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The Muscle Premium module focuses on the muscular system. It has a variety of animations, images, and overlays that depict muscles and points of attachment. Visible Body offers a series of online programs covering anatomy, physiology, and muscles. It also includes quizzes and animations that allow you to explore the circulatory system and skeleton. Seven video sets provide a comprehensive overview of common pathologies, as well as the anatomy and biomechanics associated with each.

Visible Body Muscle Premium

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Developers will need to submit privacy details for their next app update. “I wish this app was available when I was in PT school!” As a visual/tactile learner, textbooks were often lacking in comparison to the cadaver laboratory. This app would have definitely narrowed that gap.

This interactive tool provides a look at the human body with over 500 pre-selected views, powerful search capabilities, and multiple ways to locate the perfect visual. Users can also annotate, share and create a collection of their favorite views. Students should follow the same format as our AR muscle actions lesson plans. They can work in pairs or groups and one student will perform a muscle action while the animation in AR is being observed by the others. You can take your knowledge of the skeletal system up a notch by studying the landmarks of each bone with Muscles or Kinesiology.

The award-winning general reference to human anatomy is a 3D visualization tool that allows you to explore and interact with the various systems in the body. Muscle Premium is used by students, orthopedists, therapists, athletes, chiropractors, and other orthopedic specialists to help them better understand how the muscular and skeletal systems work together. You can tap the AR button on compatible phones or tablets to select a surface and bring muscle models and actions into any environment.

Users will be able to find what they need faster with robust search capabilities. They will also be able to identify structures, create custom views and hear pronunciations. * 3D views of dental anatomy include fossae, cusps, and surfaces. There are also cross-sectional views for an incisor and canine as well as views of a premolar and double root molar and triple root. Visible Body for iPhone(r), iPad(r) allows users to place a virtual organ or complete body on any flat surface.

They can then use their iPads as a view window to identify and dissect anatomy. Augmented Reality in Human Anatomy Atlas 2018, a transformative learning tool, allows users to see gross anatomy and microanatomy in the same way they would in a laboratory with specimens or cadavers. Ovid provides flexible subscription and buying options that allow you to tailor your services to suit your needs, whether you are supporting clinicians, students, researchers, or medical device R&D. Many apps are available on the iPad(r), iPhone(r), and Android(TM).

Visible Body Muscle Premium

Muscle Premium is used by hundreds of thousands of students, occupational therapists, and chiropractors. This allows them to understand how the body’s musculoskeletal system works. A NEW gross anatomy lab experience allows for the dissection of virtual human cadavers in a prone or supine position. * New microanatomy views include a cross-section of a long bone and an osteon.

Use the app settings to set the tags to “blank” for a quick knowledge check. Tapping a blank tag will highlight the structure and bring the info box up, making it easy to check your answers. It is extremely helpful to let structures go and then show them again. It is easy to see the muscle layers and track the route of nerves and blood vessels.

This can be very helpful for therapies like dry needling. This animation collection is an excellent complement to the atlas. It offers complex information in short multimedia clips (30-60 seconds), accompanied by voice-overs and text, allowing for better understanding and retention. An updated Systems Tray allows you to quickly customize a view.

This is in contrast to the bone paint, which appears when you click on a muscle to see its attachments. 3D immersive software that is award-winning brings life to anatomy and biology curriculums.

Each video presentation is delivered by highly qualified healthcare professionals. The new gross anatomy views include improved male and female skin models, improved hand anatomy, refined female Genitalia, increased hip circulation, and new views of the skull from the sagittal or coronal angles.

Zooming in and out is possible by moving your device closer or farther away from the model. To view the model in a different way, you can walk around or move it. The tags can be moved around and zoomed in or out. However, the text portion of any label can be moved by dragging it. The leader line will not move. To instantly highlight any tag and bring up its entry, tap the infobox.

This app is so useful for me to learn and study on the move. I’m currently in physical therapy school. This animation library contains nearly 70 high-quality videos that show and animated the basic physiological processes of the human body. Use the Dissection tool to remove structures and reveal the underlying anatomy.

This interactive 3D atlas lets you explore the muscles and organs of the human body. This specialty program allows you to take a look inside the heart and circulatory systems. It uses 3D models, interactive presentations, quick movies, and stunning images. This program is used by both healthcare professionals and students for reference and learning.

This atlas is perfect for students, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and anyone else who is interested in the detailed visualization of human anatomy. Human Anatomy Atlas can be downloaded in seven languages, including English, French German, Italian Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. You can save favorite notes, notecards, and tours to your own account. Visible Body software for human anatomy features stunning interactive displays that display different areas and structures of the human body.

3D Draw can also be used to create muscle animations, as I have shown in the video. Tap the “Draw” button at the bottom to adjust your drawing depth and brush settings. Add your artistic flair! Once you are done tap “Draw” once more to view your creation as it is being animated. Information boxes about muscle actions have been updated to include synergists information, which are the muscles that help the prime mover. The roles of each muscle are now clearer with the new Muscles and Kinesiology muscle actions.

Visible Body Muscle Premium System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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