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If the student/faculty are not affiliated with an academic institution, the licensing agreement will no longer be valid. As part of the Dell purchase of Quest Software, several parts of Dell’s software group were sold. In November 2016, Elliott Management Corporation and Francisco Partners acquired Statistica. TIBCO Software Inc. announced that it had entered into an agreement with Statistica on May 15, 2017. Statistica 12 was launched in April 2013. It features a new GUI and performance improvements when dealing with large amounts of data. A new visual analytic workspace is also available. Statistica 12 also includes a database query tool, several analytics enhancements, as well as a new GUI. This datasheet contains screenshots and more information about Statistica Big Data Processing Architecture. It also shows supported Spark ML and H2O nodes. Data science workflows can be used as reusable templates. Once you click it, an installation file will automatically be downloaded to the location that has been pre-selected. After the download has been completed, open the file and follow the instructions on the screen to download the product.

Tibco Statistica 13

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You can quickly create statistical and machine learning models using hundreds of built-in algorithms. The tool will then choose the most appropriate one for your task. TIBCO may also contact you via email, phone, or social media about their products and services. Below, please indicate that you consent to the use of your personal information. Capability to draw and render hundreds of graphic representations, with dynamic linking between data and graphs

Data is the ability to use the Internet to perform web computing and integrate databases from different regions of the globe on different corporate servers. Statistica, an advanced analytics package, was originally developed by StatSoft and is currently maintained by TIBCO software Inc. Statistica provides data management, data analysis, statistics, data mining, and text analytics, as well as data visualization and statistical procedures.

Deploy Models

You will receive an email with the links to our most requested getting started materials after you register. With built-in smarts for data analysis, you can create features and remove outliers.

Tibco Statistica Trial Download For Windows

TIBCO Statistica (TM) – Ultimate Academic Bundle Bulk Orders – Please follow the guidelines above for bulk registration and indicate which product you are purchasing. A faculty member must be active at an academic institution. Students must be enrolled at an academic institution and actively involved. Export models in C++, PMML, and Visual Basic to simplify deployment and reduce recoding. OnTheHub offers TIBCO Statistica(TM) at a discounted price to students and faculty.

Tibco Statistica 13

The TIBCO Statistica (TM) Ultimate Academic Bundle includes data analysis, visualization, data mining, and data management. The TIBCO Statistica (TM) Basic Academic Bundle includes a variety of analytic tools and integrated graphics that are perfect for introductory statistics courses. It is a simple-to-use package. Statistica is easy to use if you are familiar with Excel. Statistica supports exploratory and analytic graphs, as well as standard 2- and 3-dimensional graphs. Brushing can be used to investigate outliers or exploratory data analysis.

Statistica, a suite of analytics products and solutions that was originally developed by StatSoft, was acquired by Dell in March 2014. Statistica includes a range of data analysis, visualization, and data mining techniques, as well as various predictive modeling, clustering, and classification techniques. Additional techniques are available through integration with the free, open-source R programming environment. Different packages of analytical techniques are available in six product lines. StatSoft developed STATISTICA Enterprise, an analytical and statistical software program. It offers data management, data analysis, and data visualization tools for the user.

This software is perfect for creating high-quality statistical charts that you can print. This software is preferred by large industrial companies all over the globe. It has many unique capabilities, including the ability to analyze multiple clients simultaneously and a networked version.

Statistica allows direct file import from Hadoop File System. Data aggregation workflows can also be converted into a reusable template using Statistica Enterprise to allow for repeatable analytic or data prep workflows. Statistica Server and Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server can retrieve data from Apache Hive (r) and Hive on-Spark (r). To seamlessly integrate open-source languages and libraries, embed Python and R into your data science pipeline. With TIBCO Data Science Workbench, a leading machine learning and data science platform, you can collaborate and mobilize machine learning within your company. You can create end-to-end data sciences pipelines, from data prep to model build, deployment, and monitoring.

The first DOS version was published in 1991, following the release of Complete Statistical System in 1986 and Macintosh Statistical System in 1988. TIBCO Statistica(TM), version 13, continues to provide comprehensive support for open-source tools and capabilities for handling large amounts of structured data, big data, in-memory, and in-database analysis.

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It was compatible with both 32-bit Windows 95/NT (3.1) and older Windows 3.1 versions. It included many new statistics and graphics, and output editor in word processor style, and a development environment that allowed the user to create new procedures (e.g. via the included StatisticaBasic language) and integrate them into the Statistica system. The software is easy to use. You can load a table with data, and then apply statistical functions using pull-down menus. The menus will prompt you to select the variables and type of analysis that you want. Each analysis can include the tabular or graphical output. They are stored in their own workbooks. Statistica was originally derived from a collection of software packages and addons that StatSoft initially created in the mid-1980s.

Tibco Statistica 13 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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