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You have been temporarily blocked from accessing this website. You can access the site normally after you have completed this captcha request. “Most Viber’s owners are located abroad, including the Shabtais who hold a 55.2% share. Viber Media’s corporate name was changed to Rakuten Viber in July 2017. A new logo and wordmark were also introduced. The Syrian Electronic Army defaced Viber’s support system on July 24, 2013. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Viber had 800,000,000 registered users as of December 2016. Statista reports that there were 260 million active monthly users of Viber as of January 2019. Viber Messenger is extremely popular in Greece, Russia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and certain Asian markets. Viber was launched initially for iPhone on December 2, 2010, directly competing with Skype. After receiving an audit by Ernst & Young’s Advanced Security Centre, Viber received a 2 out 7 score from the EFF on November 14, 2014. Viber added stickers to its application in December 2012.

Viber Features

Some users may experience difficulties with the service in certain regions or with operators. This is because Viber and other apps compete with mobile carriers. It is available on all platforms including Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Viber has a web browser that allows you to stay connected to the computer. On April 2, 2013, all Windows Phone 8 devices were officially enabled for voice support. Viber 5.0, which introduced video calling, was released in September 2014. You can send a text message for free, or share a photo or a sticker, GIF, or video file. You can ask your network administrator to scan the network for infected or misconfigured devices if you’re at work or on a shared network.

Viber Messenger, Ukraine’s most popular IM, is now installed on 97% of Ukrainian smartphones. Viber was created in 2010 to address the issue of long-distance relationships. Talmon Marco, the co-founder of Viber, was living in New York City with his girlfriend in Hong Kong at the time. Living apart and communicating constantly led to high phone bills. Marco sought help from his friend Igor Magazinnik in order to solve this problem. You can spice up your conversations by adding useful Chat Extensions such as easy access to your favorite links, GIFs, videos, YouTube, Booking, and Spotify. You can create a secret chat to allow you to set a timer that will automatically delete all messages in your conversation after they are read.

You can start your own Viber Community, no matter what topic you are interested in! You can interact with unlimited people about any topic or passion. You have more control than ever before and can also use new conversation features in a chat room that allows you to make all the calls. Viber also offers group messaging. You can select and add contacts to your address book through the app.

Marco and Magazinnik were also co-founders of the P2P media site and file-sharing service iMesh. In order to reduce labor costs, the company was managed from Israel. Soon, Sani Maroli joined the company along with Ofer Socha.

Viber is a popular messenger app in Russia. In January 2016, Viber was more popular than WhatsApp, with 50 million users. Viber was especially popular in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Viber usage in Russia in April 2016 was double that of 2015 and reached 66 million users. A 2017 report shows that Russian IM users prefer Viber and WhatsApp to other services. Viber will use this method to pay for goods and services in Russia. Viber Media was established in Tel Aviv by Marco and Magazinnik in Israel in 2010. They are close friends of the Israel Defense Forces, where they were chief information officers.

How to Get Viber for Free

Viber is a free, easy, secure, and fast messaging and calling app. Viber is the preferred messenger for more than 1 billion people worldwide. You can text now and receive free, crystal-clear calls. Viber Out’s international calling service is available to all landlines and non-Viber users. Viber allows people with different devices to communicate on one platform. Viber can be used to communicate with people from other countries because it uses the internet to send and receive messages. This is a great tool if you travel abroad or make many international calls.

Viber for Linux was first released in August 2013 as a beta version and then the final version in August 2014. A UWP-based desktop app for Windows 10 was launched in the Windows Store in June 2016. Although the desktop version is tied to a registered Viber mobile number, it can be used independently. A version was created for the iPad tablet and Apple Watch smartwatch in 2015. The service is free to use and you don’t need to sign up or register.

It allows you to send free text messages and phone calls, provided you have internet access. It integrates with CRM software and provides chatbot APIs to support customer service. Viber Communities was launched in February 2018. This enhanced group chat feature is now available on Viber. Viber doesn’t use your GSM service or architecture to channel calls and messages. You will need an internet connection via Wi-Fi, or a data plan. Wi-Fi will limit your mobility, but calls are still free. Consider that each megabyte of data you use on the move will cost you.

Viber has offices in London, Manila, and Moscow as well as San Francisco, Singapore, Singapore, Tokyo, San Francisco, San Francisco, and San Francisco. Family Sharing will allow up to six family members to use the app. This app can be used by up to six members of your family if you have Family Sharing enabled. Viber is part the Rakuten Group. This group is a global leader in eCommerce and financial services. You can express your emotions with endless amounts of GIFs, and more than 35,000 stickers from Viber’s Sticker Market. Viber communities bring people together. Join a conversation about any topic that interests you.

Viber System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 512MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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