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Test Recorder – keep track of all actions and verifications that occur within the Web or WPF application. Incorporate any element into the Element Repository to use it either in coded or non-coded ways. Gartner Peer Insights reviews are the personal opinions of users, from their personal experiences. They are not representative of the opinions that are held by Gartner or its associates. With the integration of control translators, you are able to quickly test your Telerik-powered apps. QAs and developers can access validated validations that are publicly available that allow specific functions to be tested.

Telerik Test Studio

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Each element is able to be used both in coded and non-coded ways and throughout the whole project. If an element’s logic for finding is changed in your app you should update it one time, at one time, as well as all the steps and tests are fixed. Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition is specifically designed to give developers out-of-the-box features for easy and rapid test automation using or without programming, directly within Visual Studio. It also includes options that make testing apps created using Telerik UI as well as Kendo UI components even easier. Step Builder allows you to create your test logic and tests ahead of when your Live application is fully functional or you can add additional steps with the need for a recorder. Steps Coded – insert any logic complex into code with C# or Visual Basic. Edit recorded steps in the code Add helper classes for standalone use and load libraries from external sources.

Both tools work with identical file formats and repositories which means that QAs are able to check-in test results in the main project, and developers can then expand with code. Furthermore, colleagues can quickly see the tests their colleagues have recorded using their built-in Visual Storyboard tool. Test Studio features a convenient recorder that can output functional tests in the form of code which you can quickly modify or add to Visual Studio.

Test Studio also features support for the majority of new HTML5 tags, including audio, canvas video, canvas, and many more. Telerik Test Studio ships with an application that is a stand-alone program targeted towards QAs and also a Visual Studio plug-in designed specifically for developers.

Telerik Test Studio Features

Collect details and code snippets to aid you in the development, testing, and publish your application.

The release process can become stressful, especially due to the high demand for the continual release of reliable software. Therefore, the success of your team is dependent on their ability to consistently deliver top quality. Automation plays a crucial role in providing you with immediate feedback on every modification to your code and reducing the chance of introducing regressions and bugs with new software versions.

Telerik Test Studio

It is also possible to create detailed load and performance tests using Test Studio’s stand-alone application. Create web-based performance tests that provide an unparalleled understanding of the performance of your app. Make use of functional tests and Fiddler logs to build load tests, or record the results yourself. Test Studio lets you quickly evaluate ASP.NET AJAX and client-side functionality or bind test step steps to a data source. It also allows JavaScript function execution and validation straight through within your .NET code. Furthermore, it’s the first code-free Silverlight UI testing automation solution available. With Telerik’s automated test tool, users are also able to create test automation for open source applications that are built upon Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC framework.

It is possible to test HTML or XAML controls, and more sophisticated functions such as JavaScript callbacks, “Wait for AJAX” synchronization points as well as other. Test Studio is tightly integrated within Visual Studio, allowing users to build tests in C#, or VB.NET code.

How to get Telerik Test Studio Free

UIAutomation is dependent on application-level hooks that permit external programs that can call or get data from an application. UIAutomation is entirely dependent on the creator of the application providing access to these areas of the application. Otherwise, these parts aren’t able to be automated. Test Studio’s structure is based on having accessibility to its application regardless of whether it’s a XAML, MVC application, or an HTML page. You are able to access every component of the application and execute real-time actions on it. All elements of the tests you run are abstracted and stored into an “Elements Explorer”. If several tests using the same element, then the one that is used is referenced in the “Elements Explorer” instead of being duplicated within the test.

Native test types offer top-of-the-line test support within Visual Studio – both Professional and Team Editions. Test Automation is a great alternative to tedious, error-prone, and repetitive manual testing tasks without requiring any effort to keep the quality of software according to time.

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Telerik Test Studio System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
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