global hotkeys and voice commands that play and pause VoiceBot at any time.

Giving instructions to games or applications is as simple to say the commands loud. Utilize your voice to activate keyboard shortcuts, press or move your mouse or even run complex scripts and macros. In some video games where the controls are distributed across the keyboard. In some games, it is necessary to create keyboard combinations due to the complexity of the game. If you do not want to keep a list of keybindings you should explore VoiceBot and the features it can provide.

How to get VoiceBot Free

With the help of your Binary Fortress account, you can sync all of your game profiles across your computers. Speak commands loudly to initiate actions for your games and apps. Make use of your voice to dictate keyboard shortcuts Click and drag your mouse as well as execute scripts, macros, and macros.

In all honesty, VoiceBot Pro is a helpful application that allows users to send voice commands to your computer. It allows users to control their content through the creation of profiles. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that packs an array of useful features along with a full menu for setting up. The free download of VoiceBot Pro 3 full version standalone offline installer for Windows allows you to control your games and applications with your voice. With the VoiceBot’s intelligent capability, anything starting with a mouse click to more complex tasks can be performed automatically at any moment using an easy voice command. With a microphone you make a macro, then, when you speak the words or phrases associated with it the app responds and initiates it. Global Macros provide always-on commands regardless of whether you load a profile. Commands such as ‘close the window”, ‘volume up’, ‘mute”, “lock desktop”, and numerous others.

Utilize use the included Global Macros or make your own to be fully in control. Commands include ‘close windows and volume up’, ‘mute”, “lock the desktop’ and other commands. Fully compatible with the most popular VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift.

The ability to communicate a command to the games and apps is as simple as saying the command in loud. You’ll be able to utilize your voice to execute keyboard shortcuts, operate your mouse, and even run complex scripts and macros. Create a custom game macro that can be linked with voice-controlled commands. Make use of our easy editor to build basic sequences or create your own intricate scripted macros by using an in-built C# code editor. Utilize VoiceBot’s advanced speech recognition technology and configure customized global hotkeys and voice commands that pause and begin VoiceBot from any location. VoiceBot can allow users to connect voice commands to actions in games to execute simple or more complex actions with just one word. It is compatible in conjunction with classic games, brand new games, independent games, and big-budget titles by using the hundreds of game profiles.

VoiceBot System Requirements

  • Microphone or headset
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor
Updated: October 16, 2021 — 1:30 am

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