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After scanning is complete, select “Filter” to filter a particular file type to quickly locate the desired files. Use “Other Lost Files” or “Files Lost Original Name”, “Tags”, etc. on the left side, to find your files. Check your Full License details for downloading and installing the software. It is possible to check out other software like Aidfile Unformat software, UnForm Server, or informant, which may be linked to UNFORMAT. DVD Drive Repair is a useful program that allows you to recover the icon for the DVD Drive that is missing from your Windows operating system. In some cases, it could also assist in situations where certain programs don’t acknowledge the DVD Drive…

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Drive-Thru is a great application that was designed to assist in managing the hard drives as well as various storage gadgets. It can be beneficial if you own multiple drives, or just need greater control of them over Windows… It’s additionally an option for advanced views that gives you access to all the folders and files stored on the drive you choose to. It allows you to browse the contents of folders just like you do in Explorer and see the details of every item, like name size, size, modification date, and even attribute. If you’d prefer to reset or reverse the file system on your device to a prior format, you can perform formatting on your drive, after saving the data recovered to a safe storage location. Supports formatted recovery deletion file recovery partition recovery OS crash recovery and more. What should you do if you formatted your device incorrectly and how do you unformat the drive?

If you have mistakenly formatted your hard drive, immediately stop using the device before turning to a trusted unformat software for assistance. You can utilize the same method to recover the data stored on different storage devices. Utilizing the program is simple and involves a series of steps. The first step is that you’ll have to choose the required partition on the disk. Then, you will need to specify the mode of analysis after which you will need to wait for a few minutes, then select the files on the list that is generated by the program to be saved. UNFORMAT is a great aid for users and they won’t be concerned about the risk of accidentally deleting data. UNFORMAT allows you to recover deleted data from logical and physical drives, or disk images. It also displays details on its name, drive, size, and date on which the last time it was formatted.

The program is compatible using formatted HDD as well as USB flash drives as well as the NTFS and FAT32 as well as FAT file system. While recovering you will be able to view how much time remains and the speed of the processed data, and log data. The user can stop the scanning process, select between three options to recover, which include the recovery of partitions, unformatting volumes, and data copying mode. You can copy data to another destination, or let the utility display deleted data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro has earned a reputation for being among the top data recovery software applications available out there. It offers a variety of features that are advanced, including partition recovery, formatting drive restoration, and corruption-free file repair. Overall, UNFORMAT comes with an assortment of helpful tools for aiding you in restoring deleted and formatted partitions on your disk, and also information from individual files.


If you are those who are Mac user, you can look up Unformat Mac Hard Drive for assistance. Windows users are able to follow the steps below to unformat your drive and restore all of their files in a flash. DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery is the best solution to save the Outlook data. In the event that you’ve saved Outlook documents (.pst file) on local disks or drives previously, you can use it for whatever reason… Locate the biggest file on the hard disk by using the Hard Drive Optimizer and remove those you don’t require by using the simple method. With Hard Drive Optimizer you’ll be able to recover disk space within a matter of minutes!


In addition, you are able to make a directory and then copy all the data within it, or transfer the documents to the root of the target drive when the transfer of data to another place and create a brand new drive of a specific size. Manage the partitions of your hard drives and increase the performance of your drives. Cedric Grantham is among the top editors at EaseUS who is based in Chengdu, China. He writes mainly about tutorials for data recovery on PC and Mac and tips for partition management. He is always keeping up-to-date with new releases and enjoys a variety of electronic devices. In order to safeguard your important data from being damaged, It is a smart idea to make a backup of your files in the correct manner.

You can duplicate and insert files one at a time or utilize reliable file backup software to back up all of your data in one go. Select the partition of your hard drive that you’ve accidentally formatted, and then click “Scan”. Format, which typically refers to a high-level format is a procedure to prepare the selected partition on the drive that will be used by removing all information and setting up the fresh file system. It is possible to set a default scanner type as well as mode, which will create the image on disks that is able to format the volume, and then reverse the changes, or directly work using the physical drive. It’s not ideal partly due to the modern technology on disks making data recovery harder than it was using the more basic technology of the earlier.

How to get UNFORMAT Free

Find out more information about each drive, including the name size, size and modification date, as well as attributes and more. The software is compatible with all file systems that are supported natively by Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, or Linux-based operating systems. The latest version adds assistance for more than thirty more file signatures. Additionally, it comes with a simple script editor that allows advanced users to design customized file signatures for more obscure file types.

The program uses an interface that provides instructions step-by-step throughout the procedure of setting up. This method is useful, particularly for novice users. Rename folders and files with various options and a simple-to-use interface.

Unformat is recovery software that is designed to assist users format hard drive partitions and recover data from another type of digital storage media like flash drives and memory cards. Unformat 4.0 is a software tool for users who accidentally deleted or formatted the partition of a hard drive or any other type of Digital storage device. The latest version includes numerous scanning improvements and more than thirty brand new file signatures that allow you to search for recoverable files in less commonly used formats. If you’re looking to deformation partitions on hard drives or files on any other media the software offers the tools you require. UNFORMAT allows you to restore formatted memory cards, disks, and USB drives, and resolve almost all scenarios of loss of data. With UNFORMAT it’s possible to retrieve deleted files and restore damaged or deleted volumes and partitions swiftly and effortlessly.

Whatever your level of security is, you’ll eventually encounter a situation in which you’ve deleted a memory card or USB drive you shouldn’t own. Instead of shaking your hands to get your life back on track by taking advantage of today’s discounted software promo, UNFORMAT.

If you’ve altered the device’s file system when formatting it and you’d like to return to its original file format. It is possible to retry formatting and then reset the file system of your drive. If you’ve lost important data due to a computer’s formatting issue, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can assist you to recover them. Upgrades to the latest editions of this software will require a fee. The installation of a new version could overwrite the previous version and invalidate your license key. This is the reason we recommend you save your recovered information to a secure storage location in order to prevent the loss of data. Are you looking to keep your cloud sync folder’s data secure while away from your computer?

UNFORMAT System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 400┬áMB of free space required.
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