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This Grammar section is comprehensive and well-written. It also has cross-references. For students, the section that lists commonly used endings for masculine as well as feminine words is quite useful, for instance. I’m sure that while I was learning French this kind of information could have helped me quite a bit. In contrast to many dictionaries written on paper, however, Ultralingua doesn’t offer any verb tables, which I personally resent.

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Ultralingua Dictionary

My dictionaries are used every day in my online work, and for Portuguese-English I wouldn’t think of making use of another one. The search engines are intolerant of minor misspellings, capitalization as well as accents that are not included, and diacritics. A vast lexical database is available with irregular plurals and irregular verb forms phrases, examples of usage, American English and British English variations, as well as grammar references. IPA transcription is provided as well as a variety of language modules that are also available for text-to-speech. The user interface for the app is able to be permanently displayed over or in conjunction with other windows in the program, or it can be placed over windows that are open and customizable. Parallel to the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008 The language tools was made available to the iPhone.

Definitions, as they appear in the Ultralingua dictionary, are often quite brief and only provide one or two words into which the word is literally translated. There are, however, a variety of listings for words that are based on a specific word. A multilingual dictionary that allows reading and writing in seven different languages. I went back to the printed dictionary.

Test our latest feature and write a comprehensive review of Ultralingua Dictionaries. The laws governing the usage of the program vary from one country to the next.

Ultralingua Dictionary Features

The dictionary will provide valuable results immediately and the grammar sections give useful examples and explanations of frequently asked questions on aspects of grammar in both languages. If this review attracted your attention then take advantage of the no-cost (and completely-featured) trial to see the extent to which it can meet your requirements. It can detect misspellings, inconsistencies, words, conjugation of verbs in any language or related words, and much more.

Ultralingua Dictionary

I write my instructions on the spot for my non-English-speaking patients using Ultralingua’s dictionary. I would like to see that the complete translation component could be integrated without the need for an internet connection. This would permit users to use it in the field, on the go, and portable. This is the reason why Ultralingua is behind Windows’s rivals. I’d like to see all the verb conjugations would appear in a sidebar or a separate window whenever you select a verb. There’s also a reference section that contains the manual for the software, French Grammar, and English Grammar sections, as well as the table of correspondences (weights and measures, etc. ).

The comparisons between this program and printed dictionaries are not relevant in my experience, as I’ve am yet to discover a program that costs less than $50 that has close to the coverage of an excellent printed dictionary that sells for less than half the cost. In addition, I have five Ultralingua Dictionaries on one PDA.

How to get Ultralingua Dictionary Free

The same applies to the French and Italian applications in addition to… It’s that simple. Search-as-you-go shows words and narrows your search options while you enter. * Hundreds of user notes on problematic constructions. * Technical language, slang, and regional differences in usage and spelling.

The reason is that the authors of Ultralingua are unable to create dictionaries for every language, including Vietnamese and Vietnamese. There are no English-Vietnamese-English dictionaries or Vietnamese-English. While many individuals were involved in the creation of Ultralingua’s software and data its founders and principal-people who contributed to its creation are the Chair Professors from the Linguistics department at Carleton University and Computer Science departments. The elements of Ultralingua software were developed in conjunction together with Princeton University, and The Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary, created by Carnegie Mellon University. Other code libraries that are used comprise contributions from CTGradient, ShortcutRecorder, PTHotKey, Sparkle for application updates and the hotkey program is licensed software by TrufSoft.com. I’ve used a number of electronic dictionaries throughout the years, and I am able to say that none of them come as close to being user-friendly and uncluttered interface, a wide range of features, compatibility for Mac and Windows, and the cost. It’s also available on the iPod touch, which is an additional benefit when I’m traveling.

I made a mistake and I accidentally marked my French dictionary instead of the French-English dictionary, and am told in the midst of the night I’ve thrown away $19.95. I’m shocked to find it that difficult to disable the key that I purchased in error. This is an unprofessional business practice and, for me is close to theft when you consider the cost I paid for the dictionary initially. The developer will have to provide information regarding privacy when they publish their next update for their app. Additionally, the developer has contracts in place with McGraw-Hill and Hachette to publish and distribute CD-ROM and printed versions of its dictionary. The co-branded Dictionaries are available from Collins, Masson, and Simon & Schuster are for only use using Ultralingua software. Copyright (c) 2001 Paul Fatula, Reviewing in ATPM is open to everyone.

It has a useful feature that you type in an amount and then sees the result written to be written out as words. The most interesting feature of this is that it’s immediate and it updates when you type and can handle as high as an 18-digit number. Vote to enhance your experience with this app. Does this app have a similarity with Miya Translate? Is this app similar in any way to Lingvo European Dictionary?

This would be much more beneficial for users to create their own dictionary and could convert various formats and convert to Ultralingua’s format. For more information about this, look up Babylon on Windows There are numerous dictionary apps created by users that are available on babylon.com.

Ultralingua Dictionary System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 550 MB of free space required.
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